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Europe » France » Rhône-Alpes » Autrans September 8th 2014

Last time we visited Autrans in early spring 2003 we had planned to take a trip up into the mountains but failed as we were snowed off, or rather in. This time we were determined and snow was exceedingly unlikely. Bob unloaded Kisbee from the Tandy garage and we set off up the valley on the road signed Sure ski slopes, but any further destination was unknown, as the Carte Touristique I’d picked up from campsite reception just showed a road which ended somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Think perhaps we should have had a better scale of map. Lovely drive along the valley, tree covered mountain slopes rising high on either side, past the ski centre and a few ski lifts until we came to the Tunnel du Mortier (built for the 1968 Winter ... read more
Bob enjoying his lunch
Scootering back to the road after lunch
Orientation table at La Moliere. Mont Blanc is just to the left of the biggest looking one in the middle !

Europe » France » Rhône-Alpes » Autrans September 7th 2014

Not quite as far to drive today and we set off at a leisurely pace, heading due South. As I sit on the left of the Tandy my earlier photos of the day of the beautiful mountain scenery were difficult as the sun from the East was so bright. However those photos are far better than any which I’ll manage on the move after today. In the afternoon, the shutter button of my faithful and very overworked Minolta Dynax digital Slr camera stopped working (it has been a bit iffy a couple of times so I was not surprised) and all attempts to persuade it to work again have failed. My phone camera is going to be a very poor substitute and I am very sad. So is the camera which will be going to the ... read more
The mountains in the East near Annecy
Super fountain on the roundabout near Aix les Bains
The lake at Aix les Bains

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Geneva September 6th 2014

Our plan to get to Geneva worked really well. We scootered down to the Vatim Commercial area which is supposed to be 800m from the campsite but it would have been a very long 800m on foot and even longer up the steep hill back, if we’d been on foot. Discovered that Vatim, as well as being a big shiny new shopping mall is also a water theme park – which looked absolutely fantastic and it was heaving when we returned later in the afternoon. We parked Kisbee scooter, found the bus but then had to wait for the next as we had no change and only way to pay was using the machine in the bus which only took coins. Never mind, nipped into shopping centre, bought a postcard, got change and we caught the ... read more
Geneva swans
Bob posing on one of the picturesque Geneva Lake bridges
Beautiful clock which I found by following the lovely sound of its bells

Europe » France » Rhône-Alpes » Saint-Julien-en-Genevois September 5th 2014

Can’t begin to describe what a lovely drive we had today. What contrasts of lovely countryside, excellent roads, pretty little towns and villages and beautiful scenery. The air seemed super clean and fresh and even the cows enhanced the scene with the sounds of their bells as we drove past. All helped by some glorious sunshine, so hot it was burning my arm through the Tandy open window. We knew we had a long drive, 250 miles is quite a drive in a 3.5 ton motorhome as Bob’s shoulders bear witness. We didn’t know it was going to be quite such a good drive. The roads were 95% excellent which always makes the driving so much easier. The countryside was so varied that it was a delight to drive through it. We started with the pristine ... read more
Along beautiful pastureland and tree lined roads
Through pretty towns with lovely flowers on every bridge
more pretty fields and a hint of Switzerland to the left

Europe » France » Alsace » Turckheim September 4th 2014

Travelling day today, South East to Alsace. A very pleasant drive from Verdun, mainly quite flat and very agricultural. We decided as we drove that it would be a good idea to do a few more miles today leaving less for next driving day from Alsace to Geneva. When we stopped for a break we changed our planned campsite at Ste-Marie-des-Mines to one at Eigenstein as this is a few more miles further on and also in the heart of Alsace proper. No pool, but having been lucky enough to have swum first 3 days of trip, I decided location of next stop was more important. Bob gave Clarissa Tomtom her new instructions as we ate lunch and we took a slightly different route than planned. Clarissa did argue for a while and I had to ... read more
Church through the vineward
Alsace grapes

Europe » France » Lorraine » Verdun September 3rd 2014

.Not quite as sunny as forecast when we woke but good enough for a scooter day out. As it happened by midday the sun came out properly and we had a rather lovely blue sky day. First stop on our scooter tour of Verdun and its WWl historical sites was the Underground Citadel. Built in the 1600s to defend the city which has long been in the disputed area between France and Germany it now houses a rather brilliant display of its usage during the war. We did the tour on an automated ‘truck’ which took us along dark tunnels in which filmshows suddenly appeared on walls which then parted to let us pass through. At one point we almost appeared to be on a plane looking down and then the, fortunately short, trip through the ... read more
Getting slightly wet in Verdun
Verdun centre and the only remaining city gate
Verdun WWl memorial

Europe » France » Lorraine » Verdun September 2nd 2014

Had a lovely drive today. Such a pleasure to take to the open roads of France which have so much space we can actually enjoy driving, well Bob drives, I enjoy it. Woke to a slightly damp day, a teeny bit autumnal and misty, very pretty especially on such a nice campsite. We set off in good time as quite a few miles to cover and we were not touching motorways today, Bob had found what looked to be good route cross country. It was. We drove through several small towns, always more interesting than bypasses. We also drove past miles and miles (and miles) of agricultural land, fields, mainly already harvested and enormous and not separated by hedges as are many of our English fields. We must have seen a hundred tractors working away, ploughing, ... read more
Early morning mist over Picardy
Now which windmill looks best ?
Pretty towns and villages of Picardy and the Ardennes

Europe » France » Nord-Pas de Calais » Saint-Omer September 1st 2014

Exactly 2 months since we got home from our last trip to Spain and Portugal and Tandy has been sitting on the drive feeling a little neglected and bored. We have been anything but as it has been a rather busy summer and mostly glorious sunshine – always good if we chose our times for staying in England well. Only 2 weeks after getting home we went down to Stratford for a short break meeting up with Denise and Peter on the campsite by the river. Lovely spot complete with entertainment from a family of swans, a boat taxi ride into town down the lovely verdant river Avon and a trip to the theatre. Back home Bob was pleased to welcome daughter Jane from Thailand, staying in her local, UK, house for the summer. I made ... read more
Motorhome Expedition
Managed to grow a few pretty flowers this summer in the sunshine

Europe » Spain » Cantabria » Santander June 29th 2014

Woke to a stunning blue sky which left pretty little white cloud crowns on the peaks of the Picos. So beautiful. This really is a stunningly lovely mountain range and we have enjoyed our visit. Last day today as we now head for the coast at Santander and the ferry home to England. I bought Bob a couple of emergency bottles of wine at the campsite shop and we had also planned to try the small supermarket in Potes on our way past but that was just not meant to be. Market day, right outside the supermarket and not a chance of parking Tandy so we drove past and Bob will return home, wineless, for the summer. The drive out of Potes along the river valley, cut through the high towering rocks, was as dramatic as ... read more
Heading for the coast
That ravine made quite a dramatic drive
San Vicente de la Barquera

Rain was forecast for today, all forecasters seem to have agreed on that all week. We found one forecast that promised a dry morning at least so got up a little earlier than usual and headed down into town. We had hoped there might be a market but there wasn’t and the town was surprisingly quiet. The car parks were full so we don’t know where all the occupants of the cars were but not many were wandering the streets of this very attractive town. We have of course visited Potes before so we just did an amble around, along the river, through the narrow streets of very beautifully restored and decorated buildings. Had a good coffee and shared a cake under the stone arcade which lines part of the main street through to the bridge. ... read more
Stunning mountain view from Mogrovejo
A few typical local products on sale in one of the very nice shops in Potes
Potes main bridge

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