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Asia » Vietnam » Northeast » Ha Giang March 30th 2013

24th Mar - Today we went on a five hour walk where we walked through villages, giant boulders, rice paddies and houses. We saw a massive place seperated by a river and it was China. It was very dry and had loads of massive hills. There were people in black and their tribe was the Tay. The colourful tribe was the H'mong. We went to a view point and we were like 20 metres high. There was a school and you could see inside. One class had been doing English and the other Maths. The market earlier, was really busy and the men dealt with different things from the ladies. Men = birds, buffalos, and dogs. Ladies = pigs, cloth and wine. The birds were in such small cages and the pigs were getting dragged along. ... read more
I am a Passenger
80 Plus
90 Plus

Asia » Vietnam » Northeast » Ha Giang March 30th 2013

23rd Mar - Today we woke to the sound of the dog chasing the chickens. After the horrible start we went to see the pigs. The family had two buffalos, chickens, pigs and fish. After we went on a one and half hour walk, we saw lots of rice paddies and poor houses. Jonathan In the morning we went for a one and a half hour walk. We saw a very little waterfall but with enormous boulders. There was a very traditional village, which we walked through. It was different because there were stilt houses and there were loads of rice paddies. In the village we gave some children sweets, their reaction was to smile but they were very shy. There were loads of chicks and hens. We were walking past mountains and enormous forests. It ... read more
Home for the Night
Too Old for this Load
Too Young for this Load

Asia » Vietnam » Northeast » Ha Giang March 30th 2013

22nd Mar - Today we went on a long car journey through Vietnam. On the way there we went to a local place where lorry drivers stopped off. We ate sticky rice, long beans, pork, omelet, cucumber and mint. I went to the toilet but met 4 dogs as big as me on the way so thought that was a bad idea so I didn’t go. When we got to the village we stayed in a stilt house. Jonathan We had a long drive to Ha Giang. The problem was our driver, Mr Thanh, was so slow. We were meant to pick up our guide at 11:30am. Our lunch was horrible it was spinach, pork with loads of fat on, and tofu. Everybody dropped their fat on the floor and there were bones everywhere. I put ... read more
Truck Stop
Stilt House Dinner
Doms with Joe

Asia » Vietnam » Northeast » Ha Giang March 11th 2013

De afgelopen week was echt zalig! Eigenlijk ging ik een week werken in Ha Giang. Een provincie in het Noord-Oosten van Vietnam. Dit is de armst provincie van het land en ook de provincie waar tot nog toe amper toeristen komen. Sinds 2010 heeft Unesco een gebied in de provincie erkend als Geopark. Dit wil zeggen dat het gebied erkend wordt vanwege zijn uitzonderlijke geologische waarde en unieke landschap. Maar verder is er ook heel wat cultureel erfgoed in de streek aangezien er 17 etnische minoriteiten in het geopark wonen. De overheid probeert nu om het toerisme in de streek te stimuleren als een middel om armoede te bestrijden. Het management van het geopark is nu bezig met de uitvoering van een strategisch actieplan om dat te bewerkstelligen. Eén van de componenten van dit actieplan is ... read more

Asia » Vietnam » Northeast » Ha Giang March 4th 2013

Het is al even geleden dat ik nog een post geplaatst heb. Dat heeft ook een goede reden, er is de afgelopen week weinig spannends gebeurd. Nadat ik een dikke week geleden terug ben gekeerd uit Ha Long Bay naar Hanoi ben ik voornamelijk bezig geweest met het zoeken naar respondenten voor interviews met NGO's of organisaties onafhankelijk van de overheid. Hun perspectief in verband met mijn thesisonderwerp is namelijk net zo belangrijk als dat van de overheid en lokale bevolking. Veel mailtjes later heb ik dan eindelijk één iemand gevonden die met mij wou spreken. Iemand die gewerkt had voor UNESCO nog wel. Het interview was heel interessant en zal zeker veel bijdragen aan de resultaten van mijn onderzoek. Ondertussen wacht ik nog op antwoord van de andere organisaties die ik heb aangeschreven, maar dat ... read more

