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North America » Mexico » Jalisco » Puerto Vallarta February 5th 2010

Well, we are getting a feel for the place now. We finally have some nice sunshine, and wow, it is hot and humid! Most days, we have to make our way home by 4 o’clock or so because we are so worn out from walking, and hot and sweaty. A jump in the pool at our vacation home is a nice way to end the day. The beach at Bucerias is absolutely gorgeous - just like you see in the travel brochures - and practically deserted during the week. On the weekends, Mexican families come and enjoy the beach too, and it is a bit busier, but still far from crowded. We walked one morning as far as we could one way, then found a place on the beach and bought a beer and sat in ... read more
Bucerias Beach 2
Steve got tired out
Vendor selling candies and nuts from a wheelbarrow on the beach

North America » Mexico » Jalisco » Puerto Vallarta February 4th 2010

Today we were glad to see the end of the rain, and hopped the bus into PV to walk along the Malecon (the walk beside the ocean). We finally had a chance to take our shoes off and walk along the beach. Even though it was a bit cloudy, it was a warm day. We saw lots of pelicans sitting on boats and on roofs. I think they are the Mexican equivalent of pigeons or gulls, although they have those here as well. The Malecon is mostly a tourist walk, with lots of restaurants, street artists, and many statues along the walkway. It comes alive a night - maybe we will come back again another day to see the night scene. After grabbing a beer and a bite to eat in one of the many restaurants ... read more
Statue on the Malecon 1
Statue on the Malecon 2

North America » Mexico » Jalisco » Puerto Vallarta February 2nd 2010

It rained all day Tuesday, putting a damper on the first day of our vacation (haha). OUr hostess Ronnie loaned us an umbrella, and we walked around a bit trying to get a feel for the place. We took a bus to the nearest Mega store for groceries, and the rain really set in on the way. we decided to take a cab back and just chill in the apartment. That night, about 11pm, the wind picked up and the rain started lashing at the windows. The plants moved around on the deck and the patio furniture crashed up against the patio doors. Then the wind took the screen right off of the patio doors off the bedroom. We looked out and saw the palm trees blowing sideways, just like in the news clips you see ... read more
Bouganvillia laid flat in the street
This tin roof would have flown through our window had it not wrapped around this tree
Another picture of a roof that blew off

North America » Mexico » Jalisco » Puerto Vallarta February 1st 2010

After a few more days of good visiting with Steve's family, it was time to move on to the next leg of our trip. (By the way, if you are ever on your way to Desert Hot Springs, stop at Hadley's dried fruit and nut store, about 20 minutes before the city. They have the greatest date shakes!) The flight was uneventful, and we arrived in PV under partly cloudy skies and 85 degrees F (about 29 celcius). We pushed the button at customs and got a red light, meaning they wanted to search our bags. There was no problem, and the fellow chatted with us as he did a cursory check. Minutes later he wished us a good trip and sent us on our way. The taxi driver wasn't sure how to find the address ... read more
Inside the apartment
Our deck at night

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles January 30th 2010

A couple of days, we decided to be tourists. One day we visited the aquarium at Long Beach, then had lunch at Mom's Tamale (one of the places featured on Diner's Drive-Ins and Dives). These tamales are absolutely delicious, but if we hadn't seen the place on the television, we probably wouldn't have stopped here - or even been in the neighborhood. We also went to the La Brea tar pit, which is smaller than I had anticipated, and covered with water from the recent rain, but still smelled like road construction. In fact, they mined asphalt from here for years, before it was made into a park. They have removed literally tons of fosilized bones from here over the years. There are spots where the tar bubbles up out of the ground as well - ... read more
La Brea Tar Pit
Venice 1
Dawn at Venice

Today we had another really long driving day from Sacramento to Desert Hot Springs where Steve’s sister Barbara lives. We stopped to visit one of Steve’s sons, George, and granddaughter Sequoia in Victorville on the way. Desert Hot Springs is in the desert, ringed by mountains which are quite pretty right now because of the snow that fell recently. The desert got rain last week, and some of the streets were flooded so that Barb couldn’t get out to Palm Springs or Cathedral City to shop for a couple of days. But now, the sun is out, and we have found the nice weather (finally). Cool in the mornings and evenings, though, so we still need a sweater. I know, I know - I am NOT complaining! I hear we got a foot of snow at ... read more
Steve and Sequoia
View from Barb's Front Door

North America » United States » California » Cameron Park January 24th 2010

Even though we had cold, rainy weather, we had a very nice visit with Steve’s brother Don, and my aunt Irene. Eating is always a favorite passtime for us. We went out to a few interesting restaurants: one owned by Guy Fieri from the Food Network, called Tex Wasabi; one called Twin’s Sushi where Irene knows the twins and we all got hugs as well as great food, and of course, the local Mexican restaurant that we always go to with the world’s best margaritas. Yummy! Driving around looking at the neighborhoods is always fun here too. Where they live is called Cameron Park, which is about 40 miles outside of Sacramento. One of the neighborhoods has a small airport, where the people own small planes and after they land, they just drive them down the ... read more
Plane parking 1
Plane parking 2
Short signs

North America » United States » California January 22nd 2010

Well, we had to come to California to hit snow. The first two days were relatively uneventful though. Regina to Billings, Montana the first day was pretty boring. Billings to Twin Falls, Idaho the second was more interesting, as we took the I90 west to Bozeman and Butte, then turned south toward Twin Falls. This took us through the "high desert", which is really in between the mountains, but are flat plains with nothing but scrub brush and lots of cattle, but with pretty mountains in the background. Small towns and farms are dotted pretty sparsely through here, and they look pretty much the worse for wear. The third day though was the crazy one. We had a 10 or so hour drive ahead of us (so we thought), so we were up early and on ... read more
Montana high desert
Sunrise in the high desert
Reno, NV

North America » Canada » Saskatchewan August 8th 2009

We had a nice breakfast at the Hawood Inn, one of the nicer hotels in town. Then we stop and grab a couple of sweet buns for later at the local bakery, which is bustling with people getting coffees, papers, and bakery items to go. We are heading home, and plan to take secondary and grid roads to see more of the countryside along the way. We take highway #263, AKA ‘the scenic route’ south through the park and stop at Trappers Lake and Sandy Lake before leaving the park. Trappers Lake is very small, shallow with lots of reeds and bulrushes, and with mud shores. It also allows no motor boats, so is nice and quiet, and has only 5 camping spots. However, it is not very inviting, so we move on. Sandy Lake is ... read more
17 Trappers Lake
18 Public Beach on Emma Lake
19 Neat little church on way home

We hiked several trails today, starting early in the day to see as much as we could. We started with Shady Lake trail, billed as a “moderate terrain 1.7 km loop”. Then there is a 1 km spur trail taking you to a lookout tower called Height of the Land. Sounded easy. Boy was I wrong! I walk every day, and this walk just about did me in! It took us almost 2 hours from start to finish (you couldn’t walk any faster, due to the grade and condition of the trail.) The trail went down a long way using stairs, and then it turned into a narrow, muddy, uneven trail full of big tree roots that had us climbing up steep grades, then down, then up again till our legs and lungs burned. If you ... read more
02 Birch Bark
03 Loon on Shady Lake
04 Shady Lake Trail... going up

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