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Asia » China » Beijing April 13th 2012

Today is one of those 'special' days that things just seem to go wrong. I couldn't wake up early though I'm supposed to do an early visit to the Summer palace. I figured I lost 4 pcs of clothing, My knit top was torn, my right foot/leg is consistently painful and I took wrong turns over and over thus not making it to my intended destinations. This sounded pretty nega but you know I have accepted it that this is just one of those off days you have. I have learned to let go of these things easily lately, well except for my right foot which doesn't stop hurting so I can't forget the wrong decisions I have. I could have pretty well just took a taxi but I feel it was more stressful trying to ... read more
What caught my eye
Lama temple
Smoky look

Asia » China » Beijing April 13th 2012

So I only manage to keep a daily blog up to day 3 of 13 days. I had to transfer hostel with poor wifi, took overnight trains, was dead tired at the end of the day and just got overwhelmed that I don't know where to start. So here's a summary: Day 4 - took the steep steps up to the Drum Tower, roam around the hutongs, Prince Gong's Mansion, Beihai park and Houhai park Day 5 - transfer to Sanlitun, go to Tiannanmen Square, Wangfujing food street, malls Day 6 - banks and bookstores and Wangfujing Church. Vomit for the first time thankfully it was not food poisoning. Massage- tried cupping for the first time - glass with flame over your skin Day 7 - took my first bus, buy ticket to Luoyang, Tiatan park, ... read more
Olympics beijing
panda cuteness

Asia » China » Beijing » XiCheng District April 5th 2012

Day 3 - Morning I stayed in as I am still a bit off. The uneaten dumplings from last night was turned into soup to help me feel better and it did. It was time to go as there is nothing much to do in Badaling except to see the Great Wall and I have skipped the Ming tombs part. I was looking forward to a less colder temperature in Beijing. I finally get to enjoy the "scenic" train ride as I stayed awake. It was nice. As we neared the city a lot of the browns turned to some greens. The subway in Beijng is cheap and systematic only that there are hoards of commuters and long stairs some of which are very steep. And it's no fun when you have a lot of bags ... read more
Thanks for the hospitality
Wind on Willow
Photo 2

Asia » China » Beijing » Great Wall of China April 3rd 2012

A great day for turning another year older but still as clueless about the world. We woke up early and I let my roommate Brooke have the shower first so I can sneak a little bit of sleep. It wasn't freezing as I dreaded rather the heater can cook you with the hot water. Good thing she also changed her mind about not taking the cable car. Or else I wouldn't have lasted as long. You do not take the cable car for the scenery but for saving yourself some energy in the climbing part. It was a little past 8 and the wall was already crowded with tourist. The Chinese are having a 3-day holiday. I would say the people there were over 90% locals. The great thing about the wall is that it goes ... read more
STEP! on the Great Wall
It's a Climb
Great Wall

Asia » China » Beijing April 2nd 2012

April 2,2012 (Day 1) - ---I'm down with the cold so I do not have energy to think. Just sharing some pictures. Anyway, they say the pictures speak a thousand words so that would be 30,000 word count for me today. I'll edit this blog tomorrow if I feel better. This is why I miss Facebook:) This is tomorrow and I am feeling a bit better. Though I stayed in for the morning. My body is still adjusting with the cold. Need to type this in less than 30mins as I need to catch my train back to Beijing. I stayed at the airport til the first train at 6.30. I'm staying in Badaling so if I take a taxi, it'll cost me 400 yuan and it is not really advisable for a solo female to ... read more
Proud Camel
Badaling sunset
Photo 4

Asia » Singapore » Changi April 1st 2012

After 2 failed attempts, I am finally doing it. I'm off to fulfill my childhood dream to STEP on THE GREAT WALL OF CHINA! I want to accomplish this feat so I can move on with scheming new things. It's like a whirlwind since I decided to quit my job. Even before I tendered my resignation I already bought my air ticket to Beijing. It was like a motivation or a deadline that I should leave before then. I know I have the tendency to drag on things even if it is futile in keeping the same. I won't discuss my work-related issues, I have chosen to let go of whatever it was. Another thing that has made me really take this leap of faith now is that I was getting sick a lot since December ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Singapore Harbour March 23rd 2012

I would have loved to watch both the sunrise and the sunset in the same day but I am dead before noon. I'm usually at my worst in the early morning. After some self-imposed house arrest due to my migraines and allergic rhinitis/sinusitis, I am now itching to go out watch the sunset and listen to the waves. So according to uncle Google, these are the best spots to watch sunset in Singapore: Option 1 - West Coast Park (got some ongoing construction) Option 2 - Mount Faber (no waves?) Option 3 - Sentosa beach (been there) Option 4 - Labrador Park (hmmm... never been that far on the circle line, got the sun and the waves - We have a winner!) Not the best I've seen but it was good enough. I did not ask ... read more
Just in time
Labrador Nature Reserve

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok December 31st 2011

To jump-start my new year, I decided to spend it at Khao San Road,Bangkok - the infamous Backpacker's Mecca. But I wouldn't say that I'm already living a backpacker's life. I travelled during the new year holiday so I spent about 3-4x more than what a regular trip would cost. But it was all worth it. When I did my check-in at the airport, the guy on the counter asked me why I looked so sad and I was like, "No, I'm not! I'm excited for my trip!" Later when I managed to see myself in the mirror I couldn't deny the fact that he is right - I look awful so I had to take my emergency medication. With another episode of headaches+allergies, I left Singapore light-headed and passed out at the airplane. Lucky for ... read more
Street grub
Khao San Road
Party Rock

Asia » Indonesia » Riau Archipelago » Batam October 1st 2011

Contrary to what I assumed that Parasailing is another adrenaline-rushing activity, it is not. Rather, it is a very relaxing feat. I just had my first pay for my first job here in SG. So I want to treat myself and the person who made everything possible - my brother. I wanted to go wakeboarding. There is a cable wake park here in Singapore, but it seems they cater to the more advanced riders, or for my case, better swimmers. I just chanced upon this site cable-ski in Batam. It's just an hour away by boat and they are beginner-friendly. I tried to book us a package but they're full. Instead, we just went there with no plans. I just wanna check out the place if it's okay so I can book earlier next time or ... read more

Asia » Singapore July 30th 2011

Singapore is indisputably a "Garden City" or another way to say it is a "City in a Garden". Twice I've been to the Japanese and Chinese gardens this week. I was trying to work on my writing and the flat is not a conducive place to work on my poetry. As I'm tackling Haiku today I'm dying to have some Japanese inspiration. Plus, haikus are mostly about nature and imagery. Facebook and the bed are definitely not the best place to see nature and life unfold. Despite my lazy mode, I am forced to go out and see the world . It is relatively easy to go to Chinese Garden as it is one of the stops on the green line. Another nice thing is you do not have to pay anything, except if you wish ... read more
Lucky Bridge & the Hanging Fruit

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