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Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Istanbul » Sultanahmet October 5th 2015

Where to start? Our days are so full and so exciting, we look back at what we did a week or two ago and it seems like that was months or years ago! Here I am, sitting on the terrace of our hotel in Istanbul, we are leaving Istanbul, and Turkey, this afternoon. What a wonderful place. It is hard to summarize all the things we did over the last few days. 3-4 days don't do justice to such a place, but at least we managed to see or experience some of the "essentials": -Aya Sofia -The blue Mosque -Topkapi palace -Turkish tea on the rooftop of a hotel overlooking the whole city -Eating too much baklava and Turkish delight -Shopping at the Old Bazar -Visiting the Spice market -Getting ripped off by a cab driver ... read more
Whirling dervishes
Enjoying Turkish coffee
Istanbul at night

Middle East September 27th 2015

The life of a traveler is always full of surprises. This is actually the main reason why traveling is so much fun! Yesterday was no exception. We left early, after a great typical Turkish breakfast, and we started our hike from Faralya to Kabak. It was a short day, so short that we were done before 10 am! So we decided to continue towards Alinca. We hiked through gorgeous mature pine forests, along the coast, way above sea level. The only sound was the constant buzzing of the bees. This really is bee country, and we love it because we get fresh honey every day. We arrived in Alinca for late lunch. It was hot, we were hungry and tired. We first found a place to stay in a very small cabin. It was OK, but ... read more
Nice view
Sidyma ruins

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Kayaköy September 24th 2015

I am currently sitting under an olive tree, after I got stung by a bee (if you are reading this, it means I am not allergic...), with an amazing view over Butterfly Valley on the Lycian Way in Turkey. We arrived here after a nice hike in the mountains... Ah, Turkey! I had no idea the country had such landscape and hiking trails. Our arrival in Turkey was so easy. The owner of the guest house where we stayed in Fethiye was waiting for us at the ferry terminal. With his few words of English, he explained to us how to get to his lovely pension, and he met us there a little later. Tan Pension is the name of the place and it has nice simple rooms and a lovely roof terrace where they serve ... read more
Fethyie market
Fethyie market
Lycian trail near Kayakoy

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Rhodes » Archangelos September 22nd 2015

It will be difficult to write about the second half of our trip to Rodos as we are now in Turkey and already fell in love with the place. But our time in Rodos was so unbelievable and fun that I have to say a few more things about it. Last time I wrote, I think we were in Monolithos, a quiet but super friendly place. Our host, Gorgios looked like yet another Greek god. Not to mention how kind and welcoming he was to us. He served us a memorable breakfast including delicious, fresh Greek yogurt and honey, and local bread so good that we asked to take the leftovers with us. Gorgios also helped us with our flat tire. Actually,, to meet local people (especially Greek gods), I highly recommend a flat tire. From ... read more
result of mini-golf championship

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Rhodes September 15th 2015

What else can I say other than Wow!!! So much already happened in 24 hours, it's amazing! Melanie and I flew to Athens and then to Rhodes. What a perfect place to start a trip! Very laid back, perfect weather and we seem to have found the best guy to rent bicycles from. He was already waiting for us at the airport, we picked up the bikes at his shop and he helped us find our AirBNB apartment, which would not have been easy without a local with us. Our place was simple but fine, but we slept very little on our first night: too jetlagged and too hot, we yet have to adapt!! But the amazing day we had today kept us awake anyway. We biked to Rodos City, alond beaches and beautiful scenery and ... read more

Asia » Nepal October 26th 2014

It is often difficult to summarize a trip of a few weeks in just a few paragraphs. This trip, because of the diversity of landscape and experiences is no exception. The idea started almost 10 years ago, my friend Angela and I had wanted to travel to Tibet to do the kora around Mount Kailash, a sacred mountain for Buddhists, Hindus and Bon. Her partner Mark and his Norwegian friend Kim had also wanted to go there, so about 2 years ago, it was decided that we would go, no matter what, in the fall of 2014. We were to go on foot, using the old caravan trail, exploring the Humla region at the same time, and returning by the Limi Valley, where we could maybe see a snow leopard... Only thing is, we couldn't predict ... read more
grinding flour
buckwheat fields harvest

North America » Canada » Quebec » Gaspésie January 4th 2014

One of the best way to start a new year is certainly to do an expedition with good friends. 2013 started that way and proved to be one of the best years of my life... So the friends I skied with last year and I decided to do another backcountry ski trip to celebrate the new year. Two other friends were able to join us. So the five of us went to the Parc de la Gaspésie and did the Mount Logan trip, which I had done... 17 years ago! A five day, going from shelter to shelter, enjoying incredible sceneries and perfect snow conditions. Except for the first day where we had fresh snow and mild weather, the rest of the trip was very cold, going down to at least -38. But we just kept ... read more
Ready to go!
I love it!!!!
Day 1: snowing!

South America » Chile » Magallanes » Isla Navarino December 1st 2013

What an adventure! I just came back from Southern Chile, as far south as I live north, where I had my first real sailing experience. And what an experience! The trip started in Punta Arenas, a mythical place for me as I had heard about it from explorers who were going to Antarctica. So I was pretty excited to land there and spend a couple of days in that city. JF and I arrived together, Pierre and Angus arrived the next day, after a hike in Torres del Paine. We explored the city together a little, and I kissed the foot of the famous statue of a Native in one of the parks. They say that if you kiss his foot, you will return to Punta Arenas. I didn't want to take any chance. I was ... read more
The kiss
Reflecting on the upcoming adventure
Mountains of the fjord

North America » Canada » Quebec » Nunavik September 7th 2013

One of my first love in life what canoeing. It had been a long time since I had the chance to do a river trip. But in August, I had the privilege to be part of an expedition on the Nastapoka River, which is now part of the newest Quebec National Park: Tursujuq Park. Our goal was to map the river: the rapids, the portages, the best spots for camping, etc. for the future visitors to the park. The contract was given to the LERPA, affiliated with the University of Quebec in Chicoutimi and the mapping project was combined with a leadership course that is part of the outdoor program of UQAC. So there was 11 students with us, 2 teachers, one coordinator and a film maker, for a total of 16 people including myself. This ... read more
fun stuff!
quiet section

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Deining May 19th 2013

I just got back home (Kuujjuaq) after a nice holiday, spent mostly in Europe. I was there to visit a friend from Germany (Thanks Peter for all the great photos and for being such a good guide!) and to explore many places in a very short time! I landed in Munich and didn't see much of the city as we drove right away to Peter's place in Bavaria. I was joking with friends yesterday saying I didn't see much of Munich because at 180 km per hour, you don't get to see much! But I saw lots of nice villages and the timing was great as the fields were very colourful. Between the green grass, the yellow mustard fields, the blue sky with white clouds and the red roofs, it was like a painting. Peter's house ... read more
View form Peter's cabin
Peter's cabin
By the river in Innsbruck

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