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Asia » Philippines » Mountain Province » Sagada April 8th 2017

6 et 7 avril Au fond d'une mini van, entassé sur d'autres foreign, je feuillète mon Lonely Planet à la recherche d'une auberge où loger à Sagada. On pousse donc tous notre exploration plus au creux dans la Cordillère. La boîte mobile se met en marche. Je cache mon livre et agrippe la poignée en ravalant. Les routes zigzaguant en montagnes ont toujours été un bon moyen pour revoir la couleur de mon déjeuner. Effectivement, la route est propice au mal de cœur. Vitesse et précipices. Heureusement, les garde-fous longent les routes pour nous éviter une catastrophe. Après plus ou moins 3 heures de route, la mini van finit par nous débarquer sains et saufs à Sagada. On est 14 touristes à atterrir dans le paisible village montagnard, dont Iness et Vincent les Dutch. Des restaurants ... read more
hanging coffins
Petite sieste

Asia » Philippines » Mountain Province » Sagada April 9th 2013

It was another exhausting 6h ride, this time up and down the winding roads of the Cordilleras, before I arrived in Bontoc, a smallish town north of Baguio, and right at the crossroads of Banaue and Sagada, two other towns that I intend to visit. The ride up allowed me pocket glimpses of what I'd come all the way for, the famed Ifugao rice terraces. I spent the first evening just recovering from the ride, which though shorter in duration than the Manila-Baguio leg, took much more of me, probably due to the poor roads, and condition of the rickety, old bus. Of course it was another one of those rides which was overloaded, and because I arrived late, I was initially relegated to a spot along the aisle sitting on my backpack (memories of the ... read more
Traditional Ifugao Huts
Favourite Filipino Past-time
Baguio to Bontoc

Asia » Philippines » Mountain Province » Sagada November 29th 2012

All of 12 hours on the road? I had 2 issues here. Reason enough why a local like moí never made the trip till now. The long drive is half a day. Bad for my back. And butt. No flights. No trains. There's the bus. We chose to go on a hired private van, so we can stop to stretch whenever the bad back becomes a problem. The intended, well-intentioned rest and stretch stops..... That's a big joke. Having gone on a long weekend, we felt like half the city people had the same idea as our group of 7 pax. Traffic was B.A.D. And so, there were literally more stops than intended. You bet it proved to be longer than 12 hours! And obviously no rest and stretch stops for the last 3-4 hour zig ... read more
Terraced Rice Paddies
Cave Traffic

Asia » Philippines » Mountain Province » Sagada November 3rd 2012

We woke up sore from our record breaking five hours spelunking trip through the Lumiang & Sumaguing Caves the previous day. And for our last day we decided we’d go to the Echo Valley, but then we met a lad (name is Dan) on the way and decided to hire him as a guide. From the Echo Valley we will now go onwards to the underground river and to Bokong Falls. Sagada is known for its hanging coffins placed strategically between the gaps of the Limestone Mountains scattered around town. We saw a few coffins at the Echo Valley and at random stone mountains we passed by, some coffins were placed so high we thought how on earth did they put them there?! And Dan had the answer - the Igorots Mountain People were able to ... read more
The Japanese High Club
...and The Midnight Society
bonfire for a cold night

Asia » Philippines » Mountain Province » Sagada November 1st 2012

Three different bus stations without luck, it’s a four day long weekend after all. We took another chance and went to Cubao Victory Liner as chance passengers unsure when we would actually be able to get on a bus. Who would have thought we’d end up on a comfortable deluxe bus with reclining chairs and a shorter five hours ride?! Now all we had to do was to get ourselves on a bus to Sagada. Supposedly this should be easy since we arrived in Baguio ‘early’. After taking our breakfast, we went to the only bus line that have direct trips to Sagada just to be told that at 7:00 in the morning ALL their buses have already left!! But some luck maybe, a barker later announced that there's one more bus bound for Bontoc (a ... read more
Begnas Ritual
Begnas Ritual
Begnas Ritual

