Andy and Dan


Andy and Dan

One of us 6 years into a career, the other only 1 - both bored! Think it's time to go travelling! Headed for 3 months in South East Asia before relocating to the Alps for 6 months running a chalet in Samoens. Writing a blog is the best way to keep everyone informed that we're still alive. We will try and update as often as possible when not passed out, in prison or hospital or knee deep in......crystal blue waters or snow (get your mind out of the gutter!) Check back for worthwhile updates!

Asia » Vietnam » Southeast » Ho Chi Minh City November 10th 2011

Andy says: So this is my second attempt at writing this after spending an hour on it yesterday only for something random to happen and I lost it all!! I wasn't going to bother doing it again but I had a bit of spare time while we're in the middle of an apocalyptic thunderstorm! So when we last left you we were getting ready for a day of canyoning in Dalat. It was AWESOME with a capital AWESOME!!! I'll let Dan go in to further detail about it but after completing the 2 dry abseils and the 25 metre waterfall abseil I definitely want to do more of this!!! I guess I should probably move somewhere with mountains for a while - would be awesome if I had a job in the French Alps waiting for ... read more
Dan on the 25 metre falls
Andy entering the 'Washing Machine'
Dan having a wash!

Asia » Vietnam » Central Highlands » Lam Dong » Da Lat November 4th 2011

Dan says: Right so last time we met we were leaving Hoi An and heading to Nha Trang (honestly who comes up with these names!). We decided, well Andy decided he couldn't handle a 12 hour sleeper bus journey (he is too tall so can't sleep) so we decided to go half way to a place called Quy Nhon, sleep then do the rest of the journey the following day. Quy Nhon was ok, we arrived and got a taxi down the strip and told him to stop when we saw a KFC...that was dinner and potentially breakfast sorted out! We found a decent little hotel, 3 quid each! Dropped our stuff and headed to KFC...AMAZING! Weren't really in the mood for the true Vietnamese experience tonight! We then headed to a little bar where I ... read more
Our Mui Ne beach bungalow
Mui Ne beach
ATV hire-age

Asia » Vietnam » South Central Coast » Quảng Nam » Hoi An October 26th 2011

Andy says: So I've finally got on to a PC where we can update this thing but it's 1.23am and I'm not sure we're going to be able to do the last week or so justice! Hopefully the photos will instead! This is our last night in Hoi An having been here for 4 nights but I'll get to that in a bit, we have some catching up to do... So we left Cat Ba Island on the morning of my birthday and spent the whole day travelling on various buses and boats. Made it to Haiphong and needed to wait 3 hours for the night bus to Dong Hoi - luckily on the drive to the bus station I had scoped out a KFC so we headed straight there to find it was 'Burger Tuesday' ... read more
US Army jeeps! So cool!
Paradise Cave
Paradise Cave again!

Asia » Vietnam » Red River Delta » Hai Phong » Cat Ba Island October 18th 2011

Andy says: We have now been on Cat Ba Island for 3 nights after spendng a few days in the mountains in Sapa. It seems that everywhere in Vietnam closes down after about 9pm so it's lucky we've had some nice scenery to look at! It was a long journey to get to Sapa from Hanoi on the overnight train. I'm not sure the rest of our sleeper carriage were impressed at the smell of mine and Dan's feet when we took our shoes off! It was actually a lot more comfortable than we expected if you could handle the UNBEARABLE heat! Got to Sapa 8 hours later and jumped in a minibus who's driver was typically Vietnamese....mental! This journey included a whole new level of danger however in the form of mountain roads and sheer ... read more
Andy and some scenery
Dan contemplating (or farting)
Sapa sunset

Asia » Vietnam » Red River Delta » Hanoi October 11th 2011

Andy says: So we're now leaving Hanoi to head to the hills of Sapa - it's been fun being in the city but am looking forward to getting all native with the hill tribes! Had a good tour of the city yesterday whilst looking for a new camera lens for Dan and then followed it up with finding 'Bia Hoi' junction which is an intersection where street sellers have beer for 12p a glass. You'd think it would taste rank but it's really good and you get to meet all sorts of characters. Met a couple of guys from the States and had 36p worth of beer with them! While we were sat there we got given a flyer for a bar that was advertising an open mic night which sounded right up Dandy's street! Jumped ... read more
Andy crossing the street!
Movie shot!

