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February 11th 2020
Published: February 11th 2020
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Sunday 9 February, 2020 cont'd

Phoned Mum & Dad at 5.30 pm advising everything ok.

Went down to the bar at 7.00 pm. Pat had a shandy and I had a coke. Neither of us was particularly hungry, so just drinks.

After a short stroll on the beach, we went back to the room and lights out at 10.00 pm.

Monday 10 February, 2020

Today we move from Bentota to Galle. Our train is at 16.07 from Aluthgama. We have arranged a late check out at a small cost (USD 20), just need to book a Tuktuk.

A good night's sleep, we stirred at 7.30 am and went down to breakfast at 8.20 am.

Small amount of stuff laid out and we ordered omelette's from the kitchen.

Went down to look at the sea. The waves are much bigger today. We went to find Ruwan to book him for later and he bumped into us, so that's done.

Then back to the room for some sorting and packing.

At 10.40 am, we took a barefoot walk along the beach, simply to enjoy the location, which is quite idyllic. We walked for about an hour.

At 12.45 pm we went down to get some lunch. Pat had sweet & sour chicken and I had chicken noodles. Drinks were a beer and a coke.

We had a final shower and pack. Went to reception at 3.00 pm to sort out the bill.

Final payment was a bit manual with them simply adding all the bar and restaurant receipts on a calculator.

Waited for Ruwan a short while, he came, we loaded up and off to the station.

We were in good time for the train, which arrived on time. We sat in first class and the journey trundled along.

It was about an hour and we arrived in the very busy city of Galle (pronounced Gaul).

We negotiated a tuktuk fare to our room and headed into very busy traffic. I noticed a cricket match playing at the international stadium as we drove past.

The driver didn't actually know where he was going, but between us we found it.

The homeowner was not far away and we sorted out the limited formalities, then were shown the room and facilities. The house is very quirky.

It was about 5.30 pm and we went out straight away to get milk and so on, as it was due to get dark soon, and we didn't have a clue of our surroundings yet.

The main road is a short distance and has many shops and stores. We walked up and down to have a look and went into a food city, to purchase our necessities.

Back in the room at 6.30 pm and the kettle is on.

Lights out 9.00 pm.

Tuesday 11 February, 2020

I woke at one stage and thought it was morning. Pat was awake so, I asked her the time and it was 1.30 am. So, after a stunned moment, I rolled over and went back to sleep.

Our plan today was to explore Galle and the fort area.

We stirred about 7.45 am, had discussed an 8.30 am breakfast, with the guy, so we opened our room door, got noticed and breakfast was duly prepared. Omelettes, with toast and coffee.

After showering we left at 9.45 am and headed to the main road. The bus stop was close by. Not long and a bus came along. They were more or less all going our way, so we didn't have to worry to much. Bus fare was LKR 40 (17p) each.

We arrived at the bus station, which is next to the train station where we came in yesterday. There was a cricket match going on, so we headed over and peered through the fence for a moment. Then off round to the fort. You can see the battlements from a distance.

Galle is where the Portuguese first settled in the 1600's and therefore has a lot of history.

The fort area is like a walled city. Lots of shops, restaurants, cafe's, rooms, hotels and so on. It is much more chic than anything we have yet experienced in Sri Lanka, so far.

We wandered around looking at the various sights. We stopped and had an iced latte and ginger beer at a cafe called The heritage LKR 819 (GBP 3.48).

We came across the distrct courts area and there were a large number of people milling around the magistrates courts.

Also here was the National Maritime museum, entrance fee LKR 300 (GBP 1.28) each. Not very big, it didn't take long to get round. Mildly interesting.

We visited the Dutch reform church, a protestant church so quite simple.

Then off wandering again. We stopped again at 12.45 pm at a very elegant little place called Yara. Pat had a Affogatto (an espresso with two scoops of ice cream), I had a banana mango tango smoothie and a ginger beer. We had an order of French fries to snack on and also some water, LKR 2200 (GBP 9.36).

Pat had heard of a chain of government souvenir shops called Laksala and there was one nearby outside the fort, which we headed off to. It had all of the things you would expect and we bought a couple of mugs.

Next item was a Keell's supermarket, back past the train station. We had a couple of items we wanted to purchase we hadn't found yet and thought we might get them here. Having walked all that way, we didn't find what we wanted.

One thing we wanted was a local extension cable. On our way back we spotted various shops behind the station that might be suitable. After a couple of tries we found a shop that had exactly what we wanted and only LKR 1000 (GBP 4.25).
After that we pondered on some food. Pat decided she wasn't that hungry, so I got choice and elected for the nearby Domino's pizza. A small pepperoni pizza and drinks LKR 819 (GBP 3.48).

Then time to return. So off to the manic bus station and try and find a bus. We asked and got directed to our bus, fairly easily. Bus fare again LKR 40 each.

I did laugh out loud when I saw a man on a motorbike, with a phone tucked into his helmet, talking away!

Next trick was to figure out our stop, in Katugoda, which we did. Popped into foodcity for some water. Then a cake for me from a bakery and back to the room at 4.45 pm.

What I didn't mention was the number of people selling things, Tuktuk driver's and people generally approaching us all day long.


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