Las Lajas

Published: March 9th 2012
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Tuesday there is a little local craft market here that we decided to check out. It was somewhat disappointing, as it was mostly the same stuff we can get in our own craft market at home, except for a couple of stands where the Kuna Indians were selling their traditional embroidery work. It is quite colorful, represents Panama and not something we can get at home so I bought a couple of pieces to make pillows out of.

It was still rainy here in Boquete, so we decided to take a drive to the Pacific side to a little beach resort another couple had told us about. This place is about 1 1/2 hours south of David, which is 1 hour south of Boquete. After we got clear of the nighmare road construction between Boquete and David, the drive was very nice and scenic, and as we drove the weather got warmer.

The road turned into gravel a couple of times, making us question whether we were going in the right direction or not. Road signs are few and far between here, so you have to guess based on the name of the towns you go through - and the only way you know the name of the town is to look at the grocery store as it is usually painted on there.

In any case, we found the place we were looking for (called Las Lajas beach resort) had a nice lunch, then sat down by the beach. I went swimming and collected shells while Steve vegged out and took some pictures. It was a beautiful beach with very fine brown sand and the water was warm - surprisingly so for the Pacific. Long slow breakers rolled in and would have been perfect for boogie boarding if we'd had boards. But as we didn't, body surfing had to do. There was almost nobody on the beach for as far as we could see in both directions, and only a couple of other people in the water. The sun even came out by later afternoon, turning the warm day into a hot one.

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