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North America » United States » Colorado September 23rd 2004

September 23, 2004. Thursday, and we are on our way to the “Wild West”. We left “the Burg” around 10 a.m. and drove for over 500 miles to Effingham IL Sept. 24, Friday. Again this is a travel day over 500 miles to a campground in Hays, Indiana Sept. 25, Saturday. Kansas We made a stop today in Kansas. The highpoint is Mt Sunflower the elevation is 4039, and it is on private property. It is cattle/farm country just outside the Colorado state line. We drove the Bothan through the slick dirt roads, slopping up mud everywhere. Our final climb was up the “hill” to the metal sculpture of a sunflower and an American Flag. We enjoyed meeting some folks who use the land for cattle and we heard about the family history and how this ... read more
Lost ?
Colorad River

North America » United States » Florida November 30th 1999

A wise traveler never despises his own country.” - Carlo Goldoni They just wonder what is going on!!!! January 29, 2010, Friday The Suwannee River SP to St. Mark’s National Wildlife Refuge and on to Ochlochonee SP Along the way we stopped at St. Mark’s National Wildlife Refuge, and drove out to the Lighthouse. It didn’t seem to be open, but there was a trail nearby and walked enjoying the wildlife. The bird sightings were incredible…the bald eagle, coots, and many others. Recently the Whooping Cranes have followed an ultra-light aircraft to a remote area here, and have been re-introduced in this environment…time will tell how its works out. We continued onto Ochlockonee SP. The Ochlockonee River meets the Dead River and this area is popular with anglers. January 30, 2010, Saturday Ochlockonee SP FL ... read more
St. Mark's National Wildlife Refuge
Many warning signs
Birding is so popular

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