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Asia » Philippines » Metromanila » Makati March 31st 2017

31 mars Manila: Scam City. Voilà le titre du paragraphe qui m'a sauté aux yeux en feuilletant mon guide de voyage. Manille, ville d'arnaques. C'est ainsi que j'atterit aux Philippines: avec appréhension. Je n'ai pas même sorti de l'aéroport Ninoy Aquino qu'on m'averti déjà: "Keep your bag in front of you". C'est le douanier qui me donna ce conseil. "And which taxi should i take if i don't want to pay too much?" que j'ose demander au bon officier. "I can't tell you" qu'il me répond alors en me pointant le brillant soleil à l'exterieur des portes vitrées de l'aéroport. C'était une invitation à me lancer dans la cohue des chauffeurs de taxi ça. J'acquiesse donc et j'apparaît aussitôt sur le quai ensoleillé, confus par mes 25 heures d'avion et mes 2 assommantes escales. À droite ... read more
Scam City
Chinese Park
Fruits frais

Asia » Philippines » Metromanila » Makati January 2nd 2017

David here... The flight from Taglibaran was a good one. We were moved to an emergency exit row, so had lots of leg room and no reclining seats in front of us. The flight took a little over an hour and we were soon in Manila. The capital city of crime and kidnappings, no street is safe to walk down and don't you dare get into a taxi. Public transport is also a no no. If you do make it to your hotel from the airport, don't ever leave your room. All nonsense of course and Manila has built a reputation over recent years as being the place to be for New Years Eve, which is why we were here. We jumped into a yellow taxi from the airport and were soon on the Sky toll ... read more
National Museum
National Museum
National Museum

Asia » Philippines » Metromanila » Makati January 29th 2013

The balance of my stay was pretty uneventful. Back is still sore so on the last day went to Wensha Spa . . . . . last time I was here was BRILLIANT - this time not so much. The common areas ALL have TV's blaring, some on different channels and so the sound just becomes a mish mash. Even the 'quiet room' where they do the foot massage now has TV screens on all seats and there was one woman who had hers blaring away. Must find somewhere new if I ever return. After the massage, Arthur and I are realxing over a pasta for him and a beers for me killing a little time before heading off to the airport. The phone rings and it's squish calling from Oz - WE'VE BEEN BURGLED . ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Metromanila » Makati June 18th 2012

I know, it's no big deal. But hey, I like how I feel now. Just got wind of it last week when I checked how my latest blog was doing in terms of hits. I must confess the countdown to 100,000 hits was exciting by itself. I never kept tab of how many countries I have visited. Should be nearly or slightly over 40 by now. I have not covered as much of the globe (and as luxuriously) as Pierre-Alexandre of Maisondubonheur nor gone on long hauls like Ben Beiske of LivingTheDream . I do not write half as good as Jason of aspiringnomad or Jonathan aka Vinovat Sudarynya . My blog entries were never as engaging yet comprehensive as Shane's of Travel Camel, and my... read more
My Very 1st Friend On TB
Ed Vallance

Asia » Philippines » Metromanila » Makati April 17th 2012

After many days of all work and heavy schedules, its time for a break. Away from the city, feeling summer breeze across the Subic Bay. Despite the sun's heat, we all enjoyed our entire day lying on the white and fine sand of the beach.... read more

Asia » Philippines » Metromanila » Makati March 19th 2012

I discovered my passion for writing at the age of 9 years old and I discovered my thirst for travelling and extreme adventures at the age of 22. I’ve been touring around the Philippines, from Batanes to the southernmost tip of Mindanao for 5 years already and I have seen, felt and experienced a lot. Mostly, what our fellow Filipinos have been going through in terms of poverty. So I have built my advocacies through the shout of our fellow Filipinos, I condoled with their calling to our government. And I used what I already have, which is my love for writing, movie making, photography and travelling, I came up with my 3 missions in life and that is to promote Philippine tourism, so that I could allow more job opportunities in the tourism industry to ... read more
Happy Loner Traveller In Philippine Blog Awards 2011
Happy Loner Traveller In Philippine Blog Awards 2011
Happy Loner Traveller In Philippine Blog Awards 2011

Asia » Philippines » Metromanila » Makati March 1st 2012

I am a believer. Whenever people ask me if I want to go abroad to work, I would always say "Naah. I'll stay here." Some pessimists wonder why not just go out of the country and earn more in greener pastures? I just know it in my heart that no matter what we hear and see today around us, the sun will always shine in our nation and will be brighter than ever. I used to work in one of the most beautiful buildings in Makati - the RCBC Tower, and look through the clear glass windows at 4 or 5AM during my break and see the beauty and calmness of the sky above Makati. I thought, Philippines will have more of these. That was about five years ago, and I still believe it. Now, ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Metromanila » Makati January 28th 2012

We checked-in at Joya Lofts and Towers at Rockwell to celebrate Adriel’s belated 5th Birthday last Jan.28, 2012. We were accommodated on a 1 Bedroom Executive with a living room with beautiful interiors; fully-equipped kitchen and also a balcony where the view boasts of the tall buildings surrounding the Makati area. We really liked the place because it has so much space(60sqm), good for family or friends. The Powerplant Mall was also just right in front of Joya, you just have to walk not very far to go to the mall if you want to relax, go shopping or eat out. I bought an angry birds cake at Conching Sabale’s before we went there and I’m really glad that Adriel liked it a lot. Before we sang Adriel the customary Happy Birthday, we went to sample ... read more
at Joya Loft & Towers
the living room
dining table

Asia » Philippines » Metromanila » Makati November 25th 2011

Ayala Triangle Symphony of Lights runs yearly and somehow became a tradition for 3 years already. Ayala Triangle locates at the heart of Makati Central Business District. Since last year, after seeing it on TV, I was really keen on seeing the light show with Hannah, but since it was very far from us I always nixed the idea of going to the city just to watch this show. However, one weekend, I decided to go watch it with Hannah and Mel, not fully realizing we were about to go to the city on a Friday, which was the day that has the most traffic! Wow, wrong move... I was able to realized that once we were on the bus already and was stucked on the traffic! Anyway, after about an hour and a half trip ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Metromanila » Makati February 14th 2011

It's 3 o'clock in the morning and I stare brain dead How that form now spans nearly the length of the bed Have I missed any of those precious years .......or Simply ignored how these "babies" grew inches more? Memories flood my mind like a tsunami Years nearly forgotten, joy overflowing Yesterday's past morphing into my present Those little ones have grown ! They ask more pointed questions now My bedtime stories no longer hits I've long stopped humming lullabies IPods plugged in their tiny ears. I fetch them from school but wait in the car I hear their laughter before I see them come Bags too heavy, hands too dirty And more than ready to be home in a jiffy. These are my little travel buddies And my prayer warriors too Over scoops of yoghurt ... read more
Anika and Xion In OZ
My good-looking Karate Kid
Josh and His Grandma

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