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North America » United States » Florida » Sebastian November 6th 2016

Last weekend we went up to the next small city about 30 minutes north of here called Sebastian. They always have something going on there in Riverside Park. Where Vero Beach will have an art show, they have a clam bake. Vero Beach has live theatre; they have the local school jazz band. Not that there's anything wrong with an art show (lol!). It's just fun to have the option of different things. The events there always attract lots of people, and lots of them are snowbirds like us. So, I keep an eye on the events planned here, as they often are fun things that we drive up here to be a part of. So the first thing we did once we got there was to find the food. There were several booths serving clams, ... read more
Sabastion Clambake-001
Sabastion Clambake-003
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North America » United States » Florida » Vero Beach October 31st 2016

Sorry for the week-long absence. Long travel days finally caught up with me, and I have spent the last week recovering. Ya, just laying around, you know me, lol! I can't seem to leave the pain behind, as much as I try. Anyway, back to normal for me again, so thought I would finish this post. We left Colleen and Greg in Myrtle Beach last Monday after a wonderful couple of days with them. Our plan was to travel down the east coast - it's pretty much a straight shot to Vero Beach. We stayed on highway 17 for a while, then angled over to through Charleston, SC to the 95 which was a little inland but with less tourist traffic. It should have been a nice 8-hour day, but it turned into 10 or 11 ... read more
Myrtle Beach to Vero Beach 2-004
Myrtle Beach to Vero Beach 2-005
Myrtle Beach to Vero Beach 2-001

Brookgreen Gardens is an interesting day trip just outside of Myrtle Beach. Set on land that originally housed four different plantations, it now is a rambling art and nature preserve. Closest to the Welcome Centre are curving pathways with life-sized or larger sculptures, some of Greek mythological creatures, some of common people or animals. The landscaping of the grounds compliments the statuary with seasonal bushes, trees, shrubbery and flowers grouped around and in the background of the sculptures. Fountains and reflecting pools are used to accentuate the artwork as well, and larger marshes and waterways come complete with the all-too-common signs to warm of poisonous snakes and insects, and of course, alligators. Down the road from the Sculpture Gardens is an interesting area called the Low Country Trail. We started our explorations with this area, since ... read more
BrookGreen Gardens-002
BrookGreen Gardens-003
BrookGreen Gardens-004

The trip here was long and boring. Mostly because we started out with cloudy skies from Regina to Winkler, MN, with lots of cold wind and very fine snow blowing across the highway. Had a wonderful visit with my son and his family there, and his two little ones. It's so great to see these grandchildren as we only see them a couple of times a year. Got lots of lovin' and a good night's rest there, then were off to cross the border and make our way southeast. Two long days of driving (10 and 12 hour days), but because of road construction and rain, we don't get as far each day as we had planned, so the final day we got up at 6 am to try to get to Myrtle Beach in time ... read more

This is the last day of our vacation, and we are back in Costa Rica for the afternoon. We heard about a Toucan Rescue centre and decided to go and have a look. This lady is originally from the US. She decided to go to Peru to study Scarlet Macaws, and after working there for a while, she was told that someone was needed in Costa Rica to help out injured and rescued birds. She packed up and moved to Costa Rica, bought some land, and took in a few birds that needed care. Things blossomed from there, and people brought her injured and rescued birds of all kinds. It seemed that nobody else wanted to take in toucans, so she took in some that had been rescued from a smuggling operation who were malnourished and ... read more
2012-03-09-16 16 05-W60-0433
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In the afternoon of our last day in Boquete we took a drive through the mountains around Boquete. There is some pretty scenery, and some interesting sights. I think the thing that strikes me the most is the difference between how the indigenous people live compared to the other middle class panamanians or the ex-pats. The indigenous people here live very simply - and their living conditions are often what we would think of as terrible. But we see them out every day like everyone else, putting their kids on the bus to school, or walking to work or to the market. Many of them have garden plots for themselves. They don't seem unhappy, for the most part you dont see them begging or publicly drunk. But their houses are something to see. Some live in ... read more
Interesting Rock Formation
Laundry Day
2012-03-08-10 42 55-T2i-8540

After several days of rain, the sun finally came out. The grounds of the hotel are beautiful, with flowers and fruit trees, sculptures and hammocks. The flowers and fruit attract many different birds, plus they put out cut fruit for the birds as well. One couple took a birding tour and saw the elusive and rare Quetzal, but not many other birds. We stayed around the property, and saw lots of birds. I don't know the names of them, so I will just post the pictures. Steve is doing well. His finger doesn't hurt and the cast fits well, so no problems there. We both are vacationed out, and are looking forward to coming home.... read more
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Today we planned to go river rafting. A driver picked us up and drove us first south to David, then north, almost to the Costa Rica border. We met up with some other people and all headed into an area that is all torn up with a hydro-electric dam project. I am not sure why they use this area as their put-in to the river, but they do. We got all fitted with helmets and water shoes and life jackets, then we stood around while we got the safety talk - things like how to paddle and what to do if you fall out of the boat. We wondered what we had gotten ourselves into. Then, we started to walk down to the river. The road was steep and rocky with water trickling down it, making ... read more
The Finger
After First Aid and in Good Spirits

Tuesday there is a little local craft market here that we decided to check out. It was somewhat disappointing, as it was mostly the same stuff we can get in our own craft market at home, except for a couple of stands where the Kuna Indians were selling their traditional embroidery work. It is quite colorful, represents Panama and not something we can get at home so I bought a couple of pieces to make pillows out of. It was still rainy here in Boquete, so we decided to take a drive to the Pacific side to a little beach resort another couple had told us about. This place is about 1 1/2 hours south of David, which is 1 hour south of Boquete. After we got clear of the nighmare road construction between Boquete and ... read more
Tree Tomatoes
Pretty scenery in Panama
Panamanian Man with Horse Cart

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Chiriquí » David March 4th 2012

Well, today is Steve's Birthday. We have to take the bus to David, pick up a rental car, then drive on to Boquete. It is going to be a long travel day again. First, we had to have Jose take us by boat to Isla Colon to Bocas Town. Steve wasn't feeling well, so he didn't eat any breakfast. Then we waited to another water taxi to take us to Almirante on the mainland. As soon as the water taxi pulled into Almirante, there were brown faces yelling in the boat at people the names of the various places one could go: "David!", "Changuinola!", "Bus Station!". I looked at one and said "bus station to David", and immediately, hands reached down into the boat and grabbed my suitcase. At the same time, the same thing was ... read more
Lady with chickens on the bus
The bus was as packed as it could be

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