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Asia » Pakistan » Punjab » Multan May 12th 2022

At one point in my life I found myself consumed in a deep love affair. It was that sort of story we have all heard before. Love at first sight. Fell hard and fell fast. Was in way over my head before I even knew what hit me. It was that sort of intense relationship that effected my everything. My emotions, my love and my loyalty were so strong for this relationship they dictated my free time, my mood, who I talked to and even, if you can believe this, what I wore. I was in so deep and wanted nothing but the life I had in that moment. I thought this love was all I ever needed and my loyalty knew no bounds. It was just as you’d expect when someone is this much in ... read more

Asia » Pakistan » Punjab » Multan May 1st 2022

I love great conversation. I like sitting with old friends or new friends and letting the hours slip by as we revel in stories, laughs and thought-provoking questions. I like sitting under a shade tree for impromptu talks. I like the randomness of those talks that make a road trip entertaining. I like long dinners that turn into dessert and then into after dinner drinks all because no one wants the conversation to end. I like the way long walks can lead to unexpected stories. I like being in groups where the conversation teaches me something about someone else or even about my self. I like when someone invites me to meet at a coffee shop or when wine is served on the porch. I just really like connecting with others during those precious moments of ... read more
Conversations in Exotic Settings
Memorable Talks at Suhoor
Conversations in the Shade

Asia » Pakistan » Punjab » Multan May 1st 2022

I was fairly deep into trip planning when it dawned on me it could be an issue that I was a female planning to travel through Pakistan alone. Embarrassed this had not crossed my mind earlier, I hesitantly did a little research knowing in the back of my mind I really didn’t care what the bloggers or travel forecasters had to say because I was going on this trip. Tickets were purchased. My itinerary was etched out. And my dreams of finally seeing Pakistan were soaring. What could I really read that would change my mind? There were articles about women traveling alone in Pakistan, there were blogs by women who traveled alone and there were interviews with women who repeatedly travel to Pakistan alone. The labels that kept popping up about women traveling alone in ... read more
Perpetually Just One of the Guys
Checking Out My Security Detail
Lady Bosses at DHA Bahawalpur

Asia » Pakistan » Punjab » Lahore August 1st 2019

Lahore Day 3 Wake up to another visa "request for more information", resend all the documents again. I am confounded as to what information is required, they have every single document I had originally submitted and there is no one to ask about the specifics. Third time lucky? Pretty slow morning, given the short time we have in Lahore, we decide on the Badshahi Mosque and Shahi Qila (Lahore Fort) in the Walled City. It's an Uber ride away (200 PKR), we leave the hotel in bright sunshine but within 10 minutes it feels like a cyclone is coming through- the sky is black, the temperature drops and a monsoonal deluge descends. The uber driver dutifully takes us to our drop off point, it is still deluging and we try to get him to drop us ... read more
Picture Wall
Through The Window

Asia » Pakistan » Punjab » Lahore July 30th 2019

Lahore Days 1, 2 Perth to Lahore via Bangkok. Cost- AUD $652 Uneventful flights, 18 hours door to door. Note to Thai Airways- when did you get rid of your air vents? We could possibly have deflected the trillion airborne virus the guy sitting next to us for 4 hours coughing and spraying was creating. Arrival proceedings in Lahore were surprisingly efficient. Separate queue for females- bonus! Very, very short queue. Straightforward, a couple of questions and stamp, stamp of my 30 day visa (arrrgggghh- still annoyed about that!! -see trip description for details). Luggage carousel was orderly too- after last year's arrival into Dushanbe I was expecting much of the same mess but this was really efficient. Finally, at 02:00 we're in the steamy air of Lahore, 02:40 arrive at a barbed wire compound- the ... read more
Faletti's Hotel
Faletti's Hotel
Wagah Border Ceremony

Asia » Pakistan » Punjab » Gujranwala July 30th 2018

Monday morning meant shops were open. Before moving on from Lahore we wanted to clear a couple of practicalities. Firstly we’d discovered that we need exact change for lots of things – auto-rickshaws, small shops, even the hotel didn’t have change for our big notes. There was a bank on the corner of our street so at 9am Emma took some big notes and got lots of change. The second was asking our driver to Islamabad to take us to get a SIM card. It took him a bit of asking around to find a franchise that could sell us one and when he did for some reason he had to give his details in what looked on the paper like some kind of sponsor. But we didn’t care about the hows or whys, we’d got ... read more
Shared daal lunch
Rohtas Fort
Our 'tour guide'

Asia » Pakistan » Punjab » Bhurban June 29th 2017

It's currently ten thirty at night here, or so says a battered old clock that I picked up from the floor and tried to re-hang on the wall to it's base or whatever the underside of a clock is called, on a balcony overlooking Mall Road (or some other road) currently experiencing a traffic jam with almost all the drivers honking their horns and the occasional "Jazbaati Kocha" blaring a cassette of "Hits from the Himalayas" from his van filled with people like sardines in a tin. Okay, enough mood setting. So, at 4 A.M. this morning (29 June 2017), I woke up in Islamabad and after a quick breakfast of a slice of bread slapped with Jam at my grandparents' residence, we embarked on our expedition. At 6 A.M. we were at the Islamabad - ... read more

Asia » Pakistan » Punjab » Lahore October 2nd 2015

Geo: 31.5497, 74.3436The drive from Islamabad to Lahore was relatively uneventful, almost missed not having the Police escort.Upon entering Lahore we promptly were stopped at a Military check point….. evidently a Cantt, which is short for Cantonment which is basically a Military Zone which means…… no foreigners can enter. So we were asked to pull over for passport check, then we were informed the Major was coming down (gee I thought we are not that important… however if he wants to meet us all well and good)….then when he arrived our passports were sent his way and I started to think things were astray.The Major was a nice chap and basically said we had entered a restricted zone and our passport Pakistan Visa had a stamp next to it forbidding us entering any Military Zone….. WTF…. ... read more
The cruiser parked in the back corner
Lahore Red Mosque
Red Mosque

Asia » Pakistan » Punjab September 25th 2010

It's the faces that say it all. Bewilderment at what happened through an unstoppable force of nature measured by some cynicism that we who pass by in our 4X4 Lexus off-roader will actually do something to help. They are probably right. Altho' my current client has distributed tents and other commodities it remains to be seen whether the Government of Pakistan and the international aid agencies will do more than do the minimum. Pakistan is so mistrusted that the international community has dragged its feet more than usual. These people have lost everything to a flood of Biblical proportions and it is almost beyond imagination what it must have been like to watch the water slowly rise. This wasn't a dramatic, disaster-movie destruction, but a slow, inexorable, creeping up of water that destroyed fields and crops ... read more
The old man

Asia » Pakistan » Punjab August 6th 2010

Day 27 Karachi to Hyderabad (Fri 30th July) So a few of us decided to get up early today to utilise the gym at the hotel. LJ, being a personal trainer, had extracted promises from us the night before to meet there at 0630. I blame the alcohol! We spent an interesting hour in the gym and all promptly decide that exercise was inherently evil and to be avoided at all costs in the future!! It was a refreshing start to the day though and we finally left our hotel in Karachi at 0830. Our first stop today was at the Makli Graveyard, which spans about 600 years and 8km, with some very important tombs in it. The place was amazing and I would have liked to have spent a bit longer there to have a ... read more
Lake Keenjar
Camel crossing
Dust storm

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