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Geo: 9.74892, -83.7534The morning weather is stunning. Of course it could all turn on a dime, but it's very pleasant at the moment. Mom made panqueques for breakfast served with guava jam. It felt very IHoP. We also had bananas which are practically free here.Everyone collected a few "must wash" items to take to Alviana. She will launder for $5 a load. Hopefully that will get us through Monday.Usually by now Mom would be relaxing with a book, but the staff and some day helpers seem to be using the off season for major construction projects. When it was one guy with a hammer it was no big deal, but today there are a bunch of guys, a barking dog and at least one piece of very loud machinery; not very restful. Johan reported that they ... read more

Geo: 9.74892, -83.7534This morning everyone enjoyed the pastries Mom bought at the store last night. Then we went for a dip in the pools before the place opened to the public. It turns out that we didn't have to rush. It's been busy the last two days because of yesterday's holiday. Today was very quiet. Since Johan was feeling better and there weren't any day visitors he offered to take us on a hike around the property. We like it that when people take us on hikes they usually bring their machetes. What follows later in conversation is some level of consternation and incredulity when the guide says, "You don't have a machete at home?"The hike wasn't at all difficult and had some nice views. We saw another tree frog. This one was smaller and mostly ... read more
Ice cream on the porch
Puerta de la casita

Geo: 9.74892, -83.7534We got up and ate a simple breakfast. Mom went out for a quiet soak in the pools before the place opened up for public use at 9. She met Johan, the manager. The day before he had been in San Jose picking up some music instruments for his church. He was feeling a little under the weather, but arranged for lunch and dinner for us through the catering service run by one of the neighbors. Basically, if she is around she will cook you food and then send one of her kids over to drop it off on his moped. The menu is short and simple. Everything but the hamburgesa (not really hamburger, but on a bun) is served with rice and beans.We spent the day relaxing, reading, playing cards, asking what time ... read more
Relaxing in the hot springs
Wheel rim barbecue

Geo: 10.3751, -84.3405Mark arranged for an early breakfast for us at 7:10 so we could eat with Dad before he headed to the airport. This morning was mixed fruit served in a pineapple boat and coconut French toast. It was excellent. We said sad farewells down by the gate. Our hope was to visit the local wild animal rescue this morning, but they appear to be mostly on vacation at the moment. At least no one is answering the phone. So we chilled around the Treehouse a bit and packed up our stuff for another transfer. This one is shorter, about 45 minutes.Wait, strike that. We got through to the animal rescue and the roads were terrible and the trip took closer to two hours. Mark unexpectedly showed up at our room with the news that ... read more
Kate and "Little Onion"
Josh's grooming
Alex gets friendly with the kinkajou

Geo: 10.3584, -84.5147Breakfast is served at 8am at the Tree Houses Hotel. This is a little late for us. We had some quiet time in the room first thing and then Mom headed out with her tea to see the hummingbirds and whatever else she could find. Lucy down at the office gave her a tip that there was a sloth hanging out low on one of the trees. She went down to check him out. He was indeed quite low and next to the path, probably 7 or 8 feet off the ground. She got to watch him groom for a while and was close enough to identify him as a 3-toed sloth, although one of his 12 toes appeared to be missing. We suppose that if sloths had a number system it would either ... read more
Sacrificial offering
Us just before heading up the volcano
Lake Arenal

Geo: 10.9223, -85.0953Up at first light, Mom headed up the driveway to get a good luck at the howler monkeys who were giving a concert just up from the house. They were in fine form and quite loud. She enjoyed how they bobbed their heads up and down as they belted out their morning song.After breakfast the kids reluctantly pitched in on the cleaning and packing and we were all ready to go about 90 minutes early. It's fortunate that we are early risers here because the cleaning lady came and started her work prepping the house for the next guests before 7:30. We found this funny because technically we had the house until 11 and we had told the manager we would be out by 9:30. Bernie the dog stopped by to say goodbye and ... read more

Geo: 9.87991, -85.5715Thunder storms rolled in around around 1am. It was still raining when everyone woke up but Dad headed out in search of fish anyway. He didn't find any takers, but Alex did get some for his long-awaited game of Monopoly. While everyone else was wheeling and dealing, Mom worked on picking a destination after our trip to the Tree Houses Hotel near the Arenal Volcano. She finally settled on a house through the AirBnB web site that is situated on property that includes many volcanic thermal hot springs pools. It looks very low key, peaceful and fun. We will finish up with a couple days in San Jose to see what the capital looks like and to have easy access to the airport for our return trip.After pasta for lunch we trekked down the ... read more
Josh dominates Dad at Monopoly
Found waterfall
Another quiet mystery beach view

Geo: 9.87991, -85.5715Yes, Kate has finally made it to 16 and got to start the day with "panqueques." We bought three small packages of pancake mix at the store the other day and Dad prepared them complete with the "baila de los huevos" and presented them with a candle.We arranged with our property manager to send a taxi for us at 7:30 because we had been having bad luck with taxis here in Buena Vista. Alas, our streak continued. We walked down to the intersection of two dirt roads where there is a kind of mini mart and waited again. Once more, no taxi. We think the locals all must be laughing at the gringo family that comes down in the morning to stand around for 45 minutes for no apparent reason. Instead of hoofing it ... read more
Coconut bowling
Kate's birthday dinner
Birthday pancakes.

Geo: 9.87991, -85.5715First thing in the morning we headed next door to meet up with our neighbor, Christian, owner and operator of Buena Vista Sportfishing ( He agreed to take us out for 6 hours of deep waterfishing in the Gulf of Nicoya. Since we don't have a car he drove us to the boat which gave us the opportunity to cross the river in a car. Fun!We arrived at a small beach south of Samara and met his first mate, Jason, and took a rowboat out to the fishing vessel, a 25' penga boat. He reported that he had been having very good luck this week, so we were optimistic for an excellent day of fishing.Christian is a French expat who is married to a Costa Rican woman named Clarisa. Christian's French is, of course, ... read more
Pina colada with Clarissa
Swordfish with Christian and Clarissa
Kate's first saltwater catch

Geo: 9.88667, -85.5722Last night before we let the cab driver go we asked him to pick us up at 7:30 am to take us into Samara for Kate's surfing lesson at Choco's Surf School. By 8:30 he had not arrived and when I called the taxi I had a business card for, courtesy of the local house manager, the person who answered the phone let me know that "he's on a trip to Nicoya (in Spanish)." Hmmm. So we took the map with us this time and walked it. The correct route is a little over 3 miles and doesn't have the hills that we had to climb yesterday. It was, however, very muddy during parts. There is a reason why most cars don't use this route. My favorite part was when we followed the detour ... read more
Born to surf
In from another long ride
Boogie boarders

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