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Published: October 23rd 2016
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The trip here was long and boring. Mostly because we started out with cloudy skies from Regina to Winkler, MN, with lots of cold wind and very fine snow blowing across the highway. Had a wonderful visit with my son and his family there, and his two little ones. It's so great to see these grandchildren as we only see them a couple of times a year. Got lots of lovin' and a good night's rest there, then were off to cross the border and make our way southeast. Two long days of driving (10 and 12 hour days), but because of road construction and rain, we don't get as far each day as we had planned, so the final day we got up at 6 am to try to get to Myrtle Beach in time for supper. Colleen and Greg are cooking a turkey dinner for us, and we don't want to be late! We didn't get pictures on the way here, mostly because of the miserable rain that made everything look dull. But once we got here, the clouds cleared away and the sun started to heat up the car. And when we opened the car door to get out for our last pee stop, it was warm! Finally! Warm weather! That's what we came here for!

On Saturday, Colleen and Greg took us around to see some of the areas in and around Myrtle Beach. The hurricane did lots of damage to the sand dunes right outside the door of their condo, but really, overall, it looks pretty good. We went down to the Boardwalk which had lots of stores with bargain beachwear and touristy stuff, and lots of outdoor restaurants. And a ferris wheel - cuz that's what we all think of when we think of the beach ... ?! But it's a fun place to walk around.

Then we went to another shopping mall - but what makes this one different is that the various stores are connected by boardwalks that go across the water. Yes, really! How cool is that?! And there are big carp in the water, and we saw turtles too. Signs say to watch out for alligators and snakes Yuk! We didn't see any of those, but we stayed on the boardwalk cuz you just never know!

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23rd October 2016

Good times
It was fun to spend a couple of days showing you around Myrtle Beach. I'm not sure how it happened that we spent so little time on the beautiful beach...guess it just means you will have to come back again some time!
29th October 2016

I think it should become part of our yearly travel plans! Plus, I would know then, that I get to see you more often, which is always a good thing in my books! Thanks again for hosting us. Hopefully we can do the same for you sometime in the future.

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