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Europe » Spain » Cantabria » Potes June 27th 2014

Seemed to take ages to get packed up and leave today and it was 11am before I paid the campsite bill and we set off heading for the mountains. We knew that Clarissa Tomtom was going to have a day off today as the GPS is very poor in the mountains and indeed we managed to miss our way in the first 2 towns we came to. Not Clarissa’s fault but our Spanish road atlas is 90% useless and will be heading for the rubbish bin when we get to Santander. Cangas de Onis was the second town we mislaid our road and looked a delightful place to stop for a visit but, like so many pretty and busy places with parked cars right down both sides of the road, not for us in a motorhome. ... read more
En route for Potes through the Picos Mountains -
En route for Potes through the Picos Mountains -
En route for Potes through the Picos Mountains -

Europe » Spain » Asturias » Ribadesella June 26th 2014

We love bad weather forecasts. Cloudy all day with 20% chance of rain. What cloud ? By the time we were up and about the overnight rain had totally cleared. Mindful of yesterday when it clouded over after lunch and wary of scaring the sun away I decided against a suntop and opted for a sleeveless tshirt instead. It worked. The sun shone all day long, there was barely a cloud to be seen. Kisbee was raring to go and I really mean that. Barely run in the further it goes the better it gets and it’s coping far better now with the hills and our combined weight than it was on its first excursion to Dorset. We headed West along the coast road, the way we had driven in to Ribadesella. After about 4 miles ... read more
Paddling on Vega beach
Curious bright green rock pools on Vega beach
Vega beach - tide out

Europe » Spain » Asturias » Ribadesella June 25th 2014

We woke to a very grey sky and a check of the weather forecast (love the free wifi we’ve had on almost all our campsites) said “Thick fog”. It wasn’t, it was very low cloud which seems to have draped itself over the Picos mountains which overlook us. By the time Kisbee was out of the garage and ready to go, the grey cloud had lifted and the sky was a very welcome blue. Quick change into a suntop (for me anyway) and we were off. First stop the supermarket, now open and full of lovely fresh food. Back to the campsite with stocks of meat, fish and vegetables, enough to last us until we leave for home on Sunday. Our Tandy fridge is unusually large and the freezer compartment big enough to hold 2 weeks ... read more
 Ribadesella harbour lobster pots
Ribadesella market
Ribadesella market - cheese with sausage inside ?

Europe » Spain » Asturias » Ribadesella June 24th 2014

Think we’re now on plan Q. We’ve missed out a couple of night’s stops from our original plan A and having now decided not to make the night halt near Leon we have time for 3 days on the coast. We had chosen a campsite last night – before the thunder storm cut the electricity and the internet. At Ribadesella which is where we spent the last night of our honeymoon in 1995. Interesting to go back to see if we remember it. The first thing to check when we woke was the state of the ground. So much rain came down in the night we were concerned we might be a bit stuck. No standing water was a good sign but then it started to rain heavily again and by the time we were ready ... read more
Braganca to Ribadesella - still Portugal side of the border
Braganca to Ribadesella - now in Spain
Braganca to Ribadesella - a convent we think

Europe » Portugal » Northern » Braganca June 23rd 2014

Forgot to mention yesterday. Bob had to swerve the Tandy to avoid a 1metre long big fat green snake which was in the road as we got further into the National Park. That has made us quite careful of where we put our feet. It reminded me that when we were in Portugal on a fly-drive holiday in the late 1990s we were also in a National Park close to the Spanish border, a pretty wild area. As I stepped on the grass by the car to get in, something bit me on the foot. Don’t know what but by the time Bob had started the car my foot was double size and by the time he was a mile down the road my ankle was the same and it was rapidly swelling all my leg. ... read more
Bob admires the poppies in the grass on the approach to the castle
Very old water tower in the old quarter of Braganca
Old town of Braganca entrance gate

