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It poured rain all night, and we woke up to near freezing temperatures. It is grey and drizzling, but we dress in layers and venture out anyway. Elk were grazing right in front of the Mammoth Hot Springs hotel. Whee the bull was, rangers had the road blocked off so people couldn't get too close. Fall is their mating season, making them agressive and more likely to charge your car. We buy a hot drink to warm our hands, make a sandwich, and move on. Mammoth Hot Springs is one of the park's most active hydro-thermal areas. A huge underground magma chamber under the entire park provides the heat that fuels all of the hydro-thermal features. Water from rain and snow melt seeps deep into the earth and is heated by the magma (yes, I hear ... read more
Mammoth Hot Springs 1
Mammoth Hot Springs 2
Mammoth Hot Springs 3

North America » United States » Montana » Red Lodge September 3rd 2008

Woke up to rain. Decided to pick up some groceries. Things are cheaper here than at home. Beauty supplies like shampoo and face creams at Wal-Mart are half of what we pay at home. I stock up! We are passing through another little town in Montana called Joliet. Whoa! Stop! Go back! Charles Ringer Studio and Gallery has metal sculptures like I've never seen before. Gas pump hobos with their wine bottle, warming their hand at the burning barrel. How funny is that! Going through the Beartooth pass, we get as high as 12,000 feet. Lots of switchbacks up the mountain, and narrow roads. At the peak, we see the pointy peak off in the distance that the pass is named for. Once we get through the pass and check into our motel, we have enough ... read more
Gas Pump Hobos
Buffalo Herd

North America » United States » Montana » Billings August 31st 2008

Maybe it's not the destination that matters. Maybe it's the journey. Mapquest said that this would take 7 hours. But we found lots of things to see and side trips to take, so it took 12 hours. Driving through Fortuna, SD, we came across an abandoned military radar tracking station. Steve remembers going there in about 1963, while he was in the air force. It was part of the high line, which is/was the most northern radar tracking in the US. Wheat fields in Saskatchewan, changed into scrub and ranch land in South Dakota, which turned into corn fields in Montana as far as we could see. And hot! 95 degrees F! We saw a rock formation that looked like tables growing out the the side of the hill. And hay bales stacked up to look ... read more
Loaves of Hay

Armed with some information from the internet, maps and books from CAA, and reservations for accommodations based on reviews from Trip Advisor - with best and cheapest being the criteria, we are almost ready to go. Weather forcasts say expect daytime highs in the teens (celsius - translates to the 60's F), with night time lows close to freezing. Brrr! As if summers aren't short enough as it is! We are also prepared for some thundershowers - so we pack pretty much everything in the closet. They say planning is half the fun. (Who are THEY anyway?)... read more

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