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Asia » Vietnam » Southeast » Ho Chi Minh City » District 1 November 26th 2015

The capital of the south! We got a taxi in from the airport (use vinasun as these are the trusted guys) to our hostel in district 1 right in the hub of things :) We could see our street was full of street vendors and cafes so it was all good. The next day we walked to the park and relaxed in the shade, its a city with a billion thins happening at once so calls for some escape! Then visited the war remnants museum. The museum itself was interesting and harrowing at times with some brutal photographs and newspaper clippings. However its as much propaganda as it is history with a very "go communism!" feel to it! The tanks and planes in the courtyard are worth a gawk at as are the replica cells including ... read more
Pizza time
Museum time
Signs of Christmas :)

Asia » Vietnam » South Central Coast » Quảng Nam » Hoi An November 25th 2015

So, we stayed about out of town as we are cheapskates and knew we could rent bikes from our guesthouse for a dollar :) Happy days! The owner was super smiley, always saying yeah and walked to the shop to get us cold beer (Song-Thanh homestay). In the evening, we walked into the centre and walked along the river front (offered many a river boat ride!) One of the first things you notice about Hoi-An is the lovely smell of incense burning (token to the dead), the second is the beautiful silk lanterns and the third is the sheer amount of tailor shops which to made to measure clothing. Speaking of tailors we were approached by this super fake woman wanting us to get tailored suits (they start for $40 dollars but we are more into ... read more
Beer o'clock
Best bahn in the land-Bahn my Pho

Asia » Vietnam » Central Highlands » Lam Dong November 24th 2015

Day 1: We arrived in Da Lat just as the sun was setting. Our directions from the lady who handed us the maps was “walk down this street until you see Hotel Camdo. Turn right and ask people for directions.” We had various people point us in the right way and a really nice guy walk us to our hostel. We got settled, went down for family dinner, and absolutely scarfed all the food in front of us. The family on Friday night was small. Two girls from Montreal, a guy from South Africa, the English girls, and me. After dinner we all went out to a “crazy cafe.” It's kind of like a hobbit hole but with tunnels and stairs and it's dark and nuts. People go all the time to play hide and seek. ... read more
Crazy House
Ugly Summer Palace
Water Sliding

Asia » Vietnam November 24th 2015

Moving south, we caught a shared minivan to Hoi An after breakfast. I managed to score the front passenger seat so got some great views of oncoming traffic but the sun was beating in that side so it was stinking hot. The first two rest stops were of no major significance - a fishing lagoon and a beach. The third stop was at Hai Van Pass. Part of the mountainous road that crosses the Troung Son mountain range, it was a grindingly slow crawl up the switchbacks that form the highway . There is a tunnel through this range that would cut an hour off the journey but looks like we were going the tourist route. Along with very persistent sellers at the rest stop, there was a bullet scarred French fort that was used a ... read more

Asia » Vietnam » South Central Coast » Da Nang November 24th 2015

We took a late day flight to Da Nang; arriving at dusk, so missed seeing it in the light. Da Nang was larger and more spread out than we originally thought; with lots of hotels and larger resorts along the beach. We had book a nice French Vietnamese colonial hotel in Hoi An. The old city is the tourist centre with busy and vibrant fresh fish and produce markets along the river with surrounding newer urban expansion away from the old town centre and market river areas. The old town centre caters to the tourist trade with some good quality shops and restaurants. Night sees the traditional lanterns lighting the shop fronts. We were lucky to be there during the full moon festival with residence and shop owners on the street displaying and burning offerings to ... read more
Old Storefront House in Hoi An
My Son Chem Ruins, damage to 2nd wall, .... where its missing theres a bomb crater ...
My Son Chem Ruins 4-14C AD

Asia » Vietnam » South Central Coast » Binh Thuan » Mui Ne November 24th 2015

Tuesday 24th November 2015 We were checked out by 7:30am and on the bus by 8am. We had paid £4 each for a 5 hour bus ride down the coast to a place called Mui Ne. The bus journey was quite nice, being well air conditioned and having reclining sleeper seats which allowed us to lie flat and kill some of the journey with sleep. We arrived in Mui Ne at approx 1pm and headed straight to our Hotel, Mui Ne Hills Budget Hotel. We were paying approx £6 each per night and were pleasantly surprised when we were shown to our room which was directly outside of some sun loungers and a small pool. Inside we had a lounge area and a bedroom upstairs. Not bad for £12!! This Hotel was split into 2 parts, ... read more
Ankle deep stream
Mini Grand Canyon??
Fisherman village

Asia » Vietnam November 22nd 2015

The train from Hanoi to Hue was the third train ride we had so far in Vietnam and had the worst toilets!!!! Minimal usage by me! Once the sun came up there was great scenery watching out of the corridor windows - rice field, buffalo pulling ploughs - the usual stuff. We had not bothered to book a hotel room thinking that there would be hustlers outside the train station. Unfortunately there weren't but we had picked a desirable hotel online so asked a taxi driver to take us there - took him a while to find the Hong Thien 1 Hotel that was tucked down an alley - and yes they had rooms - we agreed on the first one that was shown to us - huge room with 2 double and 1 king bed, ... read more

Asia » Vietnam » South Central Coast » Khanh Hoa » Nha Trang November 21st 2015

Saturday 21st November 2015 Literally a day of travel. A quick breakfast of pancakes (standard!), followed by a taxi ride to Da Nang station (about 45 mins away) to bored our 1pm train for the 9 hour journey to Nha Trang, arriving at 10pm. Given we'd be travelling all day, we opted for £18pp soft sleepers rather than seats giving us a bit more room to stretch our legs and the option to have a comfy(ish!) nap. Again, I napped for Britain spending most of our 9 hours in a quiet slumber aboard my top bunk waking up in time to see us approach Nha Trang by night. We arrived late and took a taxi straight to our Hotel, Duy Phuoc Hotel, which cost us £3.60 each per night. It was very modest, but was clean ... read more
Observing the rain from the protection of the cafe
Rain clouds parting
Chris being engulfed by a wave

Asia » Vietnam » Red River Delta November 20th 2015

So ich habe jetzt meine letzte Station in Vietnam erreicht: Den Flughafen. Jetzt heißt es leider servus, tschüss und baba. 3 Wochen waren ganz schön schnell vorbei. Nachdem ich für die effiziente Nutzung von Ressourcen bin, habe ich es bei meinem Gepäck auf 20,1kg geschafft. Also mehr hätte ich nicht einkaufen dürfen! ;) Abschließend ist zu sagen, dass dies die spannendste, schönste und ereignissreichste Reise war, die ich je gemacht habe, die aber hoffentlich noch von vielen getoppt wird! Jetzt ab zum Gate. Bis bald... read more

Asia » Vietnam » Southeast » Ho Chi Minh City November 20th 2015

My flight was at 6:30 am from Taipei to Ho Chi Minh City, so after sleeping in the airport, I got on the plane and passed out. Easy flight. Day 1: Immigration was a fun thing. I had gotten my letter of approval and printed it and had passport photos and knew it all cost $45. I was ready. Except turns out they only take cash, and prefer USD. I had to leave the airport illegally, waving my debit card at anyone who asked going “ATM? ATM?” I found one and then had to get back into the airport and pay them and now I have a visa for 30 days. I got a cab to my hostel and after getting lost in the wicked narrow alleyways, I made it. I walked into the hostel and ... read more
This doesn't begin to show how many scooters were on the road
American helicopters and weapons at the War Relics museum
My favorite piece of art from Handicapped Handicrafts

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