Asia » Vietnam » Northeast » Ha Giang October 24th 2012

After a 7 hour bus ride from Ha Giang in the north of Vietnam, we have finally arrived in Hanoi Charming Hotel in Hanoi. What a ride. The cost was only EUR 6,- pr. person. Rather cheap in our view. Included in the price we got a little local charm by a tied up pig in the luggage compartment, passengers getting motion sickness and constantly threw up (we don’t really think they are used to drive) and a driver who must be a huge favorite to win next year edition of Paris Dakar. Well, we also survived this part of the trip, and we are now quite optimistic regarding our future survival chances. The mountainous northern Vietnam is now a (well)finished chapter. To briefly summarize our experiences the headlines must be a trilogy ... read more
Topas Ecolodge
Sa Seng trek
Red Dzao children

Asia » Vietnam » Northeast » Ha Giang October 12th 2012

4 October to 8 October 2012 – This was my third trip to Hà Giang province. On my last trip to this province 6 months ago, I traveled on a tour. I also wanted to visit Hoàng Su Phì and Xín Mần, but I didn’t bring enough cash for the trip, as these places were not included on the tour. I decided I would go back during the rice harvest. The travel companion and I took a 5:30am bus from Hà Giang city to Xín Mần. We arrived at Xín Mần town 5 hours later, although the distance is only 145km (mountain road). It was foggy, so we couldn’t view the terraced rice fields on the way. We spent our first day relaxing, visiting market and drinking tea with the locals in the town. Next morning, ... read more
A Tày ethnic woman is sewing dress
Sunday market in Hoàng Su Phì town
Children of the Nùng ethnic girl

Asia » Vietnam » Northeast » Ha Giang April 26th 2012

16 & 17/4/2012 – Day 3 & Day 4 of the 5 day trip to Hà Giang (the northernmost province of Vietnam). We said good bye to Đồng Văn town and moved on toward the most beautiful section of the trip. Mapileng pass is only 7km in length, but as I said in Part 1, it took 11 months to build one km which was the most difficult section. We stopped several times on the way for taking photos. The landscape along Mapileng pass is one of the best natural landscapes I’ve ever seen in Vietnam. Some sections of Nho Quế river run on the border line between Vietnam and China. We were also amazed at the view of Mapileng gorge which is the deepest gorge in Vietnam. This is the end of the Happy Road ... read more
Mountain view from Mapileng pass
On Mapileng pass
The deepest gorge of Vietnam

Asia » Vietnam » Northeast » Ha Giang April 25th 2012

15 & 16/4/2012 – Day 2 & Day 3 of the 5 day trip to Hà Giang (the northernmost province of Vietnam). We arrived at Đồng Văn town at 5pm. Next to our hotel there were 3 big motorbikes which we saw when our mini bus had problem on the pass. It turned out that these motorbikes were owned by 3 Thai travelers. Anyone would dream of having such a comfortable motorbike to travel in this wonderful mountain region. The Thai men were passing by us very fast, so we only guessed based on the Lao and Thai flags on their bikes. The first thing I did after arrival in Đồng Văn town was to walk along the main street. When we had dinner at a restaurant opposite to our hotel, I saw 3 Thai men ... read more
Old houses in Đồng Văn town
Me at Lũng Cú flag tower
Pyramid shaped mountains in Sà Phìn commune

Asia » Vietnam » Northeast » Ha Giang April 23rd 2012

Afternoon 15 April 2012 – Day 2 of the 5 day trip to Hà Giang (the northern most province of Vietnam). After lunch in Yên Minh, we traveled 14km to Phố Cáo. Both Phố Cáo and Sủng Là communes, which we were going to visit, have preserved typical architecture and traditional culture of the white H’mong in Hà Giang. The population of Hà Giang province is 800,000 people, of which 21.3% are H’mong ethnic minority people. They are called “white H’mong” because H’mong women wear white skirts. If you have traveled to the North West of Vietnam, you may have seen different branches of H’mong group, for example, black H’mong in Sapa, flowery H’mong in Bắc Hà, blue H’mong in Sơn La, and red H’mong in Suối Giàng. Now you will see another branch of H’mong ... read more
A girl in traditional dress of Lô Lô ethnic group
Landscape along the way
H'mong village in Phố Cáo

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