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I have a week off of work, and the weather is supposed to be cool and rainy all week, so we decided to get in the car and go somewhere where it is sunny. It seems counterintuitive, but the forecast says it will be nice and sunny in the north. So, we have decided to head north. Waskesui Lake, in Prince Albert National Park is a favorite summer vacation spot for lots of Saskatchewan folks. Neither of us has ever been there, so that is our destination. As soon as we get out of town and start heading north, the land turns into rolling hills dotted with hay bales and farms, both old and new. Just off of highway #2 we find an old abandoned farm. You can see that it was once someone’s home. A ... read more
Abandoned Farm 2
Etter's Beach
Field of Flax

North America » Canada » Saskatchewan » Regina March 1st 2009

We are already having taco withdrawal, so we go shopping and buy a bunch of fresh veggies and peppers and make up some salsas. Next day we even go and buy masa flour and a tortilla press, along with a bottle of tequila. This cold is crazy! You can't even take in a deep breath without your lungs going into a spasm from the cold air. People down there asked us how we lived in such a cold place. I am starting to wonder myself....? ... read more

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Cancun March 1st 2009

We hopped an early bus bound for Cancun, stopping in Playa del Carmen to stroll the busy and touristy 5th avenue for the last time. It doesn't seem so horrible now, as we are accustomed to the vendors and hawkers and just ignore them. My Spanish is better now too, so I feel comfortable looking in stores and telling them I don't want what they have without feeling afraid or intimidated. They really are agressive though. The crowds aren't too bad in the morning. We are trying to savor every last moment we have here. In Cancun, the hotel has screwed up our reservation, so we don't stay where we had planned. They sent us to their sister resort - and we spend what is left of our last day here at a fancy expensive all-inclusive......the ... read more
Pool at Grand Parnassus
Our fancy hotel
Our balcony

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Riviera Maya February 23rd 2009

Akumal is a beach area between Tulum and Cancun where sea turtles nest from May to October, and where the coral reef is fairly close to shore. Usually the turtles are gone by now, but for some reason some of them are still around, feeding on the sea grass in the area. We rented life jackets from the dive shop so we could swim farther and longer, and were able to see and swim alongside some turtles. We spend a wonderful day in the ocean, being amazed at the diversity of life in the ocean, and on this reef, the second largest coral reef in the world (after Australia's). We walked around the town of Akumal, which has a lot of big, fancy hacienda properties. Apparently, there is more tourist money here than in Tulum. Clouds ... read more
Sea Urchin
Pretty fish
More fish

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Riviera Maya February 22nd 2009

Today we went to the Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve for a birdwatching tour in kayaks. There were just Steve and I in one kayak, and two other fellows in single kayaks, along with our guide, Miguel, in his own kayak. We paddled past mangroves out into the lagoon, which is the largest protected area in the Mexican Caribbean, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was windy, from the side, so we fought the wind both out and back. It was worth it though, as we saw many types of herons, pelicans, cormorants, and even roseate spoonbills. We sat in our kayaks and watched the sun set over the water, then went back to the centre for a delicious fresh fish dinner. All the people who work here are passionate about saving this place and its ... read more
Mangrove forest
View of Sian Kaan lagoon
View of Caribbean beach on Sian Kaan

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Tulum February 20th 2009

Tulum is much smaller than Playa del Carmen, with only one main street - about 10 blocks long or so - of restaurants and vendors. The vendors still try to get you to come into their shop, but they are not as agressive as the ones in Playa, which is quite a relief. We spent a lot of time walking around the rest of the town, which at first glance seems to be quite poor. However, because the standard of living here is different than we are accustomed to, I have learned not to judge what I see in the same way as at home. It seems like there are fewer middle class homes (at least, what we would think of as "middle class"). There is a real mix - big fancy resorts, casitas (small houses) ... read more
Tulum Ruins2
Tulum Ruins3
Tulum Ruins4

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Cozumel February 19th 2009

We finally found paradise in Mexico! Cozumel is what we were looking for in a beach vacation but hadn´t known it. The main square around the ferry terminal is just the same as 5th ave in Playa - crowded with tourists and vendors, but we went towards the south part of the island - about half way down the coast road - to a little place called Playa Corona. You will see from the pictures that it is not a beautiful white sand beach - instead it is rocky and full of coral. There is a little beach bar that has tables, beers and snacks, and you can leave your stuff on the tables while you are in the water. Because the coral is so close to the shore, people come here to snorkle. At the ... read more

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Playa del Carmen February 18th 2009

Well, our Caravan bus tour of ruins in the Yucatan is already over. Hard to believe. We would recommend this tour to anyone. It was well planned, well run, and our tour guide, Pepe, was very knowledgeable. We are looking forward to relaxing on a white sand beach though, as we have been on the go for the past 8 days. So, what can I say about Playa? It is packed full of drunks, wide-eyed tourists, rude people, loud music at each store and restaurant, all competing to out-blare the next. Vendors, hucksters, police, whooping and hollering, yelling, drums, get the idea. Oh yes, everyone seems to smoke - and lots of stinky cigars everywhere. You can't get away from it. Food smells, both good and bad. Everything is overpriced. No bargains to be had ... read more
Shrimp at the market
PIcture perfect beach at Playa
Parasailing for two on the beach

North America » Mexico » Campeche February 12th 2009

Lots of people don´t come today to Chichen Itza......some because they don´t feel well, but many because they love Merida so much that they want to stay there and shop. It is a big modern (sort-of) city with lots of Spanish Colonial architechture. It has traffic almost as bad as Mexico City, and the noise and crowds of people on the streets is hard for me to manage. Still, our new friends go with us out to get sherbert in local fruit flavours, and we have some fun people watching and shopping. Steve and I buy outfits in the traditional Mayan style. We listen to more music in one of the sqares after dark. The ruins in Chichen Itza are big and am interesting as we had hoped. Still, after the last 7 days, we are ... read more
Chichen Itza2
Chichen Itza3
Chichen Itza4

North America » Mexico » Campeche February 11th 2009

Another really long day of driving. We head north through the state of Campeche to the coast on the Gulf of Mexico. They grow sugarcane here, and we see trucks full of it along the way. We stop for a mid-morning break at a little place where a guy was busy in the back outside the building cutting up bags of oranges for fresh juice. He had two cages holding green parrots in the same space, but not close to the juice (nothing beats fresh orange juice - so much sweeter than our oranges too). Inside, ladies are busy making fresh tortillas and filling them with a kind of fresh stringy mild cheese, then frying them on a big round grill for quesadillas. Different than we are used too, but delicious! Later, we stop for lunch ... read more
Fresh Tortillas
beach by restaurant
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