Jan and Roy

Jan and Roy

Jan and Roy

Jan and Roy - working our way through the list of places to visit - still some way to go!

North America » United States » New York » New York » Manhattan December 6th 2009

Finished unpacking and had a long shower. Then we went out in search of breakfast. Didn’t have to look too far, there is a Fresh and Co just next door with a huge range of things to choose from. I ended up with a wholewheat bagel and peanut butter. Roy had blueberry pancakes. The coffee was weak, but hot. After breakfast we came back to the hotel to regroup and plan our day. All signs of snow were gone, and the day was clear with blue skies. We decided it was the day for Empire State Building. We arrived there just after 9 and the lines were already building up nicely! I’d booked Express Pass tickets which meant that we just flashed them at the staff and were fast tracked through the various lines - one ... read more
New York 6th December 2009 088
Empire State Building
Rockefeller Center and Tree

North America » United States » New York » New York » Manhattan December 5th 2009

You can’t help but wonder if you're actually welcome when you travel to the USA. We’ve been since 9/11, but the security just seems to keep stepping up and up. It starts with a series of questions at the check in desk. When did you pack your bags? Where have they been since you packed them? And so on. We didn’t get seated together. I wasn’t expecting to, having tried to check in online the night before and not being allowed to. Also, our travel agent seemed to have already pre-booked all of our seats on the other flights we took, but not the Manchester to Newark leg. We were on opposite sides of the plane, one row apart, with a promise to move us if possible. We waited for our name to be called at ... read more

Asia » Sri Lanka » Southern Province » Bentota March 29th 2009

Did not sleep. We were both awake from 1.30am. Our car was picking us up at 5. We got up just after 4 and our alarm call came, as promised at 4.30a.m - but the coffee and pastries we'd asked for didn't. They finally arrived at 10 to 5 and we quickly ate before heading down to reception to pay our bill and check out. I was surprised to see that we'd been charged 600 rupees for a small plate of cashews that they sell for 250- in the mini-bar! Anyway..... According to Seelan, on Sundays, it takes "two an an 'alf how-ers" to reach the airport. As we left, it was still dark and as daylight broke, we saw people starting their day. Women all in Sunday whites. Is it really a week since we ... read more

Asia » Sri Lanka » Southern Province » Bentota March 28th 2009

Woke early and it is very hot again today. Saman IS nice, but nowhere near as perfect as our other hotels have been. E.g. the coir matting in the bed area, only 1 litre of water per room each day, a small tv. Moan, moan, moan. Actually, I don't like to watch tv on holiday but since Roy was ill, we got in the habit of switching it on and we got hooked on National Geographic channel. Roy likes reptiles, and there are some shockingly bad snake hunter programmes! Jungle Jake is just one of them... And there is an ad playing CONSTANTLY for a Spelling Bee contest that is being aired tonight. There is an Asian kid in it who spells Shylock (S.H.Y.L.O.C.K. if you were wondering) and we've both got our imitation of him ... read more
Walking on beach north of villa
Monk walking around headland
Huge Water monitor on beach

Asia » Sri Lanka » Southern Province » Bentota March 27th 2009

Woke at 5am with period pains. Great, just what I needed - and unexpected. Had some coffee on the balcony at 6.45am and watched the tankers out at sea. Ask anybody who knows me and they'll tell you how thorough I am at packing for my holidays. I'm using a packing list I've had for years and there is nothing essential that isn't on there. But (and you knew there was a but) this time, I did not bring any sanitary protection whatsoever. I broke the golden rule of never travelling without tampax - expecially in a developing country. Before breakfast, we went to the hotel shop. There is a small cabinet with toiletries and stuff in it, but they didn't have tampax, only pads. I bought some and asked the girl where I might get ... read more
Tuk Tuk drivers
Bookies in Galle
Induruwa beach

Asia » Sri Lanka » Southern Province » Galle March 26th 2009

Despite having been warned by Roy NOT to wake up before 8am, I was awake at 5.45am. Mind you, so was he, so it isn’t all my fault today. We were out on the balcony having a coffee by 7.45am. I can’t believe the final leg of our Sri Lanka journey starts tomorrow. Breakfast at 8.30am. Eggs and beans for Roy, fruit and scrambled eggs for me. We’ve been getting bored at the beach - I never thought I’d say that - and so with Roy feeling a lot better now, we’ve decided to go out adventuring again today. We sat in the shade all morning. A few little dips in the pool but no serious swimming. No wonder I’m waking so early - I’m expending very little energy! At lunchtime, we ventured over to the ... read more
Samantha and his tuk tuk
Galle Roundabout and Cricket Ground
Just inside Galle Fortress

Asia » Sri Lanka » Southern Province » Galle March 25th 2009

Woke at 5.30am! Roy still not too good. At 6.30 I was sitting out on the balcony, waving good morning to our very efficient and very cheery pool boy. It was quiet everywhere so I went downstairs to take some early morning photos of the pool and beach. At about 7.30am we went for breakfast and by 9.30am we were in place on our sunbeds! I went for a swim in the sea, it was lovely - very warm. Roy walked down with me and to his disgruntlement whilst I had a dip Chandika came along to talk to him about us taking a tour with him! The more I could see him getting irritated by this, the longer I decided to stay in the sea. Evil :-) Late morning I had a swim in the ... read more
And another one
Foyer at Fortress hotel
Pool and beach

Asia » Sri Lanka » Southern Province » Galle March 24th 2009

Woke at 6 again. Fed up of waking so early. Managed to get back off to sleep until 9. Roy is not feeling so great, but I gave him ranitidine at 6.30am, thinking he had indigestion from last night's curry - he said he had pain in his stomach. Got and and got ready, with Roy moaning that he felt like crap. But that he'd be ok to come down for breakfast. Bad move. I was eating my curds and treacle, and looked up to see Roy toying with a piece of pineapple... suddenly he was sick. Violently. Everywhere. In the middle of the restaurant terrace. Oh dear.... luckily, the staff were wonderful, rushing to his aid. Also luckily, there were only 2 other couples in breakfast at the time. Roy was mortified, but the staff ... read more
Fisherman's stilts at sunset
Pretty lights around pool

Asia » Sri Lanka » Southern Province » Galle March 23rd 2009

Woke at 6, which was not my plan! Listened to music, watched the ocean and just generally lazed around until 8.30am. Last night, Aminda showed us the "best room" in the hotel - a suite called the Residence. It was huge, with a fibre optic lit private pool hanging over the gardens and sea. It had a giant jacuzzi and huge Smeg fridge. He didn't tell us the room rate! We like our room though. It has a huge bed, CD/DVD player, bose sound system, plasma screen tv and an ipod, loaded with 6000+ songs. We've got it on shuffle and were jigging around to Bhangra or something like that first thing. There is a library with dvds and books to borrow. Breakfast was a buffet - first time we encountered this. But what a spread! ... read more

Asia » Sri Lanka » Southern Province » Galle March 22nd 2009

I can't believe that today, we finish our "tour" and head for the beach. We got up at 6 to finish packing, drink our bed tea and start our walk. There are numbered/signed walks around each bungalow and this morning, we're doing C2 trail, which is about 6km long. What a stunning walk! We passed through the largely deserted village before 7 - it is Sunday - no work, no chanting! We saw a few people around, but not many. As we passed through the tea picker's cottages, I could smell the communal latrines. We passed churches, Hindu temples, creches and some shops that were just opening up for the day. After the village, we started to climb - in the van a few days ago this had seemed like a very sharp ascent, but on ... read more
Hindu temple
Hindu temple
Cockerel in tea field

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