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Asia » Taiwan » Taipei » Da'an March 8th 2015

We have had a lovely time spent here in Taiwan. And seen some amazing things and ate them too. We have enjoyed living quite normal. We are known locally as every one wants to practice their english, and are very curious. Letting us know the local delicacy and were to buy them from. We have learned that if their is a queue for food get in that queue as it will be very good. We have travelled south east to Jiufen to the old street, wandered around, sampling the regions food such as stinky tofu, which is just a horrible smell like rotten socks but much worse much worse.potato and taro balls in a soup. Taiwanese take on peanut brittle. Shaved peanut brittle with ice cream wrapped up in a crepe. Then on to Jinguashi, which ... read more

Asia » Taiwan » Taipei » Da'an February 25th 2015

Well Folks before I start this weeks blog...........I would just like to say to you all just how we are so happy that everyone weathered cyclone Marcia. I know every one would have some kind of damage and I also know just how terrifying it would have been, we were with you all that day. We had our own cyclone day, feeling helpless and worrying about you all. Its been nice to read Face Book to see that slowly the electricity is being restored and things. It's good to know hat slowly things are returning to normal. Yeppoon community is strong and I am sure it will take a long time to rebuild life's as well as homes. But it will happen and it will be more beautiful place to live. We travelled to Donsol from ... read more

Asia » Taiwan » Taipei » Da'an February 25th 2015

Our latest map, not weekly now, only when we do it ... read more

Asia » Taiwan » Taipei » Da'an February 23rd 2015

Asia » Taiwan » Taipei February 14th 2015

I recently traveled to Singapore for my mother's 80th birthday. While looking for mileage award flights back from Singapore to Honolulu, one intriguing option popped up: Singapore to Taipei and then to Guam on EVA Air, and then connect in Guam onto a United flight to Honolulu. I knew at booking that EVA Air had a co-branding arrangement with Hello Kitty, so I hoped that at least one of the flights would be on a Hello Kitty jet. I was disappointed that the Singapore-Taipei flight was not Hello Kitty themed, but we did get a Hello Kitty Chinese New Year greeting on the video screen: On arrival in Taipei, I discovered that one gate in the C-pier was decked out in the finest Hello Kitty kitsch - phone booths, play area, world clock, and others. On ... read more
Taipei-Guam Flight
Taipei Airport
Taipei Airport

Asia » Taiwan » Taipei February 14th 2015

Since my last entry at the end of November there has be little free time. The major stretch of time for the school year came and went and I got a lot done. We went to some parks with cousins and friends. New years came and went and we went back to the hot springs in Xianing. My duties of substitute teaching came to an end in January and from here on in I will only have the roles of department head of Business and Technology, Registrar, and my new title as Curriculum Designer. My new position will bring me full circle to the curriculum designing experience I had when I first got into the field of education 15 years ago. The holidays quickly approached and Meili said her first words! Her first words were "bye ... read more
BIT department, yeah it's street
roadside chess game
At motian park

Asia » Taiwan » Taipei » Da'an February 6th 2015

Welcome! So.... I finally had the time to get this up and running so here it is. I will post here as often as I find time for and am able to, figured this might be a good way to share my experiences and look back on them, whilst not taking up everyone's Facebook news feed and the people that are interested can read this. The first month has been great... WOW!! I just typed the first month, already the time has flown! I have been busy while here and I am pretty well settled finally.. I have an apartment and my room is put together and looks kind of like home now. Put one on the board for me. Next line of business, is beginning work; still two weeks out from the start of training ... read more

Asia » Taiwan January 13th 2015

For my second visit to Taiwan, I had twice the amount of time. However, with family on both sides to visit, we also had twice the amount of people to visit! I was able to visit several new places, including Yilan,TaipingMountain, and the outskirts of Kaoshun. While I still felt like I was back in the motherland, my experience this time was much more recreational. This means more food, more sightseeing, and more night markets! Highlights include a restaurant inTainandedicated to making my favorite dish – seafood porridge. I want to thank all our family who hosted us, we are truly thankful and can’t wait to see you again!... read more
DSC_0581 - Copy

Asia » Taiwan » Ruifang December 21st 2014

Jiufen, Taiwan is located in the North-Eastern region of Ruifang District of Taiwan. Once a booming and prosperous gold mining town, today Jiufen serves as a popular marketplace during the day and a sleepy town illuminated by street lights at night. The town has become a very popular destination for people living in Taipei who wish to escape the hustle and bustle of the big city and relax amongst the tea houses and cafes that offer stunning views of the Pacific Ocean. My trip to Jiufen began on a sunny Saturday afternoon where I had plans to meet a friend and some of his co-workers who were traveling from Taichung. Because of different teaching schedules and travel arrangements, we agreed to meet in Jiufen at a hostel where we had reserved rooms. The trip from Taipei ... read more

Asia » Taiwan » Taipei December 19th 2014

I have been living in the outskirts of Taipei, Taiwan now for a little over four months and have been playing with the idea of writing a travel blog for some time. Rather than sitting around during my free time between classes, I decided that I would finally get working on it. I think that instead of just getting into writing about my traveling experiences I should tell you a bit about myself and why I’m currently in Taiwan, so here it goes. I arrived at the Taoyuan airport of Taiwan on the morning of August 12, 2014 with a mean case of jet lag and a deafening voice in my head telling me that I had just made a huge mistake...but I also felt more alive than I had in my entire life. Just four ... read more

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