Asia » Philippines » Mountain Province » Sagada April 20th 2011

This is my niece's maiden attempt to go solo. I could have joined her but family matters and traditions got in the way. Sagada has always been in my bucket list; but no worries. When I do go, Sarah, my niece, would be my tour guide. This is her story. Late Evening Departure for Sagada Sarah took the 9 pm bus for Bontoc via Banaue. Many advised about the ice-cold airconditioning in Manila-Banaue buses, but Sarah claims this was not the case. Not with the bus she took. It was a pleasant ride and the journey gained for her quite a number of travel buddies. In all, they formed a group of 10 or so. Arriving in Banaue at 6am, she and her new friends spent the next hour stretching their limbs and enjoying a breakfast ... read more
Sumaguing Cave
Sumaguing Cave
Hanging Coffins

Asia » Philippines » Mountain Province » Sagada July 5th 2010

Perched on a remote mountain top, Sagada has a reputation for being an idyllic back packer haven. From Banaue we took a 2 hour jeepney ride to Bontoc (the provicial capital) from there it was another hour to Sagada. This jeepney ride will likely be the most memorable of our trip to the Philippines. We decided to do as the locals do and ride on the roof of the vehicle. Sitting on our backpacks and gripping tightly on the roof rack we were treated to a magnificent view of rice terraces/ fields, mountain valleys and the Chico river.We also saw recent landslides which is a reminder that this is a very trecherous road. As we got closer to our destination we noticed more pine trees, cooler temperatures and an almost Alpine sorroundings. The town is indeed ... read more
lumiang burial cave

Asia » Philippines » Mountain Province » Sagada April 2nd 2009

I shivered below the layers of blankets piled on top of me. For the first time in six months I was waking up in a room full of really chilly air. It reminded me of a feeling so familiar as to be instantly recognisable but at the same time one that had not been felt in such a long time as to be quite exciting: that of waking up in my room on a winter morning in Oxford. As consciousness trickled into my mind and the first blurry images of my surroundings filtered through the slits of my eyes, I was overcome by the certainty that if I stood up and looked out of the window everything would be covered in snow. Wrapping a blanket around me and testing out my idea I was, of course, ... read more
Coffins in Lumiang burial cave
Sagada seen from near the top of Mount Ampucao
Houses in Sagada. Not your average provincial village in the Philippines

Asia » Philippines » Mountain Province » Sagada October 18th 2008

Anything outside my comfort zone never fail to amaze me. I so so love traveling, the outdoor activities and meeting new and interesting people. If there’s one thing I don’t like much is the goodbyes. So here’s a tip, never ever let yourself be attached deeply with the place and its people, else, going back to your normal life would not be easy. You’ll end up nursing a hang-over for a week or two! It is not healthy you know. Oct 18, 2008 *Off to Sagada Most travelers advise you to always check or surf the net before visiting a place. Crap, it’s no fun! The excitement will drop. (Photos over the net are just not enough). If you will see the place the first time, it’s perfect because you don’t know what to expect and ... read more
pine trees are all over

Asia » Philippines » Mountain Province » Sagada July 26th 2007

LA Woman had been struggling with a heavy cold and stomach upset pretty much since we arrived in the Philippines, but Baguio did not seem to be a town suitable for a recovery period so we decided to plough on to Sagada. The ride out of Baguio was in the sunshine, and the swathes of houses clustered on the hillsides made it look significantly more appealing than when we'd arrived. The entire journey was on twisting mountain roads with many parts completely unsurfaced so comfort was at a premium, but we did pass a place called Loo, a roadwork sign warning of "Good men" working ahead, and a large board by the roadside helpfully displaying the 10 commandments. Fortunately we found our best accommodation so far in Sagada - a bright airy room with a great ... read more
Hanging coffins
Stained glass window in church
Cat on a VW Beetle roof

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