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Asia » Philippines » Subic October 5th 2016

After our backpacking (me & friend) in Puerto Galera and spent forfew days in Makati , we decided to travel to Subic instead in Tagaytay. It was exhausting but fun adventure. My friend and I were so excited to see what Subic looks like. It was our first time to go in that place and we really have no idea where and what to do ( It is always fun to travel to a new place without any plans ). It was 1oish in the morning when we arrived at the Pasay Bus station and rushing to catch the next trip. While we’re on the bus, we did some research what to do in Subic (Thanks to free wifi because we ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Subic December 8th 2015

Asia » Philippines » Subic July 17th 2014

I came back to Zoobic Safari to clear out a specific discussion wherein lately, Animal Keepers are having challenges when it comes to other people protesting against them. These Protesters think that these Animals in the Zoo or Waterpark are being abused because they are locked away from their Natural Habitat. Now, your Pambansang Manlalakbay, Armie “Happy Loner Traveller” Yuson will be the neutralizer between these 2 groups battling from what they know are right for these tamed animals. We already have ideas, as seen on the news, of what the Protesters have been shouting about. Now, let me take you to the other side of the story, where this time, we get the feelings and sentiments of the Zookeepers and in the end, you’ll be the one to judge, whether in what side you ... read more
Armie Yuson (1a)
Armie Yuson (2)
Armie Yuson (3)

Asia » Philippines » Subic March 24th 2013

The long sunny days on the Philippines are amazing , just to sit at the waters edge and take in the amazing views was pure paradise. Sitting there with good food , beer and wonderful memories from the days diving was pure heaven . The area was a Philippine resort and them peole are so happy, they are always happy . It was nt a 5 star resort , it was a cheap basic beach hotel with no ammenities , no disco no arcades no cheesy live singing just people sitting around chatting and drinking at the waters edge. I was getting slowly obsessed with diving now , all I could think about was when could I go underwater again .There was so much to see and take in , the next few days I was ... read more
Rules are made to be broken

Asia » Philippines » Subic March 21st 2013

The flight to the Philippines was so nice , mainly because of the price, about 100 US$ for a 3 hour flight with Air Asia . Air Asia is Malaysian airline that has low costs but high quality of flying within Asia and beyond to Australia , India and they used to fly to the UK but the high UK airport taxes put a stop to that , shame really . The aircraft are immaculate , the food cheap and the service second to none , always on time and regular flights all over the place sometimes they have special offers , I flew from KL to Singapore or 12 US $ once , an hour flight what a bargain ! They also spnoser QPR rangers for some reason ! . I landed at Clark Int ... read more
Dive dive dive !
Captain Pugwash

Asia » Philippines » Subic March 20th 2013

Well I left Koh Tao with fond and amazing memories of diving and nice people . The weather was great almost all of the time , with only one rain storm the whole time and that happend as we were underwater , it was strange surfacing to this torrential rain, was really confusing ! But there was never a storm that threatend the dives . But today there was a mega storm and I was due to cross the Gulf of China on a poorly operated ( by kids ) cataraman. It was about a 2 hour crossing and I was perversly looking forward to this as the waves were mega ! I had to get to Koh Samui to meet up with Rosie and off I set and by god the sea was rough ! ... read more
My favourite
Make my day

Asia » Philippines » Subic January 8th 2013

After a 6 hour bus ride from Bangued, Krista, Devy and I arrived at a quaint resort just outside of San Fernando, aptly named Coconut Grove Beach Resort. There, we were to meet up with Darcy, who was on his way and would be arriving some hours after we did. With a restaurant/bar area overlooking the ocean and a lovely pool surrounded by palm trees, we were quite content and set about relaxing. Shortly after a bite to eat and a swim in a pool with unnaturally soft water, there appeared a tricycle bearing a familiar face. Finally, the real traveling was about to begin. We stayed there for just one night, and during the next day we ventured into San Fernando in hopes to extend our visa that was to expire just two days before ... read more
Looking at the ocean
Pool at Coconut Grove
Baguio City

Asia » Philippines » Subic May 17th 2012

It started and ended in Subic. A White-throated Kingfisher and a Large-billed Crow welcomed us as we drive past Subic International Airport going to Anvaya Cove in Morong. Then, Whiskered Tree-Swifts roosted on power cables were our last twitching the next day. Need I say more? I had 9 lifers in 2 days; not to mention the most impressive and eye-catching bird displays and behavior in the wild. Wild. My lifers include: Bar-bellied Cuckoo-Shrike Pink-necked Green-Pigeon Blue-throated Bee-eater Mangrove Blue-Flycatcher Blue-naped Parrot Greater Flameback Green Imperial-Pigeon Red Junglefowl Whiskered Tree-Swift ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Subic March 19th 2012

I have been around the Philippines and I can honestly say that the most hospitable and accommodating people are found in the staffs of ZOOBIC SAFARI located in Subic Bay Freeport Zone Zambales, for they treated me with the utmost care that I have never imagined someone would do to me in a million years… It all started when my friend/supporter Aprilyn Esposo who is a staff photographer there invited me to go back to Zoobic Safari for they have launched their latest unique offering found only in their Zoo all over the Philippines and that is NIGHT SAFARI held only during Saturdays from 5 PM to 10 PM… So I decided to give a visit to Zoobic Safari and to her as well. When I arrived at Subic Bay Freeport Zone, I went straight to ... read more
Happy Loner Traveller In Zoobic Safari
Happy Loner Traveller In Zoobic Safari
Happy Loner Traveller In Zoobic Safari

Asia » Philippines » Subic February 8th 2012

Subic Zambales is a former military naval base of the Americans during World War II but as time ensues, it has been slowly converted into shipping ports, resorts and various tourist attractions. My Wildlife Encounter started when I stayed at Camayan Beach Resort which is inside Subic and owned by the same company who owns Ocean Adventure Park. It is a Beachfront resort where you can do kayak. And it’s just a 3 minute walk to Ocean Adventure Park where you can witness performing Dolphins, Sea Lions, and False Killer whales. I also visited ZOOBIC SAFARI, which is a mini-zoo and their main attraction here are Tiger encounters, Yes! You’ve read it right! They will place you inside a secure transportation and you will enter into their natural habitat. It’s a different approach and it is ... read more
Happy Loner Traveller in Subic!!!
Happy Loner Traveller in Subic!!!
Happy Loner Traveller in Subic!!!

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