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Asia » Taiwan » Taipei October 22nd 2023

Tropical Taiwan hits us with heat and humidity. We've flown three hours south and the difference is remarkable. The vegetation is tropical and the country immediately feels less affluent, less well developed. Gone are Korea's phonetic symbols, here it is all Chinese characters. This island, only twice the size of Wales, is one of the most politically sensitive in the world. We land in the industrial city of Kaohsiung and immediately head an hour north to Tainan. The train is comfortable, fast and cheap and, of course, on time. Tainan is a city with an ancient past. The Dutch were here in the early 1600s, trading with Han Chinese and encouraging them to grow rice, sugar and tobacco which the Dutch wanted to export to Europe. Tainan is Taiwan's oldest city and was the capital of ... read more
Buddhist temple altar
Botanical gardens
Night food market

Asia » Taiwan » Taoyuan July 14th 2023

It’s 6/9/23 at 11:54 pm in Frisco International. It’s about to turn to 6/10/23. My flight, CI0003 boards at 00:25, bound for Taipei, Taiwan, landing at the Taoyuan International Airport at 05:05 am local Taiwanese time in the year of our lord 2023, on June 11, Sunday. Now, I’m not gonna go through all the rigmarole of losing a day when you head east from the west. I’ve done that already and quite frankly, no one is interested in reading about such nonsense anymore, if anyone ever did. You see, I want to talk about my travel, and Taiwan ain’t the final destination. No sir. Nah uh. I’m going to Japan with my family. Welcome back to the travel world old boy, where have you been you might ask. I’ve been living in civilization for the ... read more

Asia » Taiwan » Hualien » Hualien City April 9th 2023

Blog 12_Japan_2023 April 1 Port of Call: Hualien, Taiwan – Weather: 73°F/23°C – Light rain predicted – Wind 6 mph. Today we stopped at the island nation known as: Formosa or Taiwan or Republic of China your choice. Formosa – the original name of the island, given to it by European sailors means, Beautiful Island. Today’s excursion, eight hours in length, was entitled: Best of Taroko Gorge National Park & Hualien. Eleven busloads, approximately 484 guests participated in this excursion. Fortunately for us our bus was one of the first to leave the port, so we avoided much of the crowding experienced later in the day. The predicted light rain held off until we boarded the busses and then it intensified to a downpour. Fortunately, we had purchased ponchos so were afforded a modicum of rain ... read more
Taroko Gorge - deep cut.
Taroko Gorge - Swallow detail on bridge.
Taroko Gorge & helmet heads.

Asia » Taiwan » Keelung April 9th 2023

Blog 13_Japan_2023 April 2 Port of Call: Keelung (Taipei), Taiwan – Weather: Partly Cloudy in the morning giving way to brilliant sunshine in the afternoon. Temperature: 74°F/22°C – wind: 10 mph. Overnight the ship rounded the island and entered the harbour at Keelung, which serves as the port for Taipei, the nation’s capital. Our excursion for the day: “The Best of Taipei” is designed as another full day (8 hours) adventure. It being the second day of the nation’s national “Spring Break” holiday traffic during the morning in Taipei was light allowing us on our first stop at the famous “101 Building” to get out to take some photographs without being crowded out by either traffic or pedestrians. The “101 Building” was for a short period of time one of the tallest buildings in the Orient. ... read more
101 Building.
Banga Lungshan Temple - Dragon fountain.
Banga Lungshan Temple - Main Gate.

Asia » Taiwan February 10th 2022

Taiwan An outdoor Mongolian barbecue with a Malaysian couple in Taipei Rose got passes on Northwest for our honeymoon to Tokyo, Taipei and Hong Kong. We went to Taiwan's Taroko Gorge, a picturesque valley and gorges surrounded by 4,000 ft. mountains. In Taipei we met a young Malaysian couple at Genghis Khan, an outdoor Mongolian barbecue. We selected from a buffet of Oriental vegetables and thinly sliced meats, which were then stir fried on a flat grill. After dinner we attended a Chinese opera. Except for military air charters, Northwest's American flight attendants only flew to Tokyo; Asian women worked Northwest's flights to Taipei, Manila and Hong Kong. The Chinese couple from Malaysia used English because Taiwanese could not understand their dialect. At a night bazaar we saw some snakes skinned for their meat (supposedly delicious) ... read more

Asia » Taiwan » Tainan November 13th 2021

11 November 2021, my friend and I were plan to travel to other cities in Taiwan so we decided to visit Tainan. Tainan, which is a beautiful place there have many tourist spot. The first place we visited was Taijiang National Park Headquarters, I remember there had strong wind and a little bit cold on that day. It was a very beautiful place, I can’t stop taking photos. Suddenly, we heard a sound that something falling into the water and we saw a girl’s phone fall into the sea accidentally. We were shocked by that situation so we protect our phones carefully after that. We went to the night market to have some food and buy some new clothes for winter. There were so many people there and my friends and I almost got separated. We ... read more
matcha latte

Asia » Taiwan » Taipei November 23rd 2019

Over the past 25 years, I have visited China, Hong Kong, and Macau, but never Taiwan. All of these can be classified as Chinese, but with a different history. Fortunately, Taipei is also served directly from Vancouver, so it became my City Tour for 2019. The trip didn't start well, as I misjudged the weather. I quickly realized this as I exited the airport for the subway, and nearly everyone had a jacket on and in some cases a down jacket. While I knew it wasn't going to be overly hot, I didn't realize how cool 18 to 20c can actually be when it is windy and humid. Some of the summer clothes I brought would not be needed. My other first impression was the cleanliness of the city. I really couldn't find a piece of ... read more
Taipei Grand Mosque
Taipei from the Hills
Tamsui Market

Asia » Taiwan » Taichung February 9th 2019

Today I visited the Atlantic Museum at No. 456, Section 1, Hanxi Road, East District, Taichung City. I heard that the artworks in the museum were collected by the owner Sotheby's and Christie's for viewing. I admired the many foreign art and cultural relics. I couldn’t help admiring the owner. Artistic perception. After browsing the exhibition of each cultural relic, I found that foreigners paid great attention to "enjoy" and found many peculiar inventions. However, after a long time of observation, the composition of each invention is very complicated. Including celestial globe, printing, crystal glass, etc. I am particularly interested in the celestial sphere. The principle and introduction of the celestial sphere mentioned that it acts as a bystander to a third party outside the universe, observing. The three-dimensional model of the whole sky solves the ... read more
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Asia » Taiwan January 13th 2019

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