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Asia » Singapore » Boat Quay February 24th 2020

Last night was frustrating. Admittedly, we should have allowed more time for dinner so we weren’t in a rush, but in theory it should have worked. We decided the quickest way to get back to the Marina Sands Bay Mall food court was by Grab, and it was, it took less than 10 minutes and cost 6SGD. The nice driver was complaining about business being hit by the virus. He works a 12 hour day and most of his journeys are 6SGD, like ours, so after deductions he only makes about 50SGD a day, and he can easily spend 20 of that on a McDonalds. Apparently the burgers are very small here so you need to eat a few of them! There are only a few Grab drop offs allowed and we chose the Skypark but ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Boat Quay February 23rd 2020

Arriving in Singapore was a breeze, as usual, although AirAsia hadn’t bothered to give out landing cards so we all had to do this in the landing hall. Immigration took 5 minutes and our bags were out in a trice. I changed some money in one of the normal exchange places as the rate was identical to on the xe app and so the same as my bank. They didn’t need to see my passport. Then I got the transfer bus from T4 to T2 to get the MRT, topping up my EZ-link cards for Gill and I. As we had left Langkawi on a half empty plane 20 minutes early I was at the hotel by 1pm. On the MRT only about 10% were wearing masks, but the Chinatown stop, usually really busy, was very ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Boat Quay January 22nd 2020

The Belly of the Carp Singapore River was known as the Belly of the Carp to early traders because of its sweeping curve and the prosperous symbolism that comes with the golden carp. In Chinese legend the carp is a lucky fish. In Chinese, fish (yú) has the same pronunciation as the word 余 (yú) for ‘more’ or ‘plenty’, representing prosperity. In Buddhism, the fish symbolizes happiness as they have complete freedom of movement in the water. They represent fertility and abundance. Whenever I visit Singapore I always spend at least a little time along the river. This year I picked up this nifty pamphlet from the Asian Civilizations Museum called The Singapore River Walk, put out by the National Heritage Board. As I started to read through it, I found there ... read more
Asian Civilizations Museum
Riverside Point

Asia » Singapore » Boat Quay January 20th 2020

Plan for 2020 - London- Singapore - Krabi/Ao-Nang - Ko Lanta - Ko Muk - Ko Lipe - Langkawi - meet Gill back in Singapore - Melaka - KL - Penang - Singapore and home. Time to be off again, having hung on until November to see if I got any work, didn’t, so cheered myself up a LOT by booking a flight to Singapore, coming back on March 6th. The cheapest flight was Royal Brunei, but wasn’t prepared to compromise myself by putting money into that homophobic economy, and couldn’t face either a long stopover somewhere in China so BA it was, booking in December, 4 months later than last year and much more expensive. The price looks OK but now hold baggage needs to be added separately, a sneaky trick. Their seat selection prices ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Boat Quay June 29th 2019

Singapore was inserted into the itinerary primarily as a layover from Tokyo to Perth, however once we heard we were due to be there, we decided we may as well spend a night or two for old time sake. The flight here was perhaps the first hint at a major airplane meltdown by Senan, but in truth that was actually all our fault. I had noticed that there was something weird with the Peppa Pig's on the tablet, but never went back to fully investigate. And so it was that we were on the plane for a 6.5 hour flight when we discovered, horror of horrors, that PEPPA DOESN'T WORK! Senan was due a nap, but he wasn't succumbing to it until his got his Peppa hit, but there was none on the in-flight entertainment system. ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Boat Quay February 27th 2019

4th visit here, still finding lovely new things to do! After Gill came through off her flight we got a taxi from the rank as we couldn’t work out where the Grabs were allowed to pick up and didn’t want to not be able to find the driver. The taxi we did get went a longer route round to get to the hotel, but it cost 22SGD, so not too much more. A Grab would have been 18. 3rd time at the Holiday Inn Express, Clarke Quay. We are so over the walk from the MRT now, next time we’ll go to the Quay Hotel I stayed in a month ago. Gill was raring to go straight out so we walked along Boat Quay to the Merlion, took some pics, then went to the smart Fullerton ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Boat Quay January 30th 2019

So excited that it was time for my annual jaunt to SE Asia (Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia). The first leg of my 6 week trip didn’t go to plan, however, or at least not to the timetable. I was bright and early at Heathrow, as usual, and was so happy to meet my buddy Martin for coffee, especially as he will be in Thailand in the same place from Saturday. We were all on the plane and ready to leave when they found a leak in a (the?) fuel pump. My tripit app kept me up to date with the succession of delays, at least 5 delayed departure times until after 4 hours they finally admitted they couldn’t fix it and we all (500 or so) would have to go to hotels for the night. New ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Boat Quay January 7th 2019

(Cj writes): This is the fourth time we’ve been to Singapore, and our third joint trip (I met Nik and Solli here for a fun-filled week last June, and Steve came years ago when it was an astonishingly exotic destination). Yet we’ve managed to go to some new places as well as old haunts. Old haunts: Chinatown and Clarke Quay (aka ‘Tourist Central’). New discoveries: Kampong Glam and Little India (which smells like Rajasthan as soon as you set foot there) and Sim Lim Square, actually a tower block crammed to the gunnels with shiny tech shops. SC - we also managed to get up to the top of the iconic Marina Bay Sands hotel. A stunning observation deck we we watche the sun go down and the the Marina Bay light show from above. Similarly ... read more
Light showat Marina Bay from the observation deck
Light show at Marina Bay 0 Ground level
Light show at the Super Trees in Gardens ByThe Bay

Asia » Singapore » Boat Quay January 4th 2018

Mein Bus aus Melakka brauchte statt 3,5 Stunden, sagenhafte 7. Gegen kurz vor 20 Uhr erreichte ich mein Hostel. Das Bahnsystem ist der Knaller und alles sah wie geleckt aus. Ich richtete mich in meinem 8-Bettzimmer ohne Fenster ein und machte mich auf zur Marina Bay. Der absolute Oberhammer! Die beleuchtete Skyline und das Marina Bay Sands Hotel sahen aus wie gemalt. Ich lief die Promenade entlang und konnte das alles gar nicht fassen. Ich fühlte mich wie in die Zukunft versetzt. Ich schlenderte durch die Lobby des Marina Bay Sands Hotels und auch durch das dazugehörige Shoppingcenter, bevor ich mich auf den Rückweg machte. Der nächste Tag war leider verregnet, sodass ich nach Chinatown fuhr und mich im Shoppingcenter vergnügte. Da ich eh nichts kaufen wollte und konnte probierte ich mich durch sämtliche Parfümläden und ... read more
Ein feucht-fröhlicher Jahreswechsel
Schön bepackt

Asia » Singapore » Boat Quay April 4th 2017

What's the weather like? HOT. DAMN HOT. Landing in Singapore at 10pm, we stepped outside to wait for our shuttle bus and felt a brick wall of thick heat whack us in the head. Deciding this was not a good move, we go back inside the airport to wait for our shuttle. Repeat this experience several times over the next 24 hours and this kinda explains Singapore for us...but, not to be deterred we did see some cool stuff. We were taken on a tour of a vibrant area with tiny streets karaoke bars and many many food places bustling with people at 11 on a Monday night, before arriving at our hotel - The Scarlet, which is a small and gorgeous boutique hotel near the Chinatown area. BED! GOOD! SLEEP! Even better! In the morning ... read more
Scarlet hotel chair of beauty
Evie in her relaxing state
Markets - jade and trinkets galore

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