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Asia » Vietnam » Mekong River Delta » Vinh Long March 16th 2018

A lot has happened since my last post five days ago. Unfortunately, in those five days I have had my passport confiscated, been interrogated (and I do mean interrogated!) by the Immigration Office, threatened with deportation by same, told to leave the place where I was living, avoided a fine somehow and left a little nervous about my time here. Long story short etc - I'm now in Ho Chi Minh City, arrived this afternoon, and am heading back to NZ on Monday, two weeks early. Bummer. From the 12 March my time in Vinh Long has been in slow motion as I've waited for my status to be resolved. The staff at the language school have been terrific. So supportive and concerned about me that it's amost been too much. They have interceded with the ... read more
Vinh Long
Ms Thanh organises my Pho
Ms Cuc

Asia » Vietnam » Mekong River Delta » Vinh Long March 11th 2018

I've been walking the town a bit to see what is out there. More of the same so far; street -side stalls, cafe's by the dozen, hole-in-the wall shops, old French colonial government buildings now used for Vietnamese Government things, including the Post Office. I had wanted to send some liitle things to my three grand daughters; they enjoy mail arriving with their names on it. I bought identical packets of colouring pens and large notebooks for them to draw in and went to the Post Office. They parcelled them up for me there and wrote down a cost for postage, 230,000VND (about NZ$13) so that was fine. After filling in 2 separate forms in triplicate with carbon paper as well, for each parcel, including passport number, I was informed that the cost would be 305,000VND ... read more
Pretty in pink mozzie net
Typical trash on the Mekong

Asia » Vietnam » Mekong River Delta » Vinh Long March 6th 2018

Hot and sticky. Have I said that before? I'll probably say it again many times. The good news is that I have fully functional sweat glands. So, with that out of the way I'll recap my last couple of days. I discovered this week that there are no bars in Vinh Long. I asked Ms Tam if there was somewhere I could go to have a beer and watch the world go by. She asked, "You mean a bar?" According to her there aren't any in Vinh Long. She said it's not like Saigon. No,it isn't. Oh well. I found a boat restaurant today which serves bia on their top deck so I was able to sit out in the setting sun with a cold Saigon Special and watch the boats on the Mekong. Not too ... read more
Sunset from the bridge
The bridge from afar
Boating on the Mekong

Asia » Vietnam » Mekong River Delta » Vinh Long March 2nd 2018

Well, I wanted an experience and yesterday was all that and more. I had my sticky rice chicken breakfast from a street stall just around the corner, went for a walk to find the Supermarket and couldn’t, came back, The drive was hair raising and heart attack material for 70 kilometres. The driver was pretty good but we spent most of our time over the centre line with him on the horn, meanwhile evading on-coming traffic and then answering his phone to boot. Also talking to Tam in the back. Narrow roads as well and thousands of motor scooters none of which showed the least interest in moving over despite the horn symphony he was blowing. We crossed rivers, canals, raced through the countryside with stalls selling food and paraphenalia right on the road edge; through ... read more

Asia » Vietnam » Mekong River Delta » Vinh Long March 2nd 2018

Some shots of the place I'm at.... read more
AGES Language School

Asia » Vietnam » Mekong River Delta » Vinh Long February 28th 2018

Arrived last night after 32 hours of elongated travel, mainly because my two Vietnamese greets swamped me with hospitality. The Canberra and Singapore flights were fine. aisle seats both times, which I like and the middle seats empty for both. The transit in Singapore was a wee bit of a drag; nearly 6 hours and in hindsight I should have gone into a lounge and stretched out. Next time. Arriving at Than Son Nhat airport in Saigon I was met by Miss Cuc and Miss Ha both holding up signs, if not in lights then in big bold capital letters, for Robin House. Yay! Miss Cuc had a bit of English, Miss Ha none, me no Vietnamese, but with lots of smiles, selfies and sign language we did ok - I think. I thought then we ... read more

Asia » Vietnam » Mekong River Delta » Vinh Long February 26th 2018

I'm off tonight for 5 weeks in Vinh Long Province, Vietnam. It's about three hours south of Ho CHi MInh City on the Mekong Delta. I'll be teaching English and doing some admin work in a language school - AGES - Advanced Global Education Strategies which is run by a Canadian chap called Eric Gibb. He's wanting to set up links with Kapiti Colleges and wanted someone to go across to teach and promote Kapiti. Lyn suggested me (2 weeks ago) and here I am; about to fly off via Canberra and Singapore arriving tomorrow at 11.00a.m. Vietnam time. Nervous? What a stupid question. Excited? Ditto. Vinh Long is a small city on the Delta. River traffic makes up a large part of it's commerce and it is the fruit bowl of Southern Vietnam. Not very ... read more

Asia » Vietnam » Mekong River Delta » Vinh Long February 3rd 2018

Hej alle Vi har lavet en rejseblog, så dem af jer der har lyst kan følge rejsen i ord og billeder. Vi vil løbende poste billeder og beskrivelser fra rejsen og samtidig updatere kortet så I kan følge rejsen skridt for skridt. Vi glæder os til at dele rejsen med jer ;) God fornøjelse og alt det bedste fra varmere himmelstrøg. Benjamin, Simone og Lua My... read more

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