Photos from Taiwan, Asia

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My farewell coffee, beautifully decorated by the hotel barista.
Black and white...
Ceiling paintwork with Lady Linshui's Temple
Duck for dinner - every part available for your enjoyment
The glorious blu colour of the sea at Qingshui Cliffs
Tiens ... pas de chicane
Little Bay Beach
Sunset in Taipei
Noodles and Dumplings
Angry dragon
Fuming dragon
Red and green mix = ?
White suggests sinisterness, treacherousness, suspiciousness and craftiness
Mimi and I at the Salt Mountain
Mimi is a relaxed traveler
Frosty Greenery
Taiwan Confucian Temple 189
Old man chilling on the street of Magong, capital of Penghu
Leanne, Sunset from Yuwongdao Lighthouse, Hsiyu Island
Riding under a gate, Hsiyu Island
Jumping into random harbour on Baisha Island
Squid out to Dry
Fish Vendor, Magong Market
With host family's cousin Deema
It was love at first sight
Feeding a feisty feline
Present generation assisting previous ones
Temple haze
Not a happy monkey
A holy hour of the day
Lest you forget
Seed and Cup
View of the city 2
View of the city 1
I spy
Taipei 101
LongShan Temple
Public Toilet
Agi's Las Vegas memories!!!!
China from a distance.
One more country in the pocket!
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