Asia » Vietnam » Red River Delta » Hanoi October 9th 2011

Andy says: Obvious cheesy title there but would've been rude not to! We arrived in Hanoi yesterday morning after spending the night in Bangkok airport (which is FREEZING by the way!) following our flight up there from Phuket. Was really sad to leave Koh Phi Phi in the end. Wasn't that bothered about the place when we first arrived as it all seemed a bit 'Benidorm-y' for me after the relative calm of Koh Tao. Despite the crazy monsoon weather though the place won me over big time and I ended up loving it. We again met all sorts of characters from the Thai Dave Grohl through to Mr. Fuck You and the Aussie version of Dandy! We didn't do as much exploring as on Koh Tao because there's no mopeds on Phi Phi and neither ... read more
On the beach - Koh Phi Phi
Van Halen style beach photo
Us with the Thai Dave Grohl

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Phi Phi Don October 3rd 2011

Andy says: Apologies for the delay in posting another blog but our time since Kanchanaburi has been mainly taken up with travelling, snorkelling and drinking! We went to Hua Hin from Kanchanaburi after our train was delayed by 4 hours (guess that's typical over here!). It is a pretty nice beach town but not too much to do there apart from visit Monkey Mountain which, unsurprisingly, is full of wild monkeys. I found the whole thing pretty unnerving since they looked a little bit rabid and the males seemed hell bent on raping everything in sight (I did learn some new techniques though...). From Hua Hin we travelled to Koh Tao which was the part of the trip I'd been waiting for. A paradise island with amazing beaches and beautiful weather if you ignored the afternoon ... read more
Our bikes and crazy mud tracks
Fire dudes

Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Kanchanaburi September 23rd 2011

Andy says: So just a quick update as I needthe internet time to search for somewhere to stay in the next town! Will add photos later. This is our third day in Kanchanaburi and it's a massive contrast from Bangkok! It's much more chilled out and a lot less bars with the word 'pussy' in the title! We are staying in a raft house actually on the River Kwai and it only costs two quid a night. We have a veranda that gives us views up and down the river and is perfect for watching the sunset with a beer whilst listening to the Rock Of Ages soundtrack (yes, still obsessed!). We hired a couple of mopeds and got into the swing of Thai driving pretty quick - just don't give a toss about other drivers ... read more
The view from our guest house
Erawan Falls
Our guesthouse on the River Kwai

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok September 20th 2011

Andy says: So we are now 4 days into the trip and I think it's safe to say the jetlag has subsided and we are now getting into the swing of things here (my hangover tells me that much!). Travelling here is a bit of a blur but both flights were decent and I would definitely recommend Etihad. We got in to Bangkok a day after we left England and somehow managed to negotiate the metro system on no sleep and found our hotel on Soi 20 of the Sukhumvit Road. The heat here is pretty intense so clothes don't stay clean very long! The hotel looked nice but the room wasn't ready so we dumped our bags and decided to take a tuk tuk tour of the city to get our bearings. Being novice Bangkok ... read more
Like a scene from a Jackie Chan film!

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Abu Dhabi September 16th 2011

Andy and Dan say: Right so arrived in Abu Dhabi after the first leg of our flight now off to Bangkok in 2 hours! Quite dark here but we're sure there is a desert out there somewhere! Flight was pretty average apart from me smashing Andy's face in with both my pillow and elbow for good measure...good times! Anyway time to explore the airport, so will catch you in Thailad! Bye for now.... read more

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