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Asia » Nepal » Bhaktapur October 14th 2019

Dag 6: Namobuddha en Panauti We stonden vandaag om 5u30 op om naar de prachtige zonsopgang te kijken. Het was vermoedelijk een enorm prachtige zonsopgang, maar helaas konden we ze niet zien omdat het te mistig was. Ach ja, nog een kans verder deze reis in Bandipur. :) Gelukkig konden we wel buiten ontbijten met zicht op een (halve) prachtige vallei! We moesten al vroeg vertrekken. Het was namelijk enkele uren rijden tot onze volgende stop. Karen en ik deden ons dutje gewoon verder in de auto. we gingen weer verder de bergen in en de mist trok geleidelijk aan weg. Toen ik mijn ogen opende na een toch wel lang dutje, zag ik de besneeuwde toppen van de Himalaya. Prachtig om te zien! We stopten dan ook even om enkele foto's te nemen. Onze auto ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Bhaktapur April 14th 2019

Today I had agreed to meet up with my guide from yesterday to go for a hike. As hiking is not something I do regularly (cough cough), I’ve rocked up, fully prepared in active wear, hiking shoes and fully stocked backpack. Roshan turns up in jeans and converse. To be fair, it was probably more like a casual stroll to him, to me….I’m hiking the Himalayas bitches! We started the day by stopping for breakfast. We had agreed to meet at before my guesthouse opens for breakfast so I needed food. We stopped at a coffee shop that sold very nice coffee. A little luxury I did not expect here. But I’ll take it. We then hoped into a taxi and took off to Changu Narayan. The taxi dropped us in a little village (whose name ... read more
A Goat Herder
They take their water secruity seiously here

Asia » Nepal » Bhaktapur April 13th 2019

The plan of attack for today was a) find an ATM as I didn’t have many rupees and b) see some of this Biska Jatra festival and c) maybe squeeze in a walking tour if I could. As I walked into Dubar square (the main square) I was offered a taxi and a guide within 30 seconds. Not bad considering it was still early. I turned down the taxi and negotiated a price with the guide. Once we had a agreed a price the first question I asked my newly found guide was where is an ATM. Which of course he was most happy to show me the way. That being said Roshan was an excellent guide. What I thought would be a one or two hour tour turned into four. We walked all over the ... read more
Peacock window
Pashupatinath Temple
Take a closer look

Asia » Nepal » Bhaktapur April 12th 2019

For the first time ever I had the best seat in economy. Front row, looking down the aisle into premium economy. Ie Lots of leg room. It was a great flight, I read, I watched movies, I slept. Awesome (perhaps Singapore air wanted to make up for the BestJet fiasco) The flight was late getting into Singapore although I still had an hours to make my connection to Kathmandu. Which was late leaving so it all worked out fine. The second flight I booked a window seat thinking I’d be able to see the Himilayas as we came into Kathmandu. I don’t know what I was thinking because it was dark when we touched down, so I spent 5 hours crammed in a window seat to see the lights from above!! Once down, negotiating the airport ... read more
My Bathroom
My first view of the Himilayas
Bit of a possum problem

Asia » Nepal » Bhaktapur November 5th 2016

The road from Chitwan to Moughling is very bumpy and mostly unpaved. At the end, it intersects with the highway between Pokhara and Kathmandu, which I consider to be more pleasant to travel on than any we saw in India, even though the terrain is mountainous and full of switchbacks. Neil tells us he's travelled that road between Kathmandu and Pokhara countless times in the last ten years. Sonam took the 7-hour trip 3 times in the month before we arrived here. Phil and I will spend 3 more days in Kathmandu.... read more

Asia » Nepal » Bhaktapur October 24th 2016

One of the pre-planned episodes of this trip was a morning plane flight over mount Everest and the surrounding Himalayas, which is pretty much unmissable unless you have a complete aversion to mountain vistas. The choice of airline was Buddha Air, and the early morning check-in at Kathmandu's domestic terminal revealed that this excursion rides high in the popularity stakes. As you might expect, each passenger has a window seat, and unlike any other airline you might have flown with in the past, an invitation to join the pilot in the cockpit is part of the package. The Himalayas are an expansive mountain range, and many peaks appear to vie with Everest in the 'scrape the sky' sense, so it is very indicative when the pilot and cabin crew point out which of the peaks is ... read more
Durbar Square (Bhaktapur; Nepal)
The Himalayas (Aerial view of Nepal)
Scenic vista (Nagarkot; Nepal)

Asia » Nepal » Bhaktapur March 23rd 2016

So took a taxi today about 30 miles and it took almost 2 hours. The mountain driving suprises me more then even in town. Went to Namo Buddha, it is a place where the son of a king offered his life to a mother tiger so she could keep her babies alive, in doing so he became a Buddha. Came back, and built this temple up on the mountain. After this we drove to a statue of Shiva, it is 144 ft tall, the largest Vishna statue, made out of copper, cement, tin, i guess whatever they could find. It is under reconstruction so wasnt much to see. Then to Bhaktapur, one of the oldest cities in Nepal, the Royal palace still standing, made of just rock and teak wood, all hand carved.... read more

Asia » Nepal » Bhaktapur September 17th 2015

On the day I arrived in Dhulikhel, a small university town 36 kms. to the southeast of Kathmandu, a truck was dumping a load of rocks in front of the staircase that leads to my lodgings at Kathmandu University Law School.The pile was so big it nearly blocked the staircase that leads up to the complex. Over the next two weeks I watched the pile slowly diminish. At first an old man sat on top of it with a small sledge hammer, breaking the big stones into more manageable pieces. And then for a time he wasn't there and nothing seemed to be happening. I wondered if they were just using the space as a dumping ground. Then last week a crew of three young men arrived to carry the stones up the stairs in cone-shaped ... read more
Loading the baskets
First Steps
The retaining wall

Asia » Nepal » Bhaktapur December 27th 2014

I decided to take a day trip out of the city of Kathmandu, not because I felt it has nothing else to offer but just for a change of scenery. Bhaktapur was originally the capital of the country and as is refered to as the culture capital of Nepal. On first arrival it apperared to be very much the same as Kathmandu but the city itself has a very different feel. Kathmandu is very much like London in that the streets are overcrowded and the roads are busy and noisy, Bhaktapur is much quieter and feels much more relaxed and tranquil. The air was much cleaner than the heavily polluted Kathmandu and crossing the road was no longer a terrifying experience. The main attration is their Durbar square, not quite as famous as the one in ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Bhaktapur June 11th 2014

On the third day of our Nepal sojourn, our new friend San came to fetch us at our hotel, and we went in his car to travel to Bhaktapur. The journey normally takes less than an hour, but San drove at a leisurely pace to give us the opportunity to see the countryside, saying he would stop at a couple of places on the way back. The town of Bhaktapur itself is an old imperial city full of interesting sights, and Durbar Square is situated just outside the town (Nepal has 3 Durbar Squares, the other two being in Kathmandu and Patan). And so Durbar Square is where we went first. The entrance fee was US$10 for all foreigners, except citizens of certain east Asian countries. I thought this was a little unfair, but this is ... read more
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