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March 31st 2013
Published: March 31st 2013
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25th Mar – Today we went on a walk up a path to a view point that was sheltered by a small pointed building. You could see the mountains towering behind the town. When we got down we asked if we could look in a lady’s house there was a big room with a mat on the floor and a small cooking stove in the corner. Then we went to a river where I had a swim. Finally, we went to a food place where I saw some guts outside in a glass case.

26th Mar – Today we went to a market where we saw lots of different thing, for example, tribes, cattle pigs, birds, clothes, and food. We felt quite hungry so we went to have some food and we got a massive bowl full of noodles. It was really funny because the noodles kept getting bigger. (It could feed the whole family). The locals kept stared at us. I bet they never saw tourists. The pigs were squished were squished up in a bamboo cage or on a lead. Lots of people were selling bamboo hats.

Our driver bought a bird that cost USD 80 (GBP 50) and when he opened the cage to feed it it flew off. We had a small drive to a school camp and we were treated like kings and queens, and I was on so many phones. We ate apples and seeds (yum). They had about ten litres of wine and gave most of it to us. Jonathan

Parental Correction – They did indeed have ten litres of wine BUT they did NOT give most of it to us. Dad performed his ambassadorial duties well drinking many toasts to the teachers. Had he known he was going to drop in on such an event he would have dressed in more suitable attire i.e. he would have put a clean shirt on. Jonathan, I believe was thinking we were going to have to repeat the previous evening’s showing, where every table in the full local restaurant came to us with rice wine. I believe his mother was pouring them straight into her noodle bowl at one point.

We were offered the bowl of deep fried frogs in this restaurant and also observed a couple of dog paws in a bowl of broth. Frog or dog, you chose?

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1st April 2013

View Point
I can't get over how mountainous the country is. It looks really challenging. You are certainly seeing how the other half eat. I found in Japan not to ask what the delicacy was in front of one. Close your eyes and go for it. I was interested in the "guts". If cooked properly they can be very tasty. We used to have them when I was growing up cos they were cheap, I suppose. Steak was never on the menu.
1st April 2013

Not sure it is guts
Jonathan that looks more like a heart and a kidney but I only have the picture to look at
27th April 2013

Blame the Engineer
You can blame the engineer in the family for the poor categorisation of domestic animal organs. Perhaps attendance at an autopsy would help!?
1st April 2013

Well what beautiful views! Lunch of frogs or dogs? Frogs I think as long as they were cooked properly. You must be experts at eating with chopsticks by now, we shall have to have a Chinese takeaway when you come back to show off your skills - or on second thoughts you might prefer a MacDonalds happy meal!? There seems to be a lot of sitting on the floor to eat- lucky I am not there - I might get down. but not up again! You are really fortunate to see and experience how different people live and be the centre of attention. Just think of how many presentation you will have to do in school on your return - I bet they ask you to do an assembly!!!! Sorry shouldn't have said that!!! Enjoy your days and stay safe!

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