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Asia » Taiwan » Hualien » Taroko July 8th 2018

Z ubytka vypadnutie nieco po 9.30 smer np taroko. Cs sa cudovala co sme vsetci vcera sli spat tak skoro (o polnoci) Mensie zhrunutie jej vcerajsieho rozhovoru s peknou recepcnou. Obe recepcne studuju na rovnakej skole ako studovala pin. Talian co zobral jednu recepcnu na festival na druhy den zobral recepcneho erica do taroka. Vraj isiel dost rychlo a na spiatocnej ceste mali nehodu. Obiehali auto zprava (normalna vec tu ) to si ich nevsimol a odbocilo vpravo takze bum. Recepcny len oskrenina ale talian vraj aj rozbite koleno. Aby platila poistka recepcny musel povedat, ze on soferoval. Talian nemal vodicak. Zrejme aj preto pozicovne nepozicavaju skutre ludom bez vodicaku. Volaco sa stane a poistka neplati. Nuz nazad na skuter. Zastavka na ranajky. Vsetko cerstvo prichystane, jeden chlapik furt valkal cesto, dalsi to daval do pece ... read more

Asia » Taiwan » Hualien » Taroko September 1st 2015

Taiwan is an island state south of Okinawa also known as the Republic of China. It has a population of 23 million, is half the size of Tasmania and the capital city, Taipei seems as busy and crowded as Shanghai or Tokyo. Taiwanese people are colorful, noisy, polite and demonstrative. The food is spicy, with lots of tofu and vegetables sizzled in woks. English is spoken everywhere and signs are in Chinese and English. The east coast of Taiwan has miles and miles of black sand beaches and rolling surf and is heavily fished. There is a resurgence of the indigenous culture of Taiwan, but like in many places, they have suffered from economic disadvantage and cultural annihilation. The landscape is spectacular, with a huge, colourful marble gorge and well set up bike paths, to cycle ... read more
Truku Aboriginal Village - 11
Ketagalan Culture Centre - 23
Truku Aboriginal Village - 07

Asia » Taiwan » Hualien » Taroko September 28th 2014

We had absolutely no problem getting our connection down to Taroko Gorge from Taipei. Vegetables for breakfast again - lots to choose from, usually mixed into rice congee, but we bypass that. We're really enjoying the vegetables - sweet potato seem to be eaten every meal. To me it has a slimy feel in the mouth which i don't like. One of the hotel staff played the violin that morning whilst we ate breakfast. A lovely handwritten note from hotel staff and weather information etc for the gorge as well handed to us as we were waved into the waiting taxi. We only waited a short time for the bus, they left every few minutes with super efficiency - never a second late, all spotlessly clean, very comfortable with onboard wifi! And only AUD $3 each. ... read more
The glorious blu colour of the sea at Qingshui Cliffs
Straight down into the sea!
You can see the line of the old road on the cliff face of Qingshui Cliffs.

Asia » Taiwan » Hualien » Taroko December 4th 2013

Hualien is the biggest city on the east coast, nothing special. I just based myself there to explore Taroko National Park. The main attraction is the Taroko gorge. I met a guy at the hostel on the day I arrived and we decided to visit the gorge together the next day. We used the shuttle bus to do so. It is not the most efficient way as we happened to have to wait for the bus but it is the cheapest way. We still had time to see all we wanted (mainly because many of the trails in the park are close due to the cyclone that struck the island 2 months ago). So we did the few trails that were open. Shakadang trail for the crystal clear water, Lushui trail to have a look at ... read more
Shakandan trail
an inhabitant
cristal clear water

Asia » Taiwan » Hualien » Taroko August 2nd 2013

Taroko Gorge is the most popular attraction in Taiwan outside of Taipei, so it is well set-up for tourism: a shuttle bus ferries tourists from site to site within the gorge, and there are queues of coaches along the road. The highest concentration of tour parties is at Eternal Spring Shrine a temple set into the rockface dedicated to the workers whose lives were lost in building the road through the gorge, and away from that everywhere is much less busy. The Gorge is one of those sites where everywhere you look there is stunning scenery. I first followed the Shakadang Trail along the river. There is still an Aboriginal tribe living near the river, and you are asked at various points to respect the environment and the fact that they might be working and causing ... read more
Walk to Baiyang Waterfall
Baiyang Waterfall
Shakadang Trail

Asia » Taiwan » Hualien » Taroko April 1st 2013

Taiwan is not a usual tourist place but there I was headed with my colleague and her family for a 5 day trip covering Hualien, Jianxi and Taipei city. At the very start, we struggled with a Chinese GPS followed by an erratic US style driving and lack of familiar sights like petrol stations, restaurants etc. All sign boards were like pencil drawings! I slept off in the car and once up, was looking at bridges and highways and then the beautiful countryside- mountains, seas and islands! It reminded me of West coast of California. We were prepared for “SPRING” but it was 18 degree Celsius. Therefore our socks did more rounds than originally planned. On the first day, we saw a beautiful lake and then settled for the night at another beautiful, white castle of ... read more

Asia » Taiwan » Hualien » Taroko February 6th 2013

After acclimatising in Taipei for a few days, we are very much looking forward to get out of it. Not that we don't like Taipei, but the hustle and bustle and substantial air pollution is something we can tolerate only in relatively small doses. It takes us about four hours on a local train to get to Hualien. A town of roughly 100,000 inhabitants, Hualien is pretty much synonymous with Taroko Gorge, one of Taiwan's must-see tourist sites. As Chinese New Year is drawing closer and closer, we are more than keen on getting Taroko out of the way before the holiday crowds descend, and then moving on to somewhere less conspicuous. Hualien greets us with a torrential downpour that continues into the night. At the tourist information, we meet a Chinese Malaysian couple, who recommend ... read more
Serene reclining Buddha
Yummy chòu dòufu (臭豆腐)
Stunning flower

Asia » Taiwan » Hualien » Taroko October 11th 2011

If you only have a few days to visit Taiwan, I highly recommend a visit to the eastern part of the island. Just outside of Hualien lies the beautiful Taroko National Park, a large park named after the impressive Taroko Gorge. Hualien is only a 3 hour train ride from Taipei. Trains leave regularly from Taipei Main Station and buying a ticket should be no problem. Try your best to get a seat on the left side of the train when heading to Hualien as the ocean views are striking. Hualien itself is a small and quiet city and doesn’t have much to offer in the ways of sightseeing but there are plenty of ways to keep yourself occupied. Hualien boasts a remarkable amount of stone quarries and many of the artists in the area utilize ... read more
Shakadang Trail
Shakadang Trail
Swallow Grotto trail

Asia » Taiwan » Hualien » Taroko March 15th 2011

We took off in a train out to Hualian along the Eastern coast of Taiwan. It was quite the beautiful ride containing amazing views of the Pacific Ocean and the countryside. We got to Hualian at about 2 pm and rented 3 scooters between the 5 of us. Needless to say, I had never driven a moped before and the start of our adventure to Taroko Gorge was terrifying, exhilarating and superb. As soon as we got on the highway I felt much more comfortable. You’d be surprised how much power a 125 cc engine has. Hitting a consitant 60 km/h feels about 3 times as fast on a moped. The adrenaline rush was incredible, as we passed by rice fields with the ocean in sight. We started to head up the gorge after about an ... read more
Taroko Gorge II
Taroko Gorge III
Taroko Gorge IV

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