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Sometimes not having set plans is the best plan. Meeting the Swiss cyclists on day 2 of my bike trip was pure luck, but led to some of the best times I had on this trip. I had intended to ride to Knysna and then back to Cape Town, but Arnaud and Anouk were going to Addo National Park to see some wildlife and we decided to go together. That meant riding to Jeffrey's Bay, renting a vehicle, driving to Addo together and then I would drive the car back to Jeffrey's Bay and they would continue their trip to Tanzania while I would ride back to Cape Town. Good plan, but with some challenges: first we had to ride to Jeffrey's Bay in one day, which was our longest ride so far, but luckily not ... read more
Cat and Laf
3 happy cyclists
the girls at work

Africa » South Africa » Eastern Cape April 11th 2017

Another few days went by, and all of them as good or even better than the other, if that is possible. I can't say that I cycled a lot of miles, but I had an amazing time. I stayed 3 days in Knysna, with Peter and Col, 2 wonderful people that I had so much fun with. Even if they were super busy preparing their upcoming cycling adventure from Europe to Cape Town, they took the time to show me around their beautiful area. We went to the Heads, which is the entrance to the lagoon, we went to markets, we drove to the area where the rich people live in their gorgeous homes, we even watched a rugby game at the yacht club! We also had a great time looking at each other's gear and ... read more
Catherine's Street!
The Heads
Sea horses in Knysna

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Knysna April 6th 2017

Sometimes it is hard to believe that so many good things happen in such a short time. Last night, I had a fantastic time in Wilderness, at the Backpackers. One Black guy was playing the guitar and signing beautifully. I sat there and listened to him for a long time. Then I went to my tent, my home away from home and fell asleep while I could still hear him sign. I woke up fully rested, had a cup of tea and packed while I was chatting with the night guard. Before I hit the road again, I stopped at the Green Shed cafe one more time. My croissant came right out of the oven, and the owner looked like she came right out of heaven. She actually looked like an angel, and when I left, ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Wilderness April 5th 2017

How could I not like a place called Wilderness! This is a really nice village on the coast, part of the Garden Route. I got here a few days ago, after another day on the road from Mossel Bay. It was another nice day, with a variety of landscape, one really long hill where a local guy at the top called me "my love", and more farmlands. Thinking I was going to save time and effort, I went straight down the main road to Wilderness, but I realized today that this was a mistake. There was a much, much nicer road, which I cycled today. But I was happy to get to Wilderness, which reminds me of Banff but with the ocean instead of the mountains! I was happy to have the option to sleep in ... read more
it was so hot I started seeing pink elephants
flat road and sunny sky
isn't that beautiful?

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Mossel Bay March 31st 2017

Another 3 days went by since I wrote a blog post. But each day is pretty full, and I have a hard time to believe I have only been cycling for just over a week. I am still amazed every day by the scenery and kindness of South Africans. I spent two nights in Struisbaai, that place was so nice and I had a really pleasant surprise on the second night, the two Swiss cyclists that I had met on the road stayed there as well. So we went to the Cape again together and spent a really nice evening sharing stories. They traveled a lot on bikes and it was a real treat to listen to them. Again, it makes my little adventure seem very small in comparison. From Struisbaai, I could have stayed in ... read more
Cape Agulhas
another nice quote
Cape Agulhas Backpackers

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape March 27th 2017

I don't know where to start. Truly. For the last hour, I have been thinking that this may qualify for one of the top 10 best days of my life. I left Gansbaai at day break. The morning light was making the beautiful scenery even more beautiful. Cycling on a quiet road, with almost no traffic, the road was mostly flat at first, but never straight, so it was really an interesting ride. I stopped several times to take pictures but because I was going east, they didn't turn out good. I guess you had to be there to really see it in all its beauty. That made it even more special. Even the vegetation in the ditches is so nice and varied, it looks like a botanical garden at times. Then I rode up some ... read more
houses in Elim
Cat at the beach
Cape Agulhas

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Gansbaai March 26th 2017

I am now sitting outside, looking at and listening to the ocean. It is 5 pm, it's warm, the wind is light and I am drinking milk tea in the sun, wondering if I am dreaming or if this is real. It doesn't matter anyway, it's just great. Last time I wrote I had just arrived in Strand. This is where I found my first used book store in SA (for those who don't know me, outside of eating, visiting used book stores is one of my favourite thing to do when I travel). I was of course beside myself. Too bad I can't buy any books at the moment. Don"t feel like taking them with me. My Warmshowers hosts took me out for supper in a sushi shop: very cool, here they have sushi carrousels, ... read more
somewhere on the road...
when I say "stunning"...
more scenery

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Strand March 24th 2017

OK, I have to admit I am really falling in love with this part of the world. How could I not? I feel like everybody I meet is watching over me, making sure I am safe and happy. It is incredible. Last night I had a super fun evening with William who is cycling around the world. There was no shortage of things to talk about and some of his stories are just incredible. My adventure seems very small compared to his. This morning John was there to wish me well. I had a brief moment of panic when I tried to put all 4 panniers on my bike: it didn't work at first. This is the first time I put front panniers on this bike. Things you should always try at home first. But eventually ... read more
Ready to go
On the way
My room

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Noordhoek March 23rd 2017

Tomorrow, the real adventure starts, I will leave my cocoon in Noordhoek and cycle east along the coast. But I don't regret staying an extra day here, I had been told Cape Town has lots to offer, and it really does. Plus, my hosts are such nice people, and their place is so comfortable that it is hard to leave! I had forgotten to mention that they had put little treats for me in my room when I arrived: cookies, chocolate, tea, coffee, etc. Today I did cycle though. Without luggage. It was for sure one of the best bike ride I ever did. I biked the Chapman Road. The scenery is spectacular and people are super nice to cyclists. The first 20 km were either up or down, never flat, but not too steep so ... read more
never boring!
eating is a reason to bike

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Noordhoek March 22nd 2017

Here I am now, on the road again! Just arrived in Cape Town, South Africa yesterday morning. I left the snow storms and cold weather behind and now find myself enjoying a latte in a really beautiful cafe just across the road from where I am staying near Cape Town. So far all I can say is that it is absolutely amazing. I heard that South African hospitality is great, but this is almost unprecedented. I am staying with Warmshowers hosts (Warmshowers is an international network of cyclists that host other cyclist for a day or a few days) that are incredible. They picked me up at the airport yesterday morning, gave me a really great tour of part of the peninsula. I saw hundreds of cyclists, riding the beautiful coastal roads, saw Table Top Mountain ... read more

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