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Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Tawau » Lahad Datu April 10th 2017

Geo: 5.01965, 117.746Breakfast was at 7am, and considering some of our other starts, this was not too bad. A quick piece of watermelon, a cup of tea and a chat with a couple from Norwich, we were loaded into the boat to go down to Abai Village lodge for our village visit and to plant another tree, as we did in Brazil. We were shown to our cabin by our guide known as bones (Erdy). Pretty much identical to the last lodge we stayed in, although there was air con of you fancied paying £20 for the night. We didn't!! Such cheap skates!! After a nap, we met the other 9 people in our group and went to plant our tree. It was a type of umbrella tree, each given their own ID number, etched into ... read more
By the river
Proboscis monkey

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Tawau » Lahad Datu April 9th 2017

Geo: 5.01965, 117.746Sorry peeps, zooms on phones not good enough for wild orangutan shots!!Due to yesterday's disappointment of not seeing any ginger fuzzy apes and the fact we were being picked up at 10.30 to leave, we headed out to do a tree top canopy walk at 6.30am! Early!! James' cold was in full force last night, so sleep did not really happen for too long anyway!! We joined another group who were a little more unstable on their feet to head up the the canopy walk in the truck (was too early for that much up hill!!) we both took a stick with us incase we went off piste... boy did we go off piste later on!!The canopy walk consisted of 3 long bridges that stretched over the valley. It was high and I loved ... read more
Down by the river
James sarong

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Tawau » Lahad Datu April 8th 2017

Geo: 5.01965, 117.746Breakfast was at 7am so we could make a good start on our trek up to the lookout point before it got too hot. Breakfast was extensive, fruits, cereal, toast, omelettes and cooked both western and Malaysian. There were pancakes with bacon and syrup.... I/we could not resist.The trek took us up, very up. We saw a mock viper snake on the path. Abt a foot long and actually spotted by Emily, not our guide!! Our guide actually nearly stood on it!! And yes it was poisonous!!! Oh good!! We followed a termite colony moving house, a steady stream of them, all in a line for around 400m. Up trees, backdown trees, across roots and leaves and branches!!! It was incredible for bugs and so many millions of them. The first bit we stopped ... read more
The bridge (love the leach socks!!)
Home sweet home

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Tawau » Lahad Datu April 7th 2017

Geo: 5.01965, 117.746The arrivals hall at the airport was hilarious, a room, a few seats and a low slung table as the luggage collection point and actually a surprisingly clean toilet (although you did have to put your hand in the cistern to flush it! Although there were a total of 10 bags coming off the plane, mine was one of the last to make it onto the shelf..... I think I must be jinxed!!We were met by a driver who escorted us to the rainforest lodge office. We signed our lives away in a very posh waiting room and the we were off on our 2hr 30min 4x4 journey up to the lodge, 20mins on Tarmac the rest in forestry roads. It was a tad bumpy to say the least. But on the way we ... read more
The plane
Our free water bottles
Our free water bottles

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