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Michelle Martin

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Interlaken January 1st 2013

As I sit in the best room we've had so far, listening to the outdoor concert for New Years Day and waiting for fireworks that I'll be able to see from the balcony, I think back over the last 3 days in Interlaken. Getting to Interlaken, although long, had to be one of the best train trips we've had so far. 2 legs, 2 compartments that we had to ourselves, definately the way to travel. We walked the 900m to our hotel, dumped our bags and headed out exploring. Walking down the main street, you can see the Alps to your left and your right, it is stunning. Interlaken itself is not very big but a great spot for exploring the Alps. We bought a 3day Ski-Pass. With this we could catch as many trains and ... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich December 26th 2012

Boxing Day in Munich and everything is pretty much closed =( Even the souvenior shops! So with no much else open, we headed for the Hofbrauhaus and ordered a litre of beer! After downing that, what else was there to do but head to another beer hall, the Augustiner Keller, no 1 litre beers there though. I had been to Dachau concentration camp today but this time we decided to our on a tour and Im so glad we did. Our guide was fantastic, his knowledge and style of delivery where superb, he opened the tour by saying "You will not enjoy today, it will not be a good day but it is an important one" and this was so true. The gruesome stories he told, while we stood in the very rooms that people where ... read more

Europe » Austria » Salzburg » Salzburg December 24th 2012

Salzburg has always been one of my favourite spots and I had a feeling Chris would like it and couldnt wait to show him (I wasnt wrong). A fortress sides high up on the hill in Salzburg, from there you can get a gorgeous view of the town and the Alps, we headed up to have a look and spent nearly an hour just admiring the views When in Salzburg, one must go on a tour for the most famous thing to come out of Salzburg- The Sound of Music! I'd done this previously when in Salzburg but was super excited to go again with Chris. This 4 hour bus tour takes you a scenic drive through the countryside to a number of places where scenes from the movie was shot. You see the Leopoldskron Palace- ... read more

Europe » Austria » Vienna » Vienna December 20th 2012

Leaving foggy Budapest behind we were praying for better weather in Vienna.. and we got it.. kinda... No fog but its still raining.. Where has the snow gone?? =( The 10day forecast for where we are heading isnt looking any better either.. where has the snow gone?? Still hopefully for a white Christmas but not as hopefully as I was.. Vienna is sad to have some of the best Christmas markets in Europe and they (unlike others), did not disappoint. Big, spread out, with different stuff we have come back to the main ones, the Christkindlemarkts outside the Rathaus every day we have been in Vienna. Schobrunnen Palace- the main sight of Vienna did not disappoint. Inside you can go a self guided tour (along with an audio guide) through the many, many rooms that make ... read more

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest December 14th 2012

After a long day on the train, we finally arrived in Budapest from Nuremberg and after dumping our stuff (and receiving a free drink) at our hotel, we hit the streets. Im pleased to say that my map reading skills, which abandoned me in Nuremberg, are back to their normal excellent self here in Budapest. Unfortunately the weather was not to be our friend in Budapest, a heavy fog settled in the first morning we were there and did not really leave until late in our last afternoon. Budapest is a beautiful place, even with the fog, but sadly we did not get to see its true potential. Having said that though, we still got out and about, walking the riverbanks of the Danube on both the Buda and Pest sides, you definately get the best ... read more
Hungarian Feast

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Nuremberg December 12th 2012

We somehow managed to leave Berlin, despite our train being cancelled and being told just to jump on another one.. There go our seat reservations and plans! No need to worry though as it was very smooth and we arrived in Nuremberg only 20mins later than we thought... Chris had the idea to visit Nuremberg Zoo while we were here and Im glad he did.. It was unique walking through a near empty zoo in the snow seeing all the animals. Most bizarelly was seeing kangaroos.. in the snow.. in the zoo.. I dont think kangaroos are built for snow! A second highlight was the tiger that did nothing but roar the whole time we were there, you could hear him from anywhere in the park and when you stood in front of him, he really ... read more
Once again Pretty

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin December 8th 2012

Our hotel in Berlin was right near Christmas markets and the Berliner Dom, a fantasic sight over the Berlin skyline! Here in Berlin, you could do two bus tours and we did both. One of the main sights of Berlin and one into East Berlin.. It was interesting to see East Berlin however compared to the main sites in Central Berlin (and some of these are in East Berlin), it is much quieter in the East than in the West. Following up from our last dinner in Hamburg, we were invited out with our new friends on their first night in Berlin. It was great catching up and having some drinks and swapping stories. The Tiergarten, the main gardens in Berlin were a sight to be seen in the snow. Covered in snow, we walked through ... read more
East Side Gallery- Berlin Wall

Europe » Germany » Hamburg » Hamburg December 6th 2012

Every time we’ve hit a new city, its gotten colder., to the point where we look back now and the first stops dont seem cold at all. Paris was cold, Amsterdam was cold, Cologne and was cold but Hamburg is in a cold league all of its own. Unlike the other cities, where it was freezing when the wind picked up, Hamburg is just freezing. No wind, but literally freezing. It was 0 degrees at 2pm and by the time the sun starting going down at 4pm, it was way below freezing ( but then it snowed and all was right in the world!) Arriving in Hamburg we have been in awe twice, once by the size of the train station and secondly by our hotel. The Hotel SIDE where we are staying is a boutique ... read more
Reeperbahn Xmas Markets

Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia » Cologne December 3rd 2012

Cologne is our first stop within Germany and the weather has not disappointed! Less than 24hours here and already it is snowing,excellent! We arrived in Cologne and as has been tradtion so far, jumped on a City Tour to get an introduction to the city. From this tour, we discovered Cologne had 6 Christmas Markets, all looked interesting and we were excited to see them. After spending 90mins on the bus, we headed back to the hotel for a nap before hitting the markets. Feeling refreshed, we headed back out and we shouldnt have bothered. Tip number one for visiting the Christmas markets in Cologne- DO NOT go at night, especially a weekend night. It was insanely busy and not enjoyable at all as you spent all your time dodging the crowds and not looking at ... read more
The Dom
Xmas Markets
More Xmas Markets

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Amsterdam November 30th 2012

After our last day in Paris was spent in Disneyland, it was onto Amsterdam- the adults playground. Arriving at Central Station after a three hour train trip, we easily walked to our hotel- all done up like a train. As we did in Paris, we hopped on the Hop On Hop Off bus, getting off at two stops: The Heineken Experience would have to be one of the best brewery tours I have done (Sorry Guiness and Coors). Most of the attention is paid to the history of Heineken and while time is paid to how beer is brewed, it is not the focus of the tour. The tour is also very interactive which keeps it fun and comes with two free beers at the end. From there it was to Anne Franks House. Everyone knows ... read more
Peace Palace
Heading into the Red Light District

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