Europe » Portugal » Northern » Braganca June 22nd 2014

Clarissa Tomtom let us down again as we tried to get away from the coastal area and on to the road East. It seemed to take an age to get through the little, all cobbled, roads of Estela and onto the main road we had been looking for. We found the road eventually which was not the route Bob had originally planned but had had to change as we were starting from a point lower down the coast because of our change of campsite. We were supposed to follow a picturesque route along the river but the route we took had few points of interest. We were to pass the medieval city of Guimaraes. We’ve been there before in 1995 on our honeymoon so I thought it might be nice to drive through or at least ... read more
Typical church for the area
Guimaraes. Best and only photo I could manage as the roads were all closed off.
How on earth did Bob get Tandy up there without a scratch.

Europe » Portugal » Northern » Vila do Conde June 21st 2014

Though we do not really like the campsite, we had decided to spend what was forecast as a hot sunny day at the seaside as after this we move inland. Actually the wind got up and blew some clouds in, so strong in fact that we had to roll the awning in as a precaution. We didn’t really move from Tandy until after lunch when the wind had eased a little and the sun had fully reappeared. Back to the beach. The way to and from the beach is really not at all a pleasure and I would not do it a 3rd time but the only way is through that pipe walkway so we did it. We had walked a mile south yesterday so today we went North, sea on the left. I had an ... read more
The rather lovely beach - this was the only bit with pebbles as there was a little area of rocks close to the shore.
No swimming from this part of the sea - the rocks made it dangerous as well as the too strong currents..
Those little tents were my target for the walk as sure enough they were associated with a little beach cafe selling icecream.

Europe » Portugal » Northern » Vila do Conde June 20th 2014

Today a really easy drive. Bob asked, as we were packing up, if I wanted to hang around for a while as it was a bit early given it would take us less than an hour to get to the next site. Ha ha ha. The campsite we were aiming for was just on the other side of the river mouth across from Viano do Castelo. The idea being that we would spend a couple of nights here and visit the town. Best laid plans and all that. We arrived in Viano do Castelo and all was well. Looked to be a very nice place for our visit the next day. All we had to do was find the bridge to get us across the river to our campsite. That was easier said than done. Clarissa ... read more
Viano do Castelo looks a nice place to visit. Sigh.
Viano do Castelo - the diversion sign which was supposed to tell us the bridge was closed !
Viano do Castelo - went past 3 times so thought I'd take a photo 3rd time round

Europe » Portugal » Northern June 19th 2014

A simple drive today. Head due south from Santiago in Spain until we come to Portugal. Easy. Well it was until we got to Pontevedra. Now Pontevedra is on the estuary of the river of the same name. A big river and a big town and lots of little beaches along the way. We got into the town very well and were just admiring the sights when we realised that we shouldn’t be seeing little beaches as our route went south not round the peninsula, following the river estuary. We were almost in Marin by the time we spotted our mistake so I suggested, given the width and general congestion on the road, it would be easier to follow the road we were on, round the peninsula to the other side rather than attempting to turn ... read more
The bridge from Pontevedra to Vigo which gave us so much trouble
Coast line below Vigo but still in Spain
Bob admiring the Southern part of the Spanish west coast

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Santiago de Compostela June 18th 2014

Some people, quite a lot really and we've seen a few of them, walk the pilgrim’s route into Santiago de Compostela. Bent over with the weight of the bags on their backs, leaning on their crooked sticks to take the pain off their blistered feet and gasping for water………and there, at last, in front, the beautiful spires of the Cathedral. Oops no, the cloth and scaffolding covered spires ….ooh and.. the front door is firmly bolted. Never mind use the side door to get inside and let’s light a candle to give thanks for safe arrival. €1 in the slot and Bob’s your uncle, or in my case, husband. The candle lights as if by magic or actually by electricity. Hated that ! I’m not a Catholic but will always pay for a candle, when visiting ... read more
Santiago di Compostela - pilgrim's way in
Santiago di Compostela - Cathedral under wraps and pilgrims taking a rest in the square
Santiago di Compostela - the side of the Cathedral

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