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The glorious blu colour of the sea at Qingshui Cliffs  

The glorious blu colour of the sea at Qingshui Cliffs

Walking in the marble gorge at Taroko.

September 28th 2014
We had absolutely no problem getting our connection down to Taroko Gorge from Taipei. Vegetables for breakfast again - lots to choose from, usually mixed into rice congee, but we bypass that. We're really enjoying the vegetables - sweet potato seem to be eaten every meal. To me it has a slimy feel in the mouth which i don't like. One of the hotel staff played the violin that morning whilst we ate ... read more
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Chinese/Taiwanese Flag In 1895, military defeat forced China to cede Taiwan to Japan. Taiwan reverted to Chinese control after World War II. Following the Communist victory on the mainland in 1949, 2 million Nationalists fled to Taiwan and established a government using th... ... read more
2nd October 2014

Great gorge!
Gorgeous photos and the walks sound lovely. I, too, dislike tours, but this sounded worth it, while the bikes would have been scary! Interesting that people don't eat in the park (or even cook), when here in South America, people are constantly snacking everywhere.

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