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September 20th 2011
Published: September 20th 2011
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Andy says:

So we are now 4 days into the trip and I think it's safe to say the jetlag has subsided and we are now getting into the swing of things here (my hangover tells me that much!). Travelling here is a bit of a blur but both flights were decent and I would definitely recommend Etihad. We got in to Bangkok a day after we left England and somehow managed to negotiate the metro system on no sleep and found our hotel on Soi 20 of the Sukhumvit Road.

The heat here is pretty intense so clothes don't stay clean very long! The hotel looked nice but the room wasn't ready so we dumped our bags and decided to take a tuk tuk tour of the city to get our bearings. Being novice Bangkok visitors we were pleasantly surprised by the cheap 100 baht (2 quid) price and sat back to enjoy the ride. Was a bit surprised when the first stop was a tailors (apparently the driver's 'sponsors'😉 and we were told to go in and look. Obviously we had no intention of buying anything and the guys were a bit pissed when we left having spent no money. The 'tour' then consisted of another tailors and then a tourist agency - all of which got none of our dosh! We then became victims of what is apparently a standard tuk tuk scam involving restaurants and lots of money - oh well, you live and learn. At least the food was good!

Other than that we've been to all the major temples in Bangkok - all of which just make me want to act out some sort of kung fu movie fantasy. Not sure the monks were impressed at some of the dumbass photos we were taking! Some random Japanese couple enjoyed watching us so much they had a photo taken with us though so already the Dandy phenomenon is spreading like some viral infection!

Had a good night out on the Kho San Road last night - bit too much like Ibiza or Malia for me but a decent laugh and met some cool folk in one of the bars. No real sign of ladyboys yet - must try harder to find some! Tomorrow we head to Kanchanaburi to play with some tigers so this could well be my last entry. Don't feel sad for me though - I've had a good life...

Dan says:

Wow...finally recovered that jet lag was intense, actually slept until 2.30 in the afternoon the next day...I don't even do that in England!

Anyway the flights were good, I watched Unknown, Thor, Xmen, The Simpsons and Arthur. Didn't sleep at all on the plane, not sure if that was a bad or good idea! Anyway like Andy says we had been awake for around 22 hours had a massive rucksack on our back and somehow managed to find our way around the metro and arrive at the hotel only to be told we had to come back around 3 hours laters.

Oh well we left our bags and decided to go for a Tuk Tuk tour with some dude called Chai - he had a dodgy finger though, must have been stabbed in the hand or something...looked worse than Andy's funny finger! I wasnt expecting the tour to include tailors but thats the way these guys work and as Andy say we didn't buy anything! However we did get scammed by some restaurant trick - expensive but fresh fish and tasted good!

Last two days seem to have gone quite quickly - went to Wat Po and saw some Buddha dudes, just chilling, one couldn't even be bothered to sit up - Reclining Buddha! Place was amazing i even tried to stand guard with the statues - only problem was they had swords and spears and I had a broom!

Finally went to Kho San Road yesterday, was mental just like Magaluf! Skanky old men with no teeth offering the best sex show in Thailand! If that's what he looks like I don't really want to see his Thai ping pong girls! Had our first bucket and lost a thumb war to some Thai orphan! He had skills! then he gave me a rose for free! Had my first Thai bucket then off to a 3rd floor bar to check out some live music and met a dude called Jethro! Yea actually his name his sister was called India! Strange family!

Anyway off to see some Tigers tomorrow, still can't believe this is happening but there you go...hopefully i can try and smuggle a cub home!


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