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Hello to all from Davao city in the Philippines! Davao is know for its Durian (for those of you who haven’t encountered this fruit it smells of rotten flesh!) my taxi driver back from the office described it perfectly ‘it tastes like heaven, but smells like hell!’ Maybe I am slowly going native but I actually quite like it now, in a strange way despite tasting like a cross between ripe brie and burnt onions it has a strangely moreish quality like picking a scab.. I have been out in the Philippines for 12 days, but somehow I have the sense that I have been out for months already! I spent a week in Clark near Angeles city which I mentioned in my last post and then flew over to the beautiful isle of Palawan. Overall ... read more
Dried Chilli
Spicy Market

Asia » Philippines » Palawan » Puerto Princesa May 13th 2014

Only one more weekend before I go home to Sydney. It actually feels like I'm just on a regular holiday now, given that I have so little time remaining, and since my condo lease expired and I started staying in hotels. I've just spent a week in El Nido which was great, and finally got my PADI diving certification. I'm not sure if there isn't a bit of a lull now, though. A week and a bit to go, and it feels like I've done everything I wanted to do. It doesn't help, either, that I've finally exhausted my budget that is my travel card. It's a bit sad to think this way, but it's time to start planning how I'm going to re-adjust to Sydney life. There was a time when the city of Sydney ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Palawan » Puerto Princesa August 26th 2013

For centuries, the native inhabitants of Puerto Princesa, the Tagbanuas, were already knowledgeable about the Underground River, but they did not pursue its exploration in the belief that a very powerful spirit reside in the innermost portion of the river and they do not want confront it. In the middle of the 1800s however, a researcher from the Michigan University, Professor Dean Worcester began his exploration of the Underground River and wrote a very extensive account on it. Soon, the academic and scientific world were introduced into the natural wonders of this river. Known in Palawan as the St. Paul Subterranean River, the Underground River of Puerto Princesa is a managed and protected area. It is located in the Midwest of Palawan and is 76 kilometers northwest of Puerto Princesa City, the capital of Palawan. It ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Palawan » Puerto Princesa May 7th 2013

Puerto Princessa- we have arrived! We arrived in Palawan excited and looking forward to our trip to the underground river, one of the new 7 natural wonders of the world. We made our way to our hotel (which was very pretty, we even had own our hammocks) only to discover that we needed a permit to visit the underground river and they were all sold out until May :( We decided not to give up so we went to the permit office in the hope to charm our way to a pass. We encountered a miserable cow who eventually told us that if we were to wait in line outside the office from 5am the next day then we may be able to secure a pass for that day. We left feeling deflated but still hopeful ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Palawan » Puerto Princesa February 20th 2013

After the banca boat and the bus ride back into the Manila airport we waited to catch our flight to Puerto Princessa to start the second leg of the journey. We were all really looking forward to this part of the trip because we were going to rent motorbikes and head up the coast to El Nido, so we had some adventure planned and read that El Nido was absolutely gorgeous. The flight was just short of 1 hour to Puerto Princessa in the middle of the island of Palawan on the far west side of the Philippines. We walked out of the airport to the waiting drivers and tuk tuk's (modified motorcycles with a carriage to carry 3-6 people). Hopped in and told the driver where we were going and our plan of action for ... read more
Tuk Tuk
Tuk Tuk in the street

Asia » Philippines » Palawan » Puerto Princesa February 11th 2013

So meine Lieben, hier also endlich mal ein Lebenszeichen von mir. Vorher war mein Internetzugang leider nie gut genug bzw. ich hatte nur mein Smartphone zum Schreiben. Die Woche in Indien war suuuper interessant, noch mal ein dickes Danke an Tina ohne, die ich hoffnungslos verloren gewesen waere in Mumbai. Die Stadt ist riiiiiessig, ihr koennt es euch gar nicht vorstellen und laut und soooo viel Verkehr. Es dauert ewig von einer Ecke zur anderen, sodass man schlecht planen kann, wann man wo ankommt. Das essen ist seeeehr wuerzig, aber auch sehr lecker. Bei allen Unterschieden wie kein Trinken in der Oeffentlichkeit gibt es aber auch viele Gemeinsamkeiten gerade was Wuensche fuer die Zukunft usw. angeht. Woher ich das weiss? Ich hatte das grosse Glueck ueber Tina einige ihrer indischen Freunde und Kollegen kennzulernen. Wir waren ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Palawan » Puerto Princesa January 30th 2013

It took me a night bus from Chiang Mai, 12 hours waiting at Bangkok airport, a 3 hour flight to Clark, a two hour bus ride to Manila, another 10 hours of waiting in Manila and a short one hour domestic flight to arrive in my final destination, the gateway to Palwan: Puerto Princesa. I spent about 3 days in this crowded and (despite its reputation) dirty city. The main reason was to meet up with my travelbuddy and extend my tourist visa, as I would be spending more than 21 days in the Philippines. I stayed in a small hostel called Chilli Backpackers, unfortunately a 30-50 bus tricycle ride from the city proper. The visa extension was quick and painless, we were in and out of the immigration office within about an hour. There is ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Palawan » Puerto Princesa January 24th 2013

Zobudil som sa na curanie,potom uz len lezanie v posteli. 7/15 a vsetci obyvatelia uz boli hore. Tak som vstal aj ja. Na ranajky mi ponukal jonathan bananovy sendvic. Maly banan som si rozrezal lyzickou a naplnil orieskami a to cele posypal kokosom. Bolo to fajne. Potom mensia debata s taiwancankou o svk a cestovani. Bola na neakom festivale na Cebu,vraj uplna parada,samy tanec a ludia v domorodych maskach. Zeby inspiracia na buduci rok? este mi dala dalsie tipy,je tu uz mesiac.Vraj Port barton je fajn,dalej festival v kalpu, Cebu, El Dorado,Aborlan, Poravan, Baganuan, San Antonio. Este som skocil na ranajky oproti a potom smer mesto. Musim si ist spravit online checkin aby som usetril cas na prestupe v manile do legazpi. V meste som kukol kostol,mensiu promenadu pri mori,trh a nakonec som skoncil v netke. ... read more

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Budicek 3/30. Z domu sme vypadli o 4/00. Denis ma siel odprevadit na roh Espana blv a Arsenio H.Lacson avenu,odtial chodia jeepney do baclaranu. Cakali sme 20.min a nic neslo. Tak mi odporucil ist na iny jeepney s jednim prestupom. Denis mozno dojde na SVK bo zistoval info,uvidime. Zastavil mi klasicke moderne auto s klimou,preto zrejme bola aj cesta drahsia. Tu uz sedelo par filipinok. Vodic ma vysadil niekde v manile,zabudol som nazov. Tu ma uz odchytil chlapik co ma na starosti jeepney. Zastavil mi jeepney smer EDSA .Pri nastupovani som si daval pozor aby som si netreskol hlavu,posmykol som sa a odrel si pri tom nohu. Cesta ubehla nocnou manilou rychlo,po vystupeni som sa pesi vybral na letisko,terminal 4,cca 20.minut.Po uliciach uz bolo otvorene milion stankov ale vsetko len oblecenia,jedlo nikde.A ak sa aj dake ... read more

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