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Asia » Vietnam » Red River Delta » Hanoi » Đống Đa District April 2nd 2019

Of course, there’s more to Hanoi than the HCM memorial gardens. The city fair boils with activity. People mill around constantly. Otherwise, they sit outside their little businesses on bizarre small chairs or stools. They eat, they chat, they smoke. But how they do it on one of those minuscule seats for hours on end, I’ll never know. We made our way to the War Museum stopping to have a coffee near to the city’s ancient fortress and flag tower. Just behind we found a display of planes, tanks and guns. Arguably, these are the very things people associate with Vietnam even though it’s nearly 50 years since the conflict ended. I don’t think this country will ever fully shake off that unfortunate association. And maybe that’s as it should be. A reminder to us all ... read more
Not a DC2
Look a tank
War Museum & Flag Tower

Asia » Vietnam » Red River Delta » Hanoi » Đống Đa District April 1st 2019

So here we are in Hanoi. The capital of Vietnam. It was from here Ho Chi Minh led the Viet Kong to victory in what locals refer to as the American War. You can see his preserved remains in an imposing citadel in the city centre. We didn't get to see him last time we were here, but this time, if it's on the cards, we shall pay ’Uncle Ho’ a visit on the 2nd of April. For now, we're all settled in the Belle Vie Hotel and have had an initial exploratory stroll around the city. Hanoi is just as I remember it. That is utter, utter madness. A symphony of chaos that’s rapidly running down to inevitable entropy as the city eventually becomes chock full. It‘s not massively attractive either. It has an incoherent ... read more
Downtown Fortress
Hanoi Architecture
Hoan Kiem Lake By Night

Asia » Vietnam » Red River Delta » Hanoi » Đống Đa District March 17th 2018

After my first blog, you'll be happy to hear that day two has been exceptionally better so far. I feel like a strong, independent woman who got a good nights sleep. Its 5.00PM now and I am taking advantage of this time to write before my journey up to Sa Pa. I've put my trust in the good people here at the Rendezvous Hanoi Hotel to book my overnight train to Lao Cai. That's where I am left to organise transport to Sa Pa - at 6.00AM in the morning...the joys of a 'carefree' traveller! Jetlag worked its magic and at 6.00AM this morning I woke up feeling ready and hungry. I shared a room with 4 others and somehow 3 had already left - maybe they just couldn't handle it and caught the first plane ... read more
Taken at the Temple of Literature
You guessed it! Train Street
My lunch today

Asia » Vietnam » Red River Delta » Hanoi » Đống Đa District March 16th 2018

24 hours ago I was standing outside Harrison's departure gate in Auckland International airport wondering to myself, why and what the hell am I doing? Unfortunately the waves of being homesick hit hard, and right now, I don't understand what made me want to fly to S.E Asia all by myself. I'm hoping that a decent nights sleep and some local street food (I know, I know) will ease my anxiety. Little things that I have come to realise so far - I packed WAY TOO MUCH - Walking around isn't as scary as people say, condensed milk in coffee is amazing. My first personal motto is 'This is my trip and I can do what I want'. Let me explain; After dropping my outrageously big bag in my hostel locker, I put on my brave ... read more
Hoan Kiem Lake

Asia » Vietnam » Red River Delta » Hanoi » Đống Đa District January 9th 2018

Early start on Sunday. At Changi Terminal 2 for 7:20 am for the 9:20 am flight from Singapore to Hanoi. Couple of minor hiccups trying to check in automatically as Caitlin and I were fine but Reuben's Vietnam visa for some reason wouldn't register. Took a few minute to sort then through. Departure formalities here very easy and straightforward. Really good flight with Singapore airlines. And for the trainspotters it was a Boeing something 200. Seemed to have a little more room. Service was excellent. Arrived Hanoi around midday. Disembarked and formed a queue for border control. This was old school. Long lines moving slowly, but moving. Got bored and worked out they processed 2 people in an average of 56 seconds. Doesn't sound long but put 60 plus people in the line and you do ... read more
Temple on the lake...
Walking to the French Qaurter...
Hanoi Opera House

Asia » Vietnam » Red River Delta » Hanoi » Đống Đa District November 27th 2017

Ich steige in den fahrenden Bus ein. Mitten auf der Straße war jemand ausgestiegen um mir beim Einladen meines Rucksacks zu helfen. Anschließend wurde ich die Treppen in den großen Bus hochgeschoben. Ich laufe durch den vollen, klimatisierten Bus und setze mich auf einen der freien Plätze auf der Rückbank. Der Bus ist voll mit Chinesen. Wir fahren durch die Stadt und es steigen noch einige wenige Europäer zu. Gequetscht sitzen wir im kalten Bus und fahren Richtung Halong Bucht. Wir halten nach 90 Minuten an einem touristischen Shop mit überzogenen Preisen bevor es weitergeht. Nach 3 Stunden trifft der Bus in der Bucht ein. Die einzigen wenigen Reisenden in meinem Alter steigen aus und werden einer neuen Reisegruppe zugeteilt. An der Bucht tummeln sich Menschenmassen, die warten auf ihre Boote gebracht zu werden. Ich sitze ... read more
Kajakfahren in den Weiten der Halong Bucht
Aussicht vom höchsten Punkt auf Monkey Island

Asia » Vietnam » Red River Delta » Hanoi » Đống Đa District September 23rd 2017

i was to pickup out train tickets from a certain window at Bejing train station that is hige Ileft susie with the luggage to find the window after going down 3 flights of steps i go to window one the lady points to window 5 so I go there give him a conf number show him my passport he gives me one ticket He says he needs wife passport too so I run. Ack up the steps and a 1/8 miile ger her passport go back and get her ticket. We make it on the train the compartment next to us and 1/2 of our compartment belows to a chinese family grand parents brothers a daughter and 2 grand daughters the little girl 5 kept entertaining us and soon all the kids in the carriage ... read more

Asia » Vietnam » Red River Delta » Hanoi » Đống Đa District September 23rd 2017

We Arrived here in Hanoi at 6 am. The hotel said we couldnt check in till 10 or so , so they let us use thier spa to shower in what a treat that was. Than we had breakfast had about 200 items on buffet so from strvation to gluttony!! Susie says more tthan 200 costs 20 bucks but means we only eat once s day normally just snack the rest of day. hai loa prision is a block from our hotel sio we spent an hour touring it It was openeded in 1890s held revolutionaries over the years and during the vietnam war held American pilots including Sen McCain fior 5 years it was not a nice place They put dissidents in shackles in celks somr were shot or giuiitioned back in the 30s , ... read more

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