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Asia » Cambodia » North » TonlĂ© Sap May 9th 2010

After few days staying in Siem Reap. I decide arrange tours to cruising through Tonle Sap lake to see floating village. We start at 4pm and take roughly 40min to reach that place from center of Siem Reap city. Riding with a Tuk Tuk will give some exposure of Cambodian villagers. They still using candlelight as a lamp, cow and colt as main trainsportation, children playing with a dust. This is very native, while i still remember my mum told me that i can see Malaysian 50years ago. The boat ticket cost USD15, and we start cruising the river. No accompany, only me, boatmen and his conductor. I can't recalled their names ( i got bad memorize d;) ) Got a lot of shuttle boat that come and go between this river, that is good business ... read more
Tonle Sap Sunset
Captain and his assistant d;D

Asia » Cambodia » North » Siem Reap April 15th 2010

Wake up early at 5am very rarely happen to me. I turn on the tv and to be surprise that still can watch my local ( Malaysia ) channel TV1. So there is no reason for me not getting update with what happen in Malaysia at this moment. I slowly pack by bag and reading my lonely planet book before I leave this rooms. Sharp at 8am. The bus already full with passenger and the driver ready to depart. Punctual, that is very difficult attitude to find in my country LOL. While crossing the Chrouy Changvar Bridge to get over Tonle Sap river, i look over to Phnom Penh city and bare in my mind and heart that I must come back to this city d:( Cruising the two lane road is not difficult, the ... read more
Jodie n Eky at Bayon
Apsara Dance
Ta Phromn

Asia » Cambodia » South » Phnom Penh April 12th 2010

Cambodia, known as Kingdom of Wonders. I landed in Phnom Penh airport on 5th April. First thinng i do is to change a few dollars to Riel in the airport with not very good exchange rate though. Once i disembark from the airport exit, I been surround by so many local people that offer me taxi, tuk tuk and motorcycle driver. I start to play my role as tourist, and manage to deal a good deal for Riel2000 that equal 1 dollar, from airport to center of City ( Sisowath Quay ). Dusty, hectic, and aggresive, that I can see from this big city. With a traffic light every 500meter, not so tall building that blend with French architecture, motorcyclist, taxi, it show nothing different for me from big city to another big city. My ... read more
King Palace
me at Sisowath Quay
waiting game in Phnom Penh

Asia » Malaysia » Langkawi December 18th 2009

In early November 2009, I have been invite by my so called famous places in Malaysia, Langkawi. To be frank, I never been to Langkawi before, because I keep on thinking that the beach is no nice such as east coast island, and I always compared this island with Redang, Perhentian and Tioman. But it totally turn out. White sandy beach, calm and such a good places to visit. It located about 1 hours by flight from Kuala Lumpur, and roughly 7hours by overland. So I choose to use Airasia for this time. It only short visit so i need to minimize my travel journey. It quite luxurious for me, because I got chance to stay at Meritus Pelangi in pantai Chenang. Feel a bit different, since I never feel so extra ordinary comfortable during my ... read more
Pantai Chenang
it's me .!

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Kota Kinabalu October 24th 2009

Day 1 While everyone else busy celebrating Deepavali, i decide to above my boundaries and try to be adventurous as i can. Depart to Kota Kinabalu by Airasia at 1045am and arrived 2hours later. The taxi drive suggest me to accomodate in Summer Lodge, and it already in my few budget hostel list. It only cost RM22 per night and come with breakfast. After put all my luggage, start to figure it out what's interesting about Kota Kinabalu, i went to handicraft market, fish market, waterfront, and some similar shopping complex that we can get in Kuala Lumpur. Day 2 Gaya Sunday Market just down stairs of my hostel. There got few interesting stuff, but to shopping is not my main agenda, since I need to cut off the budget to the maximum level. I went ... read more
sea gypsy kid
the route rough road
mamutik jetty

Asia » Malaysia » Terengganu » Perhentian Besar August 14th 2009

In July 2009, me and my friend Jodie decide to run from hustle bustle of Kuala Lumpur. Traffic jammed, tonned of work, late night stay in office really make us sick. So we decide for a short visit to Pulau Perhentian and while i take this chances to polish my skill in diving. After make deal with our friend who live in Perhentian Besar and work as a diving instructor in Fauna reef, again we got complimentary rooms . We arrived jetty Kuala Besut early morning, Abang Juma welcome us with a big smile. He is very helpful person. He arrange our boat transfers for RM50 ( two and frow ) only, while everybody else need to pay double from that amount. We catch early boat at 7am and reach Fauna ( Perhentian Besar ) ... read more
milo the beaver
jodie and kamil
infront of kamil rooms

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Kuta June 3rd 2009

This time i was so surprise. I work with Look Asia Holidays not even 1 month, and my big boss arrange for the staff meet up in June 2008 a few days before my birthdays. He claims that it just a simple meet up, talk rubbish to each other, but it's the way for us to put chemistry to each other. A lot of activities to attend, a lot of fun and joy. I love the environment, cool and calm, fresh air to breath, surround by nice people that full of vibrant and smiling faces. It will be my remain in my mind. I'll keep on praying that will be back there soon. According to my colleagues, they only spend about RM1,500 to travel 2 weeks in Bali, of course it's not include with the flight ... read more
Uluwatuu at 7pm
Monkey do so .?!
Nasi Uduk ( traditional food )

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Pha-Ngan June 3rd 2009

Me and few of my friends, we decide to take a break from work and we choose Ko Phangan and Ko Samui as our destination for this time. Our route from KL to Ko Phangan is really madness. We only use overlands transfer by bus, van, ferry and boat. From Kuala Lumpur ( Puduraya ), we take bus at Puduraya 10pm and reach in Hat Yai 10am. After take our breakfast just near by bus station, we bought direct ticket from Hat Yai bus station to Ko Samui pier, from Hat Yai took about 6hours and arrived Don Sak pier at 5pm. We catch last ferry to Samui at 6pm. Along the way we met alone traveller name Joseph from Germany, who travel to Thailand to feed his hobby, 'fishing'. In Samui. We accomodate a ... read more
Chaweng - Ko Samui
Underwater - Ko Tao
Ko Ngayuan

Asia » Malaysia » Terengganu » Perhentian Besar June 3rd 2009

At last i manage myself to be an official divers. It suddenly pop - up in my mind to get a valid diving license and make a quick decision ever, it happen after I come back from Thailand. From snorkling suddenly I decide to explore more about underwater creature. Get support from good friend who also know someone working in Perhentian to help me on this. From cheapest rooms, and not very expensive dive course. Its unbelievable that I already pass that exam within 2 night. Score it with flying colour, without any doubt. So now i start to plan where and when will be my next dive trip. Photos has been capture by using just a normal film ( 35mm ) camera. Look a bit blurry. But its doesn't matter as long I can explore ... read more
Perhentian in May 2009
Perhentian in May 2009
Perhentian in May 2009

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Jakarta March 10th 2008

In early March, me and my parents when to Jakarta and Bandung for a short trip. We when there at wrong timing, because they are having a long week holidays, combination with 2 different religious celebration, Maulidur Rasul ( celebration for Muslim ) and Good Friday ( for Christian ). We depart from Kuala Lumpur by KLM airlines about 2pm and arrived in Suekarno Hatta airport about 4pm. After we clear all our luggage, we just started our long journey from there. It took about 3 hours to reach our hotel that only located just approximately 30km from the airport. Its because of massive traffice jammed, ( in Indonesia we call that Macet ). Once we arrived and check in to hotel ( Jalan Cikini ) we can't do so much activities and straight to our ... read more
Jalan Cikini - Jakarta

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