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Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai December 28th 2014

It was quite noisy outside last night, so I didn't sleep too well. The bags under my eye were huge and no amount of slap could hide their existence, however my headache had gone! I didn't think that would have happened due to my lack of sleep. I went down to the reception/cafe/lounge room to pay for my room for the week. The two ladies working there were lovely. They sorted out my payment and then sat me down with several maps, one of the neighbourhood I was staying in, a one which had the whole city on it, and another one for Maerim (which I didn't end up visiting). It was so sweet of them, on the map of Chiang Mai, they pointed out the main sites to visit in the old city, and other ... read more
Grilling The Chicken
Ingredients For The Satay Sauce
Making The Satay Sauce

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai » San Kamphaeng December 22nd 2014

Es ist kaum zu glauben, die Hälfte meiner Zeit in Chiang Mai ist schon vorüber. Noch habe ich keinen Tag Langeweile erlebt und den Umzug mit keiner Sekunde bereut. Es ist ein herrliches Fleckchen Erde hier, das mir den Wechsel in das "Rentnerdasein" so unbeschwert und wunderbar gestaltet hat. Ich habe noch lange nicht alles gesehen und entdeckt, was es hier zu erkunden gibt. Allerdings macht mir das Wetter momentan einen ordentlichen Strich durch die Rechnung, denn es ist wirklich kühl (für hiesige Verhältnisse) und auf dem Motorroller ist man Null-Komma-Nix völlig durchgefroren. Das hält mich momentan öfter als wünschenswert von Ausflügen ab. Aufgrund der Kürze meines Aufenthaltes hier will ich auch nicht wirklich in haufenweise Winterklamotten investieren, die ich alle zu Hause in Nürnberg ohnehin schon habe. Diese frischen Temperaturen, die zwar angeblich nicht ... read more

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai December 14th 2014

Its been a super busy week since I started the tour! We don't seem to ever stop, so I'm writing this as I've finally found a spare moment. On Monday I went out and explored Bangkok some more and in the evening I met up with the rest of the tour group. We are a group of 9 people from Canada, Germany, Australia and the UK and everyone is really nice. On Tuesday we got up early and went on a boat tour of the canals in Bangkok. We got good views of the grand palace from the river and then we went down some of the smaller canals and saw houses that are built on/next to the river and we fed bread to loads of cat fish. After this we visited the Buddhist temple Wat ... read more
Grand Palace
Doi Suthep temple
Mekong river

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai December 8th 2014

Oh My Chiang Mai Oh, Bangkok Airways, how do I love thee. We flew Bangkok Airways our whole Thailand trip, and each flight was about $50 a person. Busses and trains would have been $10-30, but the extra time afforded was really worth it. We had free checked luggage, an a/c lounge with free wifi and snacks. I engorged on these sweet sticky rice logs rolled around black beans and stuffed in banana leaves at every stop. Do it. Do it. So all was easy to Chiang Mai. We arrive and we instantly love it. There's something to be said about the visceral reaction you have to a new place - often indescribably you like or dislike a place in your gut just at disembarkment. The city has a quaint charm about it, and is about ... read more

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai December 7th 2014

Our today’s trip would lead us further east from lake Doi Tao. We had no exact destination to go as we did not find any accommodation in the internet. We decided to go to a place with many roads, that were set in an odd way, reminding us of US city planning and look for a place to sleep there. We started around 7 a.m., the weather was cloudy and we were making acceptable speed along the rural road. Of course the endless up and down the hill slowed us down. Unfortunately one of my muscles started making problems and until noon it hurt so bad that I could basically not bike any more. At lunch break I had to take a painkiller and started to push my bike up a steep hill. It was really ... read more

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai December 6th 2014

We continued finally, started early to avoid the sun and ran into an almost endless list of ups and downs. It got really exhausting in the early afternoon with the high sun and my feet started cooking inside my shoes which made me rest about only 4 km from our target lake Doi Tao. In this area there are actually no hotels or guesthouses documented in the internet and so we asked our way to a small ressort with very friendly people and a fantastic view. Enjoy the pics that might be below.... read more
and pass we did
view from the bungalow to the lake

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai » San Kamphaeng December 6th 2014

Heute vor einer Woche bin ich im faszinierenden Hanoi angekommen, und seit ich zurück bin, jagd ein Ereignis das nächste. Seit meiner Rückkehr ist das Land im Geburtstagsfieber. Der geliebte König Bumibhol ist 87 geworden und allerortens gab und gibt es immer noch Feierlichkeiten. Selbst bei einem Fahrrad-Fest haben die Leute mit Kerze in der Hand dem König ein Ständchen geboten (obwohl der arme Kerl im Krankenhaus weilt). Allerdings bleibt auch meine Nachbarschaft von den Feierlichkeiten nicht verschont, aus allen Ecken und Enden höre ich Karaoke-Parties, laute Musik und Feuerwerke. Thais lieben es wohl, zu feiern. Damit muss ich wohl leben. Hanoi war schlichtweg wunderbar, wenn auch für mein Empfinden ziemlich laut. Obwohl ich letztendlich aufgrund des verpassten Fluges in Ban... read more
Hanoi Hilton
Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum
Der traditionelle Ao Dai

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai December 5th 2014

Nous nous étions dit : la Thaïlande, c’est parfait pour finir le voyage, finis les treks, finie la vadrouille, nous allons en profiter pour nous reposer sur les belles plages du Sud ! Mais trop de gens nous ont dit d’aller absolument voir le nord, alors nous nous laissons tenter. Certains nous ont dit que nous ne savons pas nous poser ! C’est peut-être vrai…:-) Nous découvrons une région splendide. Et ici les thaïs sont super sympas ! A Chiang Mai, nous arrivons au milieu des festivités pour l’anniversaire du Roi (la fête restant cependant assez modérée…) Nous nous laissons aussi tenter par un cours de cuisine. Il faut dire que la cuisine thaï est une des meilleures que nous ayons goûtées depuis le début du voyage ! Nous apprenons à préparer la fameuse pâte de ... read more
Tha Ton
White Temple - Chiang Rai
Province de Chiang Rai

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai December 2nd 2014

Cycling in Chiang Mai The guys decided to go up the mountain to the famous monastery/temple up there and so I followed them – stupid as I am. It was a tough ride, about 800 height meters on 12 km. While cycling upwards I saw many pickups bringing up people with bicycles just to let them ride down. That is not my style I thought and so I fighted my way up, curve by curve, meter by meter until with a final effort at the steepest last 200 meter I arrived at the temple – where I did not take the some-hundred stairs up but the lift J I documented the ride down with the GoPro and sped it up to reduce the 18 minutes downwards to 5. Have fun watching it! After that I returned ... read more
Doi Suthep temple
Doi Suthep donation temple
Me arriving at Doi Suthep

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai December 1st 2014

Many pics at the end of the page... So on Thursday I finally left Khanom. I felt a bit sad but on the other hand I was looking forward to experience something new. I took the night bus to Bangkok but us usually I did not sleep long or well in the bus. As always there was some water and a dinner included and there was also boss-strike weekend with my favourite game so I somehow managed to get over the night. As expected I arrived 4:30 am in Bangkok but not (as also expected) at the Southern Bus Terminal SaiTai but some station rather in the northern part of Bangkok. Well – a GPS always comes in handy… After arriving at the station, I assembled my bicycle again and waited for the sun to rise. ... read more
...and dissabsembled for the bus
...the bus
Early morning in Bangkok - ugly road

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