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Leyla Chang

I started this blog during my Korea/Southeast Asia trip. I have traveled to many other places... more exotic spots for scuba diving and not as exotic for visiting family and friends. Either way I hope this gives me a venue to blab about my journeys without cluttering other's e-mails.

Asia » Vietnam » South Central Coast » Khanh Hoa » Nha Trang May 19th 2010

So I got to Mui Ne Monday night feeling much better but decided to take it easy. I stayed at the Wind Champ hotel. It is Korean Owned but I wasn't really impressed by it. It was a typical spot, fair on the cleanliness, AC, bed, mosquito net and luke warm water for the shower. I didn't have a shower curtain and no way to put the shower head up so I could take a standing shower with my hands free. At least it had a bar of soap and "shampoo." Went to the bar with the crazy music and met a couple of people from Belgiam. One of the guys works a the sailing club in Mui Ne as a manager of some sort and also helps teach english and etiquite. He gave me some ... read more

Asia » Vietnam » Southeast » Ho Chi Minh City May 16th 2010

Been sick since yesterday. sleeping and resting a lot. everything is so hard to do when you feel achy and then really weak. I did get to sit by a pool today for a few hours. Also, I am changing my travel plans a bit because of the crazy stuff going on in Thailand. Gonna stay in Vietnam for a few days and see how things are in Thailand and make a decision then. going to hit up Mui Ne if I'm feeling well enough for a 4 hour bus ride. ... read more

Asia » Vietnam May 14th 2010

Got up early and had Pho for breakfast with my uncle and his colleague. Pho in Vietnam is a little different than back home, but still very delicious. Went back to the hotel and rested a bit before walking to the Main Post office first. It is an old French-era post office very artsy. Pretty great place for a traveler to start out in HCMC. There is tourist info, telephones services and of course the post itself. I also stopped by the Notre Dame Cathedral since it is about 100 feet from the post office. Next stop lunch, ate at Huong Lai, a vietnamese restaurant on the recommendation of my Lonely Planet book. Had a simple noodle dish with veggies and chicken, quite good. After lunch was Independence Palace. Has a lot of info about the ... read more

Asia » Vietnam » Southeast » Ho Chi Minh City May 13th 2010

So it was the 13th of the month and my 13th trip to an airport of 2010. The 13th... I think it really is unlucky number. I ran a bit late and had to rush to write my post cards. Picked up my passport ok on the way to the airport. I had to ask the TukTuk driver to drop my post cards at the post office so who knows if he got them there. We arrived slightly later than planned but that was ok. As I was paying th TukTuk driver, i burned my right shin... Of course I didn't have lunch yet so I had lunch at the airport. I thought I was running late there too so I scarfed down my food as fast as I could only to find out that my ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » North » Angkor May 12th 2010

Got up at 4:30am... damn it was early! I met up with Christy and Sylvie at 5am and we went to Phnom Bahkeng to see the sunrise. I think we were a little late technically for the actual sunrise over the horizon but you couldn't see it anyway. We saw the sun rise over the clouds. This temple is on top of a little mountain which took 20 minutes to climb up. Next Bayon, with all the faces... was fairly big, lots of faces. Definite must see. We then took a break for a traditional Cambodian breakfast called Bobao, a rice porridge with chicken quite delicious. I also drank 2 cups of coffee with condensed milk, mmmmm. Ta Nei, very small very temple that was about a 10 minute walk. we were the only ones checking ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » North » Siem Reap May 11th 2010

Traveled from Aranya to Siem Reap with Christy and Sylvie starting out at 7am today. The girl driving us stopped at the "Cambodian Embassy" where we could get visas for 1000 Thai Bhatt ($40). We refused and told her to take us to the border where we got Visa on arrival fro $20. TukTuk drivers are truly out to make an extra buck or even just plane rip you off. (Always make sure you negotiate the price before you get in.) The boarder took a little over an hour. We got across and hired a car to Siem Reap for $33 (less than what we expected.) We got Siem Reap and he took us directly to a tour company... yeah... NO! we don't want a tour thank you. We got a TukTuk and went to Two ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok May 10th 2010

Landed in Thailand from South Korea. I had more pieces of luggage than I planned but I couldn't check everything in. I took some Snacks with me, wonder if I'll actually eat it all or if I'm just wasting space. oh well. It is too expensive to travel by plane to Siem Reap/Angkor Wat ($230) so I am traveling by bus and Taxi ($65 max). Between customs/eating/resting/beer/getting info it took me almost 2 hours to leave the airport. I took a taxi and got to the North bus station where it took 3 Thai men to sell me a used phone. Spend $30 on the phone plus another $12 for the sim card and value on the prepaid. Called my uncle. Free wi-fi allowed me to check my e-mail on my Droid (at least it isn't ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Seoul » Itaewon May 9th 2010

Last day... woke up kinda late, sleeping in is gooooooood! especially since I didn't get back until 3:45am from the DJ festival. Which was fun! I spent the day packing, spending time with my favorite aunt shopping and then boat ride along the river in Seoul. I got 2 pairs of shoes and a shirt while shopping with my aunt. I got a smoking deal on the shoes, 2 pairs for less that $20... awesome. I paid a lot for the shirt, but I really liked it. The boat ride was last minute. My mom called while my aunt and I were on out way back to my Aunt's house. I wasn't done packing but decided to go anyway. It was nice to see Seoul from the River and there was a fountain show off of ... read more

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