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Asia » Sri Lanka » Southern Province » Bentota August 21st 2018

R: This will be a fairly short post as we didn't do much here. With a long flight day to Australia to look forward to, we opted to have a few days of relaxation in a resort type place. We arrived about 4pm, and one of the quirks of this hotel was the boat transfer. When you arrive on the boat landing stage on the mainland you get whisked onto a small transfer boat which whisks you onto the hotel complex on a spit of sand isolated from the mainland. The hotel is fairly nice, 4* kind of resort. Large pool, quite a few families, three restaurants etc. But its location is quite special, directly on a spit which you can walk down a long sandy beach just outside the pool. We got upgraded to all ... read more
Bentota Beach
Bentota Beach
Resort Life

Asia » Sri Lanka » Southern Province » Bentota August 1st 2018

R: If you haven't been following us for a while, that's probably because we stopped writing about our travels. However, several people have asked us if we are going to continue with our blog, and we initially dismissed it. But it's actually quite nice to have as a record of our travels, and hopefully interesting to some of you as well. So from our current location in Bentota, Sri Lanka, we are going to start writing about our travels again. So if you are interested, stick with us. Otherwise, feel free to unsubscribe now. In time, I am also going to back fill some of our other travels, like the trans Siberian railway trip, from notes I took at the time.... read more

Asia » Sri Lanka » Southern Province » Bentota March 18th 2018

After breakfast we took the launch across the river to meet Upul. We felt lucky that he was able to take us to the airport. We traveled on the highway so the roads were good and not at all chaotic. We went across the emerald island of serendipity, past Colombo and on to Katunayake airport. It was a day time flight home so the ten and a half hour flight wasn’t so bad. I watched three films and it went quite quickly. Terrible food again though. Sri Lanka is a truly beautiful island slightly smaller than Ireland. A lot of development has taken place since the civil war ended in 2009 with new roads and developments. The south coast has also had to rebuild roads and buildings since the tsunami in 2004 but there is still ... read more

Asia » Sri Lanka » Southern Province » Bentota March 16th 2018

As it seems always the sea was still very rough for our last couple of days but I spent quite a lot of time playing in the surf and getting knocked over by the strong waves. I thought we might lose Caroline at one point when she went a bit too far out. At lunch we had a funny insident when Caroline fell between two bench seats and disappeared under the table. No drink was involved, promise. We just had a couple of lazy days in the pool and on the beach apart from packing our bags for tomorrow. Our last evening was a Sri Lankan Evening but the music was terrible so we chose a table on the other side of the restaurant so it wasn’t so bad. Feeling sad to be going home but ... read more

Asia » Sri Lanka » Southern Province » Bentota April 13th 2011

Today's early start was made worse by the resignation of Ollie Sale after his famous victory yesterday as captain.  Once again we faced a journey of around two hours, which was worsened by the "back row banter" from Fred Cave, who was wondering how not to be run out again. On arrival the captain lectured us on the difference between the batting tracks in Jersey and Sri Lanka. Having been put into bat, we started brightly, but another collapse and some incredible fielding resulted in the steady fall of wickets. After a slight recovery we reached 99 for 9 off our 20 overs but that was never going to be enough.  The first ball of the second innings set the tone for the remainder of the game, with Whiting conceding five wides down the leg side. ... read more

Asia » Sri Lanka » Southern Province » Bentota April 12th 2011

Nic Scaglioni and Josh Dickson did an excellent diary entry for today but due to technical difficulties with Mr Dickson's iPad we have not yet been able to transfer it. Hopefully it will appear tomorrow. The good news is that the boys won today successfully defending 105, bowling the opposition out for 89. It was an outstanding effort in the field by everyone and there were sone excellent catches. Josh Dickson took five wickets and Ollie Sale bowled 7 overs for 3 runs, two of which were wides! Hopefully a second victory will come tomorrow! Mr Nurton and Mr Turner are not receiving e-mails at the moment for sone reason so please do not expect to get an immediate response if you send a message.... read more

Asia » Sri Lanka » Southern Province » Bentota April 11th 2011

Today we transferred to Club Bentota, stopping on the way at the official Sri Lankan Cricket shop where many if us bought replica world cup items.  Heading south on our two and a half hour journey we encountered more problems with the onboard air conditioning, causing us to fear that another Tom Edwards sweat pool would appear. We had lunch upon arrival and soon after we were enjoying the luxuries of the pool and the water polo goals. The water polo however soon got over crowded and a bit too aggressive, therefore we moved to the beach for a bit of cricket, for the second encounter between the two teams we formed in Colombo. However, the Red Barrons came out on top again despite the best efforts from the likes of Stuart-Smith who was one of ... read more

Asia » Sri Lanka » Southern Province » Bentota March 29th 2009

Did not sleep. We were both awake from 1.30am. Our car was picking us up at 5. We got up just after 4 and our alarm call came, as promised at 4.30a.m - but the coffee and pastries we'd asked for didn't. They finally arrived at 10 to 5 and we quickly ate before heading down to reception to pay our bill and check out. I was surprised to see that we'd been charged 600 rupees for a small plate of cashews that they sell for 250- in the mini-bar! Anyway..... According to Seelan, on Sundays, it takes "two an an 'alf how-ers" to reach the airport. As we left, it was still dark and as daylight broke, we saw people starting their day. Women all in Sunday whites. Is it really a week since we ... read more

Asia » Sri Lanka » Southern Province » Bentota March 28th 2009

Woke early and it is very hot again today. Saman IS nice, but nowhere near as perfect as our other hotels have been. E.g. the coir matting in the bed area, only 1 litre of water per room each day, a small tv. Moan, moan, moan. Actually, I don't like to watch tv on holiday but since Roy was ill, we got in the habit of switching it on and we got hooked on National Geographic channel. Roy likes reptiles, and there are some shockingly bad snake hunter programmes! Jungle Jake is just one of them... And there is an ad playing CONSTANTLY for a Spelling Bee contest that is being aired tonight. There is an Asian kid in it who spells Shylock (S.H.Y.L.O.C.K. if you were wondering) and we've both got our imitation of him ... read more
Walking on beach north of villa
Monk walking around headland
Huge Water monitor on beach

Asia » Sri Lanka » Southern Province » Bentota March 27th 2009

Woke at 5am with period pains. Great, just what I needed - and unexpected. Had some coffee on the balcony at 6.45am and watched the tankers out at sea. Ask anybody who knows me and they'll tell you how thorough I am at packing for my holidays. I'm using a packing list I've had for years and there is nothing essential that isn't on there. But (and you knew there was a but) this time, I did not bring any sanitary protection whatsoever. I broke the golden rule of never travelling without tampax - expecially in a developing country. Before breakfast, we went to the hotel shop. There is a small cabinet with toiletries and stuff in it, but they didn't have tampax, only pads. I bought some and asked the girl where I might get ... read more
Tuk Tuk drivers
Bookies in Galle
Induruwa beach

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