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Jill Siefert

I don't travel for a living, but I vacation in many different ways- Volunteering, All Inclusive, Road Tripping, Backpacking, Group Tours... you name it! I am blogging to provide positive, negatives, and advice for all types and places!

North America » United States » California » Lake Tahoe December 4th 2014

One thing I learned on this trip, is to not plan on during the daylight savings time frame where there is little daylight. Even worse, don't plan on driving in the morning, because by the time you reach your destination, you have minimal time to see how beautiful the area is! We arrived in Lake Tahoe, and checked into a casino hotel, which is nice because they expect you to gamble, thus bringing the price down. We walked around until we found the ski lift / gondola. According to many sites, riding the ski lift without actually skiing is something that pretty awesome and worth the cost. Unfortunately, we arrived on a rainy day, and the clouds were ruining the view. The lift would be over 100 dollars for us to ride, so the staff suggested ... read more

Yosemite... Where do I even start? In the span of the two days we spent in this park- during this trip, I experience by far the worst moment, and best moment of my life. It started with the worst: We arrived, and decided to go on a small hike. The man at the entrance booth told us to stroll around these big tree's- about a 2 mile hike. So we park the car, get out and start walking around. 2 Miles isn't that far right? I don’t know where we went wrong but somehow, we ended up on a trail trying to find a “Fallen Tunnel Tree”. In my mind, I was thinking a giant tree fell, and it was in the path, so they hollowed out the tree, making it a tunnel. Sounds pretty damn ... read more

North America » United States » Nevada » Las Vegas November 30th 2014

I grew up in the country, where everyone had 30 acres, a pond, and a garden. I never really had an interest in seeing Las Vegas, but since we were driving through, we might as well right? First we stopped at the Hover Dam, which was pretty impressive. It was also really windy. If you ever drive that way, stop at all the scenic spots, and enjoy the breeze. We stopped at one before the dam, and couldn't even set up a camera on a tripod, it was so windy. It's nice and warm though, so it feels good. While in Vegas, we stayed at the Luxor. Were not much into gambling, so we only played one machine- the one with the husky, since we own 3 of them. We were pretty astonished by the elevator. ... read more

The Grand Canyon! It's marvelous and scary if you are afraid of heights. We only stayed for a short period of time. My husband wanted to ride a damn mule, so we did. We booked through the Mule Rides company, and they were very professional. It was a good time. I will say, the mule gets way to close to the edge for my comfort, and two hours is a really long time to have hard back bones digging into your bottom. It hurt to sit for 4 days afterwards! Maybe I was riding it wrong, but I found it extremely painful. I will also mention I am afraid of horses/mules/ponies, whatever. The things we do for our spouses, right? I will also comment, its as hard to get pictures here. The SLR only wanted to ... read more

North America » United States » Arizona » Phoenix November 27th 2014

Our first road trip... The idea was to take a cheaper trip, and to be honest, it was cheaper, compared to Africa. However, it was by far the most expensive road trip we will have taken. Apparently I watch too many movies, because the idea in my head, was this romantic excursion with the husband, with everything planned out, in a cute little notebook. He would drive, and I would read the history of each stop. Everything would go as planned, and it would be a fairytale. The reality was nothing like this, but it was better! We flew Southwest, because, well, it's the best. We rented a car from Fox- which gave us great service but renting a little economy car in the mountains is a terrible idea. More to come on that. When we ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Eastern Cape » Port Elizabeth January 20th 2014

Matt and I decided to try volunteering abroad. We booked through goeco.org. Our paris trip was just a pit stop with Africa being the destination. Here is my journal of the entire trip. Monday, 1/20/14 When we got off the Airbus, we were seriously pressed for time. The airplane arrived 15 minutes late so we were left with one hour to check in through customs, pick up our luggage, and get through security. When we got off the plane, the customs line was super long. We stood in it for about 45 minutes. I knew at that point we would miss our flight. I kept looking for an employee to help us jump the line, but I couldn’t find anyone to ask. There were no employees around trying to help speed up the process. When we ... read more

Europe » France » Île-de-France January 17th 2014

I'm normally one to plan out every little detail of everything, and honestly a little controlling, so when we got to Paris, I shouldn't have been surprised that my husband expected me to have the whole thing planned down to a science. Problem was, he was the one who studied French, so I made the assumption that HE would be able to get us around! The whole trip was a struggle bus. Friday, 1/17/14 Today we fly to Paris. The flight to Atlanta was good, although the lady working the counter was a bitch when I asked her if we could get seats next to each other. The lady that was supposed to be between us moved to the window anyways. The flight was delayed because of the ice. They said they had to de-ice the ... read more
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I'm an aerialist. The only thing I love as much as hanging upside down, is traveling. I recently signed up to compete, and am learning its pretty rough on my body... so I decided I needed a hobby that isn't physical. My husband suggested that I blog about our travels, so here I am. 2012: Marriage... Wedding- so expensive :( and what comes after? another expensive thing, a honeymoon. Luckily my gracious mother helped us pay for our honeymoon. 5 days in Couples Negril. Because I am going back in time and blogging about historical trips we have taken, I can easily say what I would do different, based on my experience of many trips after. Negril was beautiful. The hotel was amazing. The staff was amazing. The food was to die for. Alcohol unlimited? Hell ... read more
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