I want to have a travel blog to let my friends, colleagues and family keep up with my travel to Nicaragua.

Here are some photos from my home with my Nicaraguan family. They are a tough bunch and work very hard except in the afternoons when it is too hot to do anything.... read more
Eric wants to be a driver like his Grandpa
Gallina en cuadro
Gallina 2

I have had two busy weeks and have taught lots of yoga both at the Ruben Dario School to the primary children and to the two grandsons at my house. The kids at school love to get out into the patio to take a break from classes and they seem very receptive to "silla yoga" or chair yoga after 10 am when it is so hot outside. Here are some pics.... read more
el patio de yoga
En la aula
Niños estan haciendo arboles

Hi everyone, Here are some photos from the last two weekends. The first weekend was at the beach in Boquita. The second weekend I went with other students to the Mombacho Volcano! I am halfway into my stay and am thinking some of coming home, especially when the 4 hours of Spanish lessons daily drag on. It wouldn´t be so bad if I thought my Spanish was improving, but I can´t say that it is. I still feel like my Spanish is only in survival mode and can´t understand rapid conversations. Oh well, I´ll keep plugging on, knowing that I can be remediated at WTI in the fall. Dawn... read more
La Boquita
view over to the volcano
Cavern in the mountain

Hi everyone, I have made it to Nicaragua and have begun teaching yoga in the mornings and taking classes in the afternoons. After a few nights of not sleeping well, I finally was tired enough to sleep through the chickens, dogs and other sounds in the night. My spanish teachers are great and my only real homework is to put together scripts and lessons for the children so that I can teach them in Spanish. So far besides teaching them I have made a matching game with the names of the yoga poses. It´s been fun but it is hot and I am quite tired every day. However, the food has been great and my family is really nice. The bucket showers are quite good in the evening when it is still hot and I can ... read more
Eric in hammock
la mariposa
a not too full bus to school to teach yoga

Hi all! I am enjoying my entire day in Leon today. There are not many travelers here but several of us sat and had coffee this morning and then I made a pancake and ate it with bananas and cream cheese. One girl here had just been to Rancho Esperanza in Jiquilillo Beach where Rich and I were in June. She said that the owner had to shut down for months because work done on the road totally flooded his Rancho and huts. (Rich will remember Stephanie and Nate and the lost dog and the mangy dog.) After breakfast I spent a little time studying some Spanish. Boy, there is so much to remember and it is really hard to assimilate it all. That is one reason I am glad to have a few days off ... read more
Hostel Kitchen
Me in front of the mural

Hi everyone! I wanted to get to Leon at some point while I was in Nicaragua. I think it is my favorite city of all in Nicaragua and Ometepe Island is my favorite place. I am staying for two nights at the Tortuga Booluda in Leon. This is the hostel that Rich and I stayed in June when we were in our last days in Nicaragua. The place is quiet and nice and have a nice kitchen to use and provide batter for pancakes in the morning. I think that they have cold water showers, but that is an improvement from the bucket showers I was taking in the windy mountains. I have had tick bites and goose bumps that are almost as big! A much loved elderly woman died yesterday afternoon. She is of some ... read more
Keeping the calf away
Rosa and Ampara´s Mothers house

I finally found an internet place that had a computer that recognized my camera card. Hope you like. Dawn... read more
My Bedroom
Composting Toilet
House from front

Dec 8, 2010 Wednesday evening Hi everyone, I left this morning from Brooksville at 4:30 am and it was 22 degrees F, passed through Miami airport which is quite chilly and arrived in Managua a little after 1 pm Central Time. In Managua, Nicaragua it was a breezy 80F which is great since it is usually in the 90's. I caught a cab to the bus station and arrived there just in time to get an Expresso Bus to Esteli. One does not drink coffee products on such a bus, it is just a bus that doesn't stop at every corner to pick up people once it leaves the station. That was a little unfortunate for me since I look forward to getting cuijada cheese on a freshly homemade corn tortilla. Ladies who make this get ... read more

Today is our last full day in Nicaragua. Early in the morning I was able to attend a public health overview seminar on my computer by a group I am affiliated with. I was able to do this with the hotel computer since my little laptop didn´t support the software necessary to receive the information. There were some technical difficulties but I was able to see and hear most of the presentations. After that Rich and I had our pancake breakfast (batter, oil and mixed up pancake mix is provided by the hotel), you just have to cook them up yourself. Yesterday I showed a group of ladies at the hotel a technique I learned from a woman I lived with in Costa Rica where you add oatmeal and raw shredded carrots to the pancake to ... read more
Buying Books from Dorian

Hi! We are alive and well and enjoying all the sites of colonial Leon. Everyday we strike out for the churches, galleries, shops and markets all over Leon. Yesterday, while walking in the central park I ran into this girl I met from Israel named Noah who was staying at Finca Zopilote in Ometepe several weeks ago. I had also run into her again one day when I was in Granada only for a short time. So for the third time I run into her and Rich took our picture together. She is traveling around making and selling jewelry. Since I last saw her she had been to Costa Rica and El Salvador. We happened to meet her at 12 noon and there are sirens that go off in Leon at exactly 7 am, 12 noon ... read more
The Little Princess
Noah and Dawn

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