Carole Howson


Carole Howson

Asia » Sri Lanka » Southern Province » Bentota March 18th 2018

After breakfast we took the launch across the river to meet Upul. We felt lucky that he was able to take us to the airport. We traveled on the highway so the roads were good and not at all chaotic. We went across the emerald island of serendipity, past Colombo and on to Katunayake airport. It was a day time flight home so the ten and a half hour flight wasn’t so bad. I watched three films and it went quite quickly. Terrible food again though. Sri Lanka is a truly beautiful island slightly smaller than Ireland. A lot of development has taken place since the civil war ended in 2009 with new roads and developments. The south coast has also had to rebuild roads and buildings since the tsunami in 2004 but there is still ... read more

Asia » Sri Lanka » Southern Province » Bentota March 16th 2018

As it seems always the sea was still very rough for our last couple of days but I spent quite a lot of time playing in the surf and getting knocked over by the strong waves. I thought we might lose Caroline at one point when she went a bit too far out. At lunch we had a funny insident when Caroline fell between two bench seats and disappeared under the table. No drink was involved, promise. We just had a couple of lazy days in the pool and on the beach apart from packing our bags for tomorrow. Our last evening was a Sri Lankan Evening but the music was terrible so we chose a table on the other side of the restaurant so it wasn’t so bad. Feeling sad to be going home but ... read more

Asia » Sri Lanka » Southern Province March 15th 2018

Pool, beach, sea, repeat, pool, beach, sea, eat, drink, pool beach, sea, eat, listen to live music by the pool - that was our day - lovely. I was thinking of Chrissie while swimming in the warm Indian Ocean and remembering the rough seas we swam in when it was probably not wise to go in the water. Oh and I walked round the bay while the others went for a massage. ?... read more

Asia » Sri Lanka » Southern Province March 14th 2018

Although overcast for some of the day it didn’t rain so we were happy. The driver that Upul had arranged took us to the enchanting town of Galle, about one and a half hours along the dangerous coast road. I would like to have gone by train and I think it would have been safer. Probably because it was a cloudy morning and everything looked shabby and neglected I felt really sad for the people of Southern Sri Lanka who are still trying to put their country in order after the tsunami. Such an enormous task. We stopped at a memorial for the local people that died that terrible day and we saw many derelict houses along the way. The resilience of people never fails to amaze me. I loved Galle. It is full of old ... read more

Asia » Sri Lanka » Southern Province March 13th 2018

Today we took it easy and had a much needed chill day. In the afternoon I stayed on my terrace or in my room as my tummy was a bit dodgy - it was just as well that we weren’t traveling about today. We went for a walk along the beach in the late afternoon - very pleasant. ... read more

Asia March 12th 2018

Not very sunny weather but hot and humid. The long sandy beach is lovely and we walked around the bay to the mangroves and rocky outcrops. Beyond were more rocks and sandy coves . It’s such a pretty coast line. Only paddled but must go in a little way before we leave here. The red flag is out and they say this coast line has dangerous seas. We swam in the pool and had drinks from the pool bar. After lunch we took the launch across the river and went into town which has a typically Asian high street with tuk tuks flying about. Then the heavens opened and we stood in a shop door way to shelter. We were so luck that today was market day and when the rain stopped we enjoyed walking through ... read more

MISSING March 11th 2018

The food in this hotel is excellent, in fact it’s been good in all the hotels. All the beautiful hotels we have stayed in have been wasted on us really as we have mainly only used the beds and the dining room. It has been nice to have a bit of Luxury though.We had to set off early for the long drive along the southern coast to Bentota. It’s a very pretty ride with beautiful sandy beaches and rocky outcrops and the Indian Ocean with its many hues of blue. When we stopped at a beachside restaurant for lunch we thought it might rain again. We saw the stilt fishermen though apparently their main income these days us from tourists taking photos not from fish. There are a lot of derelict houses that were damaged in ... read more

Asia » Sri Lanka » Southern Province March 10th 2018

We were lucky to be able to set off on our safari at 7.30 this morning. People that had tried to leave at 5.30 couldn’t because there was an elephant in the entrance of the hotel eating his favourite trees. We set off in the sunshine and it wasn’t long before we saw wild boar, crocodiles, deer and some beautiful birds. We also saw mongoose, land monitors, Sri Lankan Sambar deer, malbar hornbill, eagle, blue tailed bee eaters, tufted grey langur monkeys , white necked storks, kingfisher, peacocks (one with its beautiful fan tail open) and Jungle Fowl their national bird which is like a very smart cockerel. We also saw some loan elephants. Male elephants are always on their own unless they are mating of cause. But what we really wanted to see was leopard. ... read more

Asia » Sri Lanka March 9th 2018

As we left our hotel children were walking in their immaculate uniforms through the tea plantations to school and men with their packed lunches were on their way to work. What a way to start the day. We drove back down the narrow lane, wild flowers galore, on our way to Nanuoya to catch the train to Ella past beautifully kept vegetable patches all looking so wholesome and healthy. Some of the tea plantations have built new accommodation for their workers but some of the accommodation looks pretty awful. The tea pickers have to pick thirteen kg of tea a day and they get a bonus if they pick more. Their bags are so heavy and the women, who are Tamil originating from India, are only small. As we drove through the town tea pickers were ... read more

Asia » Sri Lanka » Central Province March 8th 2018

We left our hotel at 9.0 in convoy as the curfew is in place until 4.0 this afternoon. Upul had to get us a special pass at the police station. The roads were spookily empty with very few cars and all the shops were closed. At bridges and cross roads, temples and petrol stations (some of them closed) there were soldiers. We were stopped once to show our papers. The curfew ended 15 mikes out of Kandy. Six people have been killed and three temples destroyed. When people get married in Sri Lanka they chose the date according to the stars so in spite of the situation we saw a wedding. Only close family and friends are invited but when the couple return from their honeymoon they hold a big party. It was a fantastic drive ... read more

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