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Asia » Nepal » Jiri June 10th 2014

Alea iacta est -Julius Caesar Already knowing that a local Nepalese bus feels like being in a clattering rollercoaster for several hours, I decided to save my spine and break my bus ride into two parts. Charikot: I had heard about a rarely seen temple just outside of Charikot, a relatively big village on the way to Kathmandu. I was told it is an authentic Nepali site; a no-tourists-no-money-pit-not-every-dick-goes-there kind of place, so I dropped off the bus as it stopped at the village’s main intersection. Suddenly, I was dipped into a frantic and vibrating centre where people were walking and running all around, jumping in and out of the buses, selling their merchandise or simply talking to others. T... read more

Asia » Nepal » Jiri June 9th 2014

The right way, the wrong way and the way that I do it. -Ace Rothstein I hiked up the hill to the market that sits on top of it. Holy hell, I’m definitely not used to hiking. That point was made blaringly clear when I was passed by one of the locals running down the hill to go to work. I couldn’t believe it! This man lives 45 minutes up the side of this mountain. I quickly thought: “Here’s the real Iron Man”. He sledgehammers rocks all day long to make them into stone bricks. After a full day of such work, he climbs up the mountain for about an hour to go back home. Truly remarkable. The market itself is colorful, friendly, dirty, curious, attractive and smelly. Apart from three or ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Jiri June 7th 2014

Forget your lust for the rich man’s gold -Lynyrd Skynyrd So, where was I with the writing thing? Oh yeah, the bus ride on the roof. Fuuck maaan!! That was intense. Feeling your life swinging from the rocky side of the mountain to the nothingness of the cliff's edge just a few inches away. I counted eighteen of us on the top of that bus, plus the I-can’t-even-imagine-how-many-more inside of it. As if all this was not enough, I had to do some stupid thing because I had lost a drunken bet just the night before, so the whole experience was even more "enjoyable”. Nothing impossible though: it was just about singing some pointless lyrics in some specific point of the track. Anyway, lesson learnt: do not drink and bet. Finally, I arrive at ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Jiri April 4th 2013

Volunteering at Tamakoshi Hospital in Manthali April 4 - 16 After months of trawling the internet looking for a volunteer nursing opportunity that seemed legitimate I happened upon Rural Assistance Nepal (RAN). They provide resources to a number of medical and educational facilities. Some email correspondence ensued and an opportunity to spend time at Tamakoshi Hospital, a small hospital in the east of Nepal, emerged. The hospital was established initially as a health post in 1986. In 2000 it became a 10 bed hospital which has now expanded to 15 beds. The hospital provides in-patient and out-patient health services including reproductive health, family planning, maternal and child health, pathology, ultrasound, ECG, X-ray, primary dental care, primary eye care, 24-hour emergency, pharmacy and ambulance services. The... read more
First night sunset
The kitchen
Manesh in the kitchen

Asia » Nepal » Jiri November 2nd 2011

Waking at the crack of dawn we checked out of our Kathmandu hotel and set out on the adventure of a life time - Trekking deep into the heart of the Himalayas to the base of the highest mountain on earth - Mt Everest. We headed to Ratna park bus station for the early 7 hour bus journey to take us to the starting point of our trek - Jiri. So after purchasing the bus tickets we were unsurprised to find that our seats had been double booked meaning we would have to catch the next bus, but with our spirits high this didn't bother us. Once on board the cramped bus surrounded by people, bags and livestock we were on our way. The scenery was amazing the whole way as the bumpy ride passed through ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Jiri March 9th 2010

Where to begin.... We've seen so much stuff, so having to split this up into sections. And even so to describe this all properly you could easily write a book! Will complete the next part within a couple of days! So arrived in Kathmandu on the 10th February, absolutely amazing views form the plane... huge white Himalayan mountains stretching on forever. Spent a day negotiating all of the cycles, rickshaws, honking bikes/cars etc and picked up a few last essentials for the trip - Puffer jacket, map(!), compass, 'Oakley' sunnies, and a few other spares. Loads of bargaining and may have pulled off a few good deals - although probably not! Kathmandu is a pretty crazy place, really dusty, dirty and lots of fumes, incense everywhere. Hardly any tourists as it was only the beginning of ... read more
Walking home from the bus station
On our way

Asia » Nepal » Jiri November 12th 2009

4/11/09 Said goodbye to the yak troop and encountered with the donkey on the trail again after the junction to Lukla. There was far less tourist here, no more dress in best sunday sport and favourite doll on top of the backpack. in fact...almost all of them were porter carrying material into the mountain, I even saw many young looking faces carried those heavy load too, looked no more than 16 years old. Perhaps because of the Mani Rimdu festival were on schedule in the Himalaya, and they need more goods up there. Even the Tibetan market was fully open yesterday in Namche. So I think the trail should call the porters trail, as today I saw no more than 15 trekkers comimg in, walking out??? I guess I was the only one so far! I ... read more
Kalri Kola
Rai woman
Mongis man

Asia » Nepal » Jiri October 28th 2009

28/10/09 The shorter day so far, only took us less than 5 hrs to Tengpoche(@3800m). As we had done the the Khumjung route yesterday, so we took the easy trail today along the contour of the mountain, we marched forward together with 100 of others walkers, porters and yaks! Of cause facing with another 1000 of return hikers from the Everest, kind of like the Sunday hiking scene in Hongkong, busy! The walk was simple, one down and up, but the climbing was quite steep. The 1st sight up there was the stupa and the monastery, which was surrounded by couple of GH. Checked around and surprised by the occupancy, almost all of them were full!? just 2pm!!?? So we checked in the 1st one got free room. Tengpoche was a small settlement, underneath the Ama ... read more
first glimpse of the Everest

Asia » Nepal » Jiri October 20th 2009

20/10/09 After a brief goodbye as I always want it quick. Although walked on the same trail again, but the scene still captured our attention, and without the burdened of the companies, we could stop whenever we wanted for photo. But this time we was walking with our bag, luckily with the rest in Rossi, we managed well today and covered the journey to Kinja(@1600m) in 2 hrs. After 4 days studied, Fadli find a way to squeezed 2 bags into 1, and it really made his walk easier, one last thing he might need was a walking stick, see if he could buy it somewhere along the trail. Fadli is a nice 25 years old young man. A freelance journalist in Indonesia for magazine, that was why he was crazy enough to carried that many ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Jiri October 14th 2009

14/10/09 5:30 and 6:30 seem a bit too early, so I went for the 8:30 bus this morning, but it was actually departed at 9am, rather on time indeed. Bus was far more better that I had expected, sofa seat...kind least you wouldn't feel the metalwork under you butt. Spacious would-be the word I used compared with buses in China, your knee wouldn't touch the back panel of the seat in front, in fact...I could even fitted my backpack there as well, very humanity design! The bus journey was far more longer than I thought, seem like never end, once left Kathmandu town the journey was curving around hillside on a narrow road, it was actually the road I had came down from Tibet, only until Lamosangu(lunch stop) then we turned right cross the Bhote ... read more
car broke down

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