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Asia » Taiwan » Taipei November 23rd 2019

Over the past 25 years, I have visited China, Hong Kong, and Macau, but never Taiwan. All of these can be classified as Chinese, but with a different history. Fortunately, Taipei is also served directly from Vancouver, so it became my City Tour for 2019. The trip didn't start well, as I misjudged the weather. I quickly realized this as I exited the airport for the subway, and nearly everyone had a jacket on and in some cases a down jacket. While I knew it wasn't going to be overly hot, I didn't realize how cool 18 to 20c can actually be when it is windy and humid. Some of the summer clothes I brought would not be needed. My other first impression was the cleanliness of the city. I really couldn't find a piece of ... read more
Taipei Grand Mosque
Taipei from the Hills
Tamsui Market

Asia » Taiwan » Taipei March 29th 2019

Taipei: 2019, 3 Taiwan, Korea, Japan DVD 062609 1 2019, 3 Taiwan, Korea, Japan DVD 062609 2 2019, 3 Taiwan,Korea,Japan DVD 062609 3 2019, 3 Taiwan,Korea,Japan DVD 4 2019-8 Obon festival in Tokyo, Japan VID 20190813 164440093 HDR Thang nay toi dinh di Taiwan vi thang 12 khi toi den Hong Kong sau do muon di Taiwan choi thi khong du thi gio nen toi de thang 3 nay di 1 tuan den do. Tuy nhien gio phut cuoi toi biet ra rang cuoi thang 3 la mua hoa ANh Dao no o Japan nen toi se bay sang Nhat de xem hoa anh dao va dao Taiwan lai gan dao Je... read more

Asia » Taiwan January 13th 2019

Asia » Taiwan » Kaohsiung January 5th 2019

There was no queue for foreign passport holders at Kaohsiung immigration, instead we spend quite some time waiting for our bags. Then we got MTR passes and given we were staying in the old part of the city to the north, spent quite some time on that. The airport and MTR had hardly been busy but when we got out of the station it was deserted. It was 10:30pm. Luckily our guest house had told us which exit to take and given us the address in Chinese to show a taxi. The driver, an old guy, didn’t know where it was but wasn’t at all phased. He asked the driver behind and with a rough idea put it into goggle maps. We knew we were down an alley off a street, when we reached the rough ... read more

Asia » Taiwan December 16th 2018

Asia » Taiwan December 2nd 2018

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