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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Berkshire » Windsor September 6th 2011

Andy says: So we’re now less than two weeks to go until the trip starts which is scary but amazing at the same time! I’ve spent the last couple of weeks sorting my life out so now most of my stuff is boxed up at my mum’s, the visa’s have been applied for, have now got my money sorted (I’m pretty much a Thai millionaire now) and I finish work this Friday. You would think – oh that’s good he’s given himself a week to get everything sorted before he leaves – well you’d be wrong because I decided to stick in a cheeky trip to Barcelona next week to watch the AC Milan game. Not the best idea in terms of finance or timings but I’ve always wanted to see a match at the Nou ... read more
Andy's stuff!
Rock of Ages!
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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Berkshire » Windsor August 25th 2011

Andy says: So now only 3 weeks to go before we head to Asia and, while Vietnam is remaining an unplanned adventure, I’ve pretty much planned the shit out of Thailand!!! Still unsure as to when I’m leaving my job but either way I need to get cracking on packing up the house ready to leave all my crap at Mum’s and sort out boring stuff like tax rebates and mail redirections which is a ballache because all I can really think about is being on a beach. Pretty much got everything together that I need to take now including a shiny new backpack which will hopefully be a shadow of its former self when we get back, a new lens for the SLR after smashing the previous one during a drunken night in Finland and ... read more
The French Chalet!
The snowboard
My new tattoo

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Berkshire » Windsor August 16th 2011

Andy says: So we're sat on our lunch break doing what I promised myself I wouldn't - planning! When the original decision was made to undertake a trip to Vietnam I was absolutely definitely not going to plan anything other than getting in and getting out of the country with the rest in between all due to be an awesome adventure. Various things have intervened and meant that the scheduled departure date has come forward giving us an additional 3 weeks which we plan to spend in Thailand and this is where my OCD planning gene has gone into overdrive in an attempt to try and see everything in the 22 days we have there. The problem is that the more I read about places the more amazing things I discover that we want to see ... read more
The vaccines
Dan's big tool!

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