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February 9th 2020
Published: February 9th 2020
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Friday 8 February, 2020 cont'd

We left the room at 6.30 pm, to have a drink before dinner. Sunset is about 6.15pm so the light was fading. It was nice to look at the sea and a full moon behind the beach.

Back to the hotel and we had a drink outside by the pool. We went inside and ordered food for our dinner at 7.30 pm. Pat had chicken and chips and I ordered spaghetti bolognaise.It arrived in due course and was pretty good.

The other guests were eating at the beach bar area, so nice and quiet for us.

Back to the room and lights out was 10 pm.

The group that arrived this afternoon, who we haven't figured a Nationality yet, maybe eastern European, were enjoying themselves being very loud and boisterous, but they settled down eventually. Excessive alcohol consumption of course played a key part.

Saturday 8 February, 2020

We stirred at 7.30 am. Breakfast is from 7.30 to 9.30 am. Ruwan was arranged for 10.00 am for our excursion. So, we showered and went downstairs. Breakfast was extensive, they even had an egg station, with a chef.

After breakfast back to the room and got ready. Then down at 9.45 am and Ruwan was waiting.

Our first stop was 'Brief', the home and gardens of Mr Bevis Bawa. The journey was about half an hour, through narrow country lanes and ever worsening tracks.

Entrance fee was LKR 2000.00 each (GBP 8.55 each). Mr Bevis Bawa was a noted Sri Lankan, and artist who died a few years ago. He created a beautiful house and gardens. He willed it to his staff upon death and some of it is open to public viewing.

It is a stunning location and ageing now but well worth a visit. He was of mixed heritage and 6 feet 7 inches tall. He spent time in the British colonial army, and knew Edward VIII, Duke of Windsor.

You tour the grounds first, at your leisure, then get a guided tour of the house.

There was much of interest in the garden, flowers, trees, birds, insects etc. We saw Mongoose's as well.

We spent about an hour and then back to Ruwan and off to the next place.

Lunuganga, was the home to Mr Geoffrey Bawa, brother to the other chap. Another noted Sri Lankan, who was an architect and designed some of Sri Lanka's most famous buildings.

Entrance fee LKR 1500 each (GBP 6.40 each). The tour guide was with us the whole way. Bigger in area than his brothers place, and again a stunning location. It was also well worth a visit.

Then back to our hotel. We popped back to the room and dropped our stuff off, then went down for a drink and something to eat.

Breakfast had been quite a feast so we weren't starving. We shared a club sandwich and chips, which was ideal, with a beer and a coke. It was by now 2 pm.

We had an easy afternoon, but went down for a drink after sunset. A gin & tonic and a coke. A stroll on the beach and that was us.

Lights out 10.00 pm.

Sunday, 9 February, 2020

The noisy mob were quieter last night, so we both had a good night's sleep.

We stirred at 7.50 am.

Our plan today, was to catch a bus, buy a ticket and get some cash.

Breakfast was a much smaller affair. You could order cooked items from the kitchen and other bits and pieces like toast were available.

Pat ordered sauteed potatoes with an omelette, and I ordered bacon and an omelette. There was plenty of tea and coffee, we prepared some toast and then our cooked food arrived.

Back to the room, got ready and out at 9.50 am. We arrived at the bus stop, which is just past the entrance to the hotel. It was a Sunday, so we had no idea, whether this would affect the frequency of buses, or how long we might have to wait.

Within 20 seconds a bus had arrived and we were off to Aluthgama. LKR 40 each (GBP 0.17) Result! It was a small air conditioned coach as well.

We had done some research and found the location of a Bank of Ceylon ATM, they didn't seem to charge for the transaction. Pat spotted the place straight away and we got some cash and we were also then in sight of the railway station. Result!

Again after some research we had found a first class train tomorrow to Galle, that would suit us. The ticket office was open and we enquired if there was availability?

All was good, first class tickets, and seats booked, at a price of LKR 400 each ( GBP 1.70 each). Result!

So we had achieved all we set out to do within half an hour.

We pottered around the shops on a road we hadn't been on foot yet and looked at various things. We were constantly approached and occasionally followed, but managed to shake them all off.

We went into a larger clothing shop Mallikas Maga and bought a Sri Lankan shirt for me and two pairs of loose baggy trousers for Pat.

Refreshments were now in order and we went to the Happy fish restaurant, by the river. We sat and watched the world go by for a short while.

There were a number of hotels on a spit of land near by and Pat suggested we take a walk and have a look. So, off we went.

The access road for the hotels seemed very inadequate, but this became explained later when we realised that everything came across the river on a boat.

We walked to a hotel called Centara Ceysands spa & resort, asked if we could have a meal as non residents and they were more than happy to feed us.

We were seated at a nice breezy table, watching people, birdlife and cute little ground squirrels. Not all the sights were delightful. The hotel seemed to have good occupancy.

Pat ordered a chicken wrap & chips with a draught beer. I ordered a pepperoni pizza and a ginger beer. All cost much more than usual, but was well worth it.

We walked back to the bridge and got a Tuktuk back to the hotel. In the room for 2.00 pm after a highly successful morning.


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