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Asia » Mongolia » Ulaanbaatar September 29th 2017

There is a story my dad loves to tell from my childhood. He pulls it out whenever he needs a good laugh or he just wants to remind me that some personality traits have been with us from the very beginning. When I was 6 years-old I traveled with him to Buffalo, OK for a cattle show. He was there to show some of the Shamrock Farms' Angus cattle and I was there to tag along. I am sure he was concerned about me being able to entertain myself and mind the rules while he was working so he resorted to what is probably the oldest and most effective parenting trick ever: bribery. I was promised, if I behaved myself during this time in Buffalo, I could pick out one item at the store. A pretty ... read more
Volland Store Talk
Double Humped Art
2017 Encounter with Bactrian Camel

Asia » Mongolia » Ulaanbaatar September 20th 2017

That famous Genghis Khan statue which has featured on many TV shows such as Joanna Lumley’s Trans-Siberian Adventure (I bet she had the Provodnitsa at her beck and call!!) is the tallest horse statue in the world. There was talk that it was the tallest monument in the world, then the tallest statue. Now it’s not even that. It isthe tallest equestrian statue in the world but as the second tallest, General Jose Artigas in Uruguay, is only a paltry 18 metres tall compared to Genghis’s 40 metres, I don’t think there is much competition!! The statue is genuinely in the middle of nowhere, unlike attractions such as the Great Pyramids of Egypt that look impressive on photos and documentaries. What it doesn’t show you is the McDonalds and collection of litter blowing in ... read more
The tallest horseback statue in the world
Fie fi foe fum I smell the blood of mongoliuns
Chris & Roisin at the monument

Asia » Mongolia » Ulaanbaatar June 14th 2017

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia: 5-26-2017 Mongolia Toi ra phi truong Beijing lua 7AM de di chuyen di luc 8:35AM den Ulaanbartar thu do cua Mongolia. Cung nhu phi truong o Shanghai. Rat dong du khach ma da so la dan Tau, 1.3 ty nguoi ma. Nen sep hnag that lau. Tren duong bay den Mongolia toi thay duoi dat rat nhieu nhung rang nui cao tu Beijing den khu tu tri Inner Mongolia. Chinh noi day ngay xua de quoc Trung Hoa da xay dai Van Ly Truong Thanh tren nhung dai nui nay de ngan chan quan Mong Co xam lang Trung Hoa. Ke tiep bay vao khong phan Inner Mongalia den vung dat Mongolia that bang phang khong mot ngon nui nao va ngay ca rung ram cung khong co. Nhung xa mac phang tap. May ... read more

Asia » Mongolia » Ulaanbaatar June 9th 2017

R: We awoke to see a golden sunrise across Mongolia. The landscape was still peppered with yurts but now the buildings were getting more dense as well as we approached Ulaanbataar. We pulled in on time at 6am. We had booked a hotel in the station district to make things easier so this was just a short walk away. The staff at the hotel were great and offered us a free breakfast - the room was also ready already! It was great to have a shower and a refresh - our first night in a hotel with a shower for 6 days. As we had just 2 days off the train in Mongolia, I had pre-arranged a driver for the day. The distances in Ulaanbataar to things you would want to see are quite far and ... read more
Gandan Khiid
Gandan Khiid
The smog of Ulaanbataar approaches

Asia » Mongolia » Ulaanbaatar July 24th 2016

Day 1 On the Train at last Last night's Hotel (arranged by the Sundowners travel company was a little ho hum after the comfortable facilities of the Holiday Inn. Luckily it was only for one night. We found a nice restaurant for dinner last night only a short walk from the hotel. We had a couple of beautiful curries two beers and a vegetable dish, plus desert of ice-cream and tiramisu cake. Yesterday afternoon we discovered (along with 100,000 Chinese) the Beijing Lake. It is a beautiful lake in the middle of Beijing running alongside the Forbidden city and then on towards the North Gate of the old city. It was full of paddle boats and even some people swimming in the lake which reminded us of the bold and the beautiful swimmers from Manly (but ... read more
Beijing station looking the other way
Landscape just outside Beijing
In our cabin

