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14th January 2017

The chocolate kiss looks tasty.
From Blog: Last day!!!
13th September 2016

Funny who would have thought you are ending up in dorms again
13th September 2016

Just got caught up on your journal. Great writing and pictures. Really enjoying your story. Thanks for sharing.
From Blog: A Long Day
10th September 2016

Keep the blogs coming! Love them. Sounds like a great start to your journey.
9th September 2016

Nice stamps to start you off.
From Blog: Albergues
8th September 2016

Lookin' good getting ready for that second plane!
6th September 2016

It sounds like a life-changing trip. What a trek, 500 miles. I hope it is all you hoped for and more. ENJOY!
6th September 2016

All I can say is "wow" wishing you a safe and wonderful adventure, will be thinking of you and following your posts!
6th September 2016

A great Adventure!
6th September 2016

I am in awe and totally jealous..on my bucket list...have a great trek.Psw
7th December 2014

Sue's head and Brennan's hands.
7th December 2014

Notice the scale.
5th December 2014

Thanks so much for sharing your experiences! I've not yet been to China & would love to go some day. Some of the scenery/temples reminded me of Thailand which I really loved.You are wonderful grandparents. It looks like you & Bre
nnan had a great time. Fabulous memories. Nancy Vaske 12/5/14
17th November 2014

Hope you made it. All is well at this end.
23rd May 2014

Following your Adventure!
Hi Dave and Sue! Wow! What a trip! We love being able to experience it with you (well... almost) Can't wait to hear all about it in Whitefish!
23rd May 2014

John & Sandy, We look forward to seeing you and sharing the adventure. D & S
15th May 2014

Love your blog
Just got caught up on your adventure, WOW, sounds like you are having a great time!
From Blog: Made it to Lima
14th May 2014

Really Enjoying your Blog!
Hey there! It's Suzie (Mikey and Corkie's good friend). Mikey sent me the link to your blog. I've been reading all the updates. I have always heard Dead Woman Pass was "life changing", seem it's true! Safe travels to your both! Can't wait to see the pics and hear more stories!
4th May 2014

Appears you selected the right trip to call you bucket list trip! Looks like a wonderful adventure so far. Build a rock pile for MD&B and keep the photos coming.
From Blog: Colca Canyon
3rd May 2014

Andean Holes-in-Walls
Dave & Sue: Thanks for including me on your travel list; I'll follow your adventures. Two couples from here flew out today for Machu Pichu (sp), so keep an eye out for them as they will be travelling/hiking together: Brian & Heidi Miller (Kalispell), and Bill & Ginger Faust (Essex). Keep in touch. Steve
1st May 2014

the Selfie
Is great! Have a blast!
From Blog: Selfie

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