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North America » United States » New Jersey » Newark September 17th 2014

Geo: 40.7357, -74.1724Other passengers on my flight from Richmond were visibly worried when the captain announced that there was a maintenance glitch on our flight. I knew we'd take off soon. After all, I had a 5-hour layover ahead of my in Newark. Significant delays only come when you have a tight connection.When I saw all of the people moving sidewalks here, I thought about a YouTube music video I saw recently produced by a guy when he was (mostly) alone all night in an airport terminal. I wondered if anyone would notice or care if I did something similar in the middle of the day. I decided I would just stick with writing as my expressive medium of choice. The aluminum security gates in front of Crumb seem to suggest that at least the EWR ... read more
Multi use room
Beef aging at the airport
If there is T-Ham, it must be NJ

North America » United States » Virginia » Glen Allen June 2nd 2013

Geo: 37.6775, -77.5881After scoring some more tea, J and I took the train downtown to walk along the canal where we spent an hour or so checking out the cool and interesting vendors at the Saturday Market ( It was a great place to pick up gifts to bring home. My daughter got a hand carved wooden rack for her jewelry and I considered some whimsical boxer shorts before settling on handmade caramels. Really good! The lady who makes and sells them was partnering with a local chef to create a special evening of caramel-inspired/infused dishes. I wish I'd be around for that.During the afternoon I had some alone time that I spent looking around some of the gardens and shops in the Mississippi Ave area. I thought hard about buying a slab/block of salt for ... read more
Alex in front of lake Titicaca at 7:30 AM
Beach babe
Another yard

North America » United States » Oregon » Portland June 1st 2013

Geo: 45.5118, -122.676Now back in Portland, we stayed with and were escorted around town by a native for the day. After breakfast at the house, we walked around the NE Alberta St. neighborhood, exploring shops and on the lookout for a good cup of tea. Without a doubt, the place to go in this area is Townshend's Teahouse at 2223 NE Alberta St ( It is a true teahouse which brews drinks from loose leaf blends listed in a small catalog. Drinks take about seven minutes because you can't rush a good steep. I tried the Alberta Chai which was very good and one of several chai blends available. I visited two more times before I left town. I wish I ha one of these places at home. If you are in the mood for something ... read more
Coastal road pretty view
Tea samples
We walked up here!

North America » United States » Oregon » Portland May 31st 2013

Geo: 45.5593, -122.642After enjoying the free breakfast at the Best Western, during which we scanned our guides for activity options, we set out for the Columbia Gorge Discovery Center and Museum at The Dalles (pronounced with a long A and silent E). The drive to the east took us to a section of the mountains that are considerably drier and browner than the lush, green landscape we had gotten used to seeing. The museum was filled with frontier and exploration memorabilia. The architecture of the place did a nice job of uniting the inside of the museum with the outside gardens and displays. There are a few live raptors in site as well. We had a good chuckle at the repeated mentions of how far over budget Lewis & Clark and the Corps of Discovery ran. ... read more
Lost Lake Butte Trail #616
Bigfoot at Lost Lake
Top of Lost Lake Butte 616 trail

Geo: 45.67, -121.889After a late arrival, I stayed with a friend in a hotel near the airport. We headed out from Portland fairly early on I84 East. We had no real plan, but a couple free tourism guides that we picked up at the airport. Our first impetuous stop was Multnomah Falls. It turns out it is Oregon's top tourist attraction. I didn't look that grand from the highway, but we were eager to start seeing things. Multnomah has an interpretive center in a historic building and a couple different hiking trails. We grabbed our wind breakers and a couple of coffees from a cart out front and started up the trail to see the top of the falls (620 feet up). The path was in good condition and had several views of the falls and ... read more
Izzys for dinner
Stephen enjoying the sun at Lake Tahoe

North America » United States » Virginia » Richmond May 29th 2013

Geo: 37.5406, -77.4334Just a quick note to say that my flights with Jet Blue from Richmond to Boston and from Boston to Portland were the closest thing to pleasant I've experience in air travel for some time. The flights were on time, the crew and gate staff were pleasant. I had a free bag in the cargo hold an I wasn't crammed like a sardine into my seat. Really, most of us don't ask for much. The snacks and drinks were freely and generously offered to boot.Also, the Boston airport has plenty of good walking area, free wifi and decent food options. Thank you, BOS!... read more

North America » United States » Virginia » Richmond August 8th 2011

Geo: 37.5406, -77.4334Just a quick note to put a capstone on the blog. Our flight didn't take off until 12:45pm, so we had time to go out and pick up food for breakfast and lunch. Alex and Mom walked about a mile to a grocery to grab stuff for sandwiches, keeping in mind that drinks would be forbidden and that fresh fruits and meats couldn't enter Texas. Continental did give us some food and we made peanut butter and guava jam sandwiches to keep for an emergency, along with the kids' favorite galletas mantequillas (butter cookies).The hotel taxi guy tried to overcharge for the drive to the airport. Mom shut him down and gave him what the hotel web site said it should cost. Keep in mind that Costa Rica has an international exit tax. It's ... read more

Geo: 9.92, -84.15Our last day began with some slightly squished muffins from the Auto Mercado in San Jose that we bought yesterday. Actually, the 3 chocolate chip muffins were in good shape, but they seemed to have given the one blueberry muffin quite a beat down in the pastry bag.Mom did a little reading about the area of San Jose that we are in. Apparently it is known as the Beverly Hills of Costa Rica. Well, I don't think Beverly Hills needs to be too worried about losing its status to Escazu. It's a bit cleaner, has a few nicer shops and restaurants and is home to the Country Club of Costa Rica, but it's not exactly dressed to impress. Still, it's our last day and we wanted to get out and see what luck would ... read more
Flutes from afar
Random wall painting
Country Club of Costa Rica

Geo: 9.92, -84.15Breakfast is $15/person at the Marriott, so we walked across the street to a strip mall and found a shop called "teapot" to desayunar (eat breakfast). Kate and Alex got waffles with fresh fruit. Josh ordered an omlette and Mom got a croissant with ham and cheese. When the food arrived Josh found that the kitchen had filled his breakfast with Josh unfriendly vegetables so he and Mom switched meals.We walked back to the hotel where they hooked us up with a taxi driver who charged us double what he should have to bring us to the downtown area. We got out in the Mercado Central area (central market) to see what that was all about. Pretty crowded, pretty dirty, not too much that we were interested in buying. In addition to traditional storefronts ... read more
Fernando the whistle maker
Alex's waffle

Geo: 9.92, -84.15Mainor arrived about 10am to take us to San Jose for the last few days of our trip. As we drove back over the mountains to get to the Central Valley Mainor pointed out places where Ticos like to buy cheese and they place where he and his family went for New Year's Eve. He says there are many places up above the Central Valley where you can look down and see the fireworks ov many different small towns on one night. As a bonus, it's not cold in Costa Rica on New Year's. We stopped at a roadside stand and had cheese empanadas for lunch. They were a little salty, but they hit the spot.It doesn't look like too many people spend time in San Jose when they visit. I wasn't able to ... read more
Enjoying signs at the mall
Cool kid eating a churro

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