Photos from Mount Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia, Asia

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Rope tricks
Sunrise from Mt. Kinabalu, Laban Rata
butterfly food
another butterfly
"dead leaf butterfly"
In the butterfly enclosure
our snake
photo 130
Sun set from the Boracay-Manila Ferry
Rising above the clouds
Sunrise from the top of Borneo
Pitcher Plant
Half way up
On top of the world!
Looking back...
Another great view
The trail
Mt Kinabalu
Just look at the view
Mesilau trail
Mt Kinabalu at dawn
my poor aching legs
Mount Kinabalu
above the clouds
Sunrise at the summit
Paul & our guide
Sunrise from the top of Mt Kinabalu 9
Sunrise from the top of Mt Kinabalu 5
Carnivorous Plants!
Yepp! We made it!
Sunrise on the top
Kinabalu Trek
Me and Jo at the Top!!
Der Gipfel!!!
Sapi Island
Mt. Kinabalu
Looking back down the hill
Cloud blankets areas of the mountain
Looking down the mountain
Not loving the steps
The sky on fire during sunset on the first night
Lichen on leafless trees
The photo everyone takes
The track through the cloud bank
A pitcher plant
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