Asia » Mongolia » Ulaanbaatar July 2nd 2016

Sometimes places are not what I expect them to be. I didn't know that ... in Mongolia ... it can be 36 degrees hot ... they have a full on amusement park with roller coaster ... there is no litter in the streets ... there are no dogs or cats to be seen ... they have loads of coffee shops ... they (mostly) obey the traffic laws, no honking ... there are supermarkets that sell everything from motorbikes, boats, generators, german crisps, chocolate and german beer ... After our long flight and once we picked up our travel companion Kathy in Beijing, we finally arrived in Ulaanbataar. As usual Dillon survived the flight better than any of the adults. After we checked into our guest house (which had forgotten about my bed. so I slept on ... read more
Airline food. What can I say
Finally arrived
Not really necessary at 32 degrees outside

Asia » Mongolia » Ulaanbaatar May 3rd 2016

Je suis déjà à Pékin depuis hier, mais voila encore quelques mots et photos pour cloturer les chapitres Mongolie et transsibérien. J'ai passé 2 jours à OB avant de prendre le train pr Pékin. Ce que j'en retiens : c'est assez surprenant, il n'y a pas trop de cohérence entre les différents bâtiments dans un quartier. Les routes et trottoirs sont en mauvais état, et la circulation un peu étouffante en centre-ville. Cependant, il y a une atmosphère assez agréable, et les gens sont plutôt sympas. D'autre part, j'ai terminé le trajet du transsibérien (check) ! Le dernier tronçon du train (Oulan-Bator - Pékin donc) était clairement le meilleur en termes de paysages, surtout les dernières heures avant la banlieue de la ville. J'étais tellement absorbé par le décor que je n'en ai pas pris de ... read more
Gare dans le désert de Gobi
Gandan Khiid à Oulan Bator
Gandan Khiid à Oulan Bator

Asia » Mongolia » Ulaanbaatar January 29th 2016

We now leave the Tran-Siberian route, and board the Trans Mongolian train, a much more modern train than our last train that brought us to Irkutsk. The train slipped away from away from the platform just as the sun was beginning to rise. A hundred years ago the train would have continued to Port Baikal then driven onto a British built ice breaker then travelled across the lake onto its destination. However, the stormy sea and thick ice made the journey unreliable so the alternative was to build a railway through the mountains at the south end of the lake. This was to our advantage, the train thread its way through, rising, then dropping, twisting, through some tight curves, in something akin to the Polar Express film, then finally skirting the frozen Lake Baikal for more ... read more
ali found another friend
Into China

Asia » Mongolia » Ulaanbaatar September 12th 2015

Goodday all, I just made a video a few days ago about my first two years abroad: From Tokyo I flew with MIAT, Mongolian Airlines, to Ulaanbaatar. Originally I thought about going to Mongolia in April but decided to go in May because of the climate. It gets very cold in Mongolia and Ulaanbaatar is the coldest capital in the world. With an area of more than 1.5 million square km, Mongolia is the 19th largest country in the world but has just over 3 million inhabitants. It's sparsely populated and almost the half of the total population lives in the capital. The Mongolian Empire started to grow rapidly after it was founded by Chinggis (Genghis) Khan and possessed more than half of present Asia at the end of the 13th century. Due to its ... read more
Erdene Zuu Monastery, Kharkhorin
Mongolian landscape, countryside
View of Sukhbaatar Square (Chinggis Square), Ulaanbaatar

Asia » Mongolia » Ulaanbaatar August 23rd 2015

Actually I'm out of Russia, and in Ulaanbaator, Mongolia. Moron that later. I'd gotten back to Irkutsk about 11.30pm after a long day on the train around Lake Baikal. The hotel looked pretty flash, a number of business suits coming and going, some classic kgb suits with dark glasses (at 10pm) as hotel security. The check-in counter was overrun by a Chinese tour group. This is becoming a recurring theme but it seems like the Chinese are keeping the world tourism business afloat. Anyway, I postponed checking in and went to the bar where a couple of average, huge, fat, middle aged business types were getting ready to hit some local titty bar. They were friendly in a pushy sort of way, sporting the shaved skull haircut-de-jour, they asked where I was from and when I ... read more
Across the river to the Irkutsk railway station
Alexander the something
Old building in Irkutsk, classic local design

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