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7th March 2018

Loving it
Mummy loving your blog and photos, wow wish I’d seen the elephants like that wild and free, love you xx
6th March 2018

What a wonderful trip you are having. Lovely photos.
3rd March 2018

Caroline and Trish
Lovely picture of the girls X Hope it's all going well Carole X Thinking of you xxx?❤️
3rd March 2018

Sounds exciting so far. Glad to hear you have gone for the luxury option. We’re too old to economise. Have a fabulous time.
2nd March 2018

Lovely blog, can you tell me is Trsh the same person as Caroline.
2nd March 2018

Love it
So happy you’re there, been waiting for the first blog ❤️?
11th February 2018

Operation “Countdown”......
Carole Howson you dark horse, you’re going to Sri Lanka"?......When I said Sri Lanka I meant the argy-bargy down the Mile End Road! ??
2nd September 2017

Last Days
Oh Carole, beautiful pictures again but so sad that your magical holiday has come to an end for you all - You must be sad to be leaving such a fabulous place full of wonderful experiences. I'm sure you'll be back and maybe with great grandchildren next time (!) so lots to look forward to. SO happy you've had such a brilliant time. See you soon in Spain, all our love A & M xxx?❤️
2nd September 2017

What a wonderful adventure you have had. Hope you are all safely home now and getting some well earned rest.? Kx
30th August 2017

Thought you
were back. You look as if you are having a wonderful trip. The children must have adored it and how it has opened their eyes to the world. So lovely for everyone.
22nd August 2017

I am so glad the Sharks weren't hungry. I am amazed that the shark with babies didn't try to protect her young. Are they not scarey?
21st August 2017

It looks wonderful. You are having a really great holiday, sounds really different to our adventures. Enjoy. xxxx
From Blog: A Wonderful Cove
20th August 2017

Love it
Wow it looks amazing xxx love you all and miss you xxx
From Blog: Ko Tao
20th August 2017

Sounds like the perfect day - definitely a bit jealous. Kx
From Blog: A lazy day
18th August 2017

You sound so happy. The way yu write it makes me feel as f yu are the famous five or should I say four. Everything perfect wth lovely food and lash gs if ginger beer, or should. I Say pinacaladas.
Enjoy yourselves.
From Blog: Kho Pha-ngan
17th August 2017

I'm loving reading this blog, sounds like you're having a fabulous time, what wonderful memories you'll have. My love to you all. Xx
From Blog: Windy Day
14th August 2017
IMG_5409 the bay

Heaven....... xxx?❤️
14th August 2017
IMG_5445 The front of hotel

Beautiful children, SO grown up now and looking just fine? Mollie's loooong legs and Sam, SO tall too. xxx?❤️
13th August 2017

....with envy! Ooooh Carole, it sounds like heaven and looks just as good. SO glad you're all having a wonderful time, and enjoy every precious minute. Love and BIG warm hugs to you, Georgie, Mollie and Sam, Alan and Maggi xxx?❤️
From Blog: Kho Samui
12th August 2017

Great blog - all sounds exhausting but fun. Hope you get some chill time soon. PS: Where's your boxer. Kx
11th August 2017

Love it
I love the way you write mummy, it comes alive, could almost be there with you. Fab photos xx
11th August 2017

Carole what a wonderful trip your on . Have the most fab time and keep up with the blog xx
11th August 2017

Carole what a wonderful trip your on . Have the most fab time and keep up with the blog xx
9th August 2017

Loving it, glad your all enjoying yourselves, can't wait for the next installment X we love you we do! Xxx ❤️????☀️✈️?
27th July 2017

We're with you all the way.....X
Hello our darling Carole X Keep in touch with us as you go with Georgie, Molly and Sam, to hidden and distant parts....X We will be following you in spirit and SO wish we were with you to enjoy the wonderful culture of this fascinating country. Really looking forward to the blogs you send from your travels and will be there, at the end, waiting for you to come home. With all our love precious girl, M and A xxx?